The Airport ch 2

Hi everyone. This is my first attempt at writing fiction. These stories are based on my experiences growing up but remember, it’s still fiction. Hope you enjoy.

Written by MaX

The Airport

Chapter 2: Fun With Jeff On Saturday

Saturday morning came bright and early for me. I woke up with Jeff snuggled against my back with a morning hard-on poking me in the butt. I lay there and thought about the events of yesterday, reliving them in my mind. I had experienced sex for the first time and it was wonderful. Of course, Jeff was the perfect sex partner as far as I was concerned. He certainly seemed to care a lot about me. Maybe I should think seriously about his offer to help him run an auto repair shop when I grow up. It could be very fun spending my life with this man. Jeff started to stir a little in his sleep. I carefully rolled over onto my other side to face him. Using my fingertip. I gently traced around his nipples, circled his pecs, played with his happy trail and gently caressed his face. I loved the feel of his stubble on my skin. He looked so peaceful as he slept. He certainly was a very beautiful man. As I thought about him and played with his body, I started to become aroused myself. I reached down and played with his dick with one hand while caressing his balls with the other. Both my hands had a handful. My fingers soon began to feel wet from his pre-cum. The sheet that lay across us was already pulled down to his hips so it was easy to scoot down so that his dick was staring me in the face. Boy was it big. How would I ever get that in my mouth? I wonder what other fun things two guys could do with each other? I’ve got all weekend to find out and I’m sure Jeff will be more than willing to teach me.

I had tasted my own cum for the first time last night and loved it and wondered what that clear stuff oozing out of Jeff‘s dick would taste like. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and flicked it across the head of his dick. Oooohhh, delicious is the only way to describe it. And I loved the texture also. This is something I could come to like very easily. I never thought before to taste my own pre-cum. Now I know I will have to try it next time I’m by myself as I know when I think of Jeff I will get excited. I loved the taste and texture so much, I couldn’t bear to see Jeff’ s go to waste so I wrapped my lips gently around his large head and carefully sucked the nectar from the tip. I could do this for hours. Maybe I can get more of his dick in my mouth. I tried forcing it to the opening of my throat but it was hard to open my mouth wide enough and when it reached my throat I felt like I wanted to gag. Hmmm, how to get past the gag reflex? Maybe if I try swallowing while it is pressing in that will help. I gave this a try and it seemed to help. I got his dick a little further back into my throat. I wonder how Jeff was able to swallow my dick so easily? When I compared our two dicks, mine didn’t seem all that much smaller than his. Mine was longer but not as big around with a smaller head than his. I will have to have him teach me how to do it.

I decided to see what his balls tasted like. I licked at the wrinkled skin and was surprised how the smell and taste seemed to really get my juices flowing. His balls were so big I had trouble even getting one into my mouth but I finally managed somehow. Jeff‘s dick was pressed against my forehead and the juices he leaked were soon running down the bridge of my nose and into my mouth. I seemed to be going into sensory overload from the smells and tastes I was experiencing.

All of a sudden, Jeff whispered, “Hey bud, you like what you find down there?” He startled me out of my reverie so that I quickly pulled my head back and his ball made a loud popping sound as it came out of my mouth. “Um, oh, good morning Jeff’ I stammered. “I hope you don’t mind, I saw that clear stuff leaking out of your dick and just had to taste it. Then I wanted to see what your balls tasted like. But I could only get one in my mouth at a time. Could you teach me how to suck on a dick like you did to me last night?” Jeff replied, “Sure, Tonka, I can help you learn a few things. But learning how to suck a dick all the way to the base is mostly a matter of practice and slowly overcoming the gag reflex. I’ve had lots of practice with my older brother, but not anyone else. In fact, we started messing around when I was about your age. But, I would think it would be hard for anyone to deep throat my dick since it’s so thick. We’ve got all weekend to work on it anyway.” Jeff continued, “Let’s get into a 69 position so we can suck on each other’s cock at the same time.” Jeff showed me how we both were to lay and I found I really liked the sensation of having my own dick sucked while I had one in my mouth at the same time. As we really got into it, I found it easier and easier to get Jeff’s dick at least part way into my throat. Jeff caressed my butt cheeks and then slipped a finger into my crack and lightly brushed across my butt hole. Boy did that feel good. So I did the same to him. It didn’t take long for either of us to get to the point of no return. I could feel Jeff’s dick swelling even larger in my mouth and I noticed his balls draw up tight and when he started trembling, I knew I would be getting my first taste of his cream anytime. I couldn’t hold back any longer and we both unloaded at the same time. I held his dick in my mouth until it went soft and then reluctantly let it slip out. I still had Jeff’s cum in my mouth so I swung around and kissed him deeply, sharing his seed with him like he had done for me last night.

Once we broke the kiss I asked, “How did I do?” Jeff replied, “You did great, I think you’re a natural born cock sucker cause you sure made me feel real good. What did you think of getting my load in your mouth?” “I thought it tasted wonderful. I know I’m gonna want more before the weekend is out.”’ I answered. “Well, I’m sure I can work something out’” he said with a big grin on his face. “Let’s get dressed, go take a shower and get some breakfast. I know I sure could stand getting this stubble off my face, too” he continued.

So we did just that. It was fun taking a shower with him. They had a tent set up like a bathroom with open shower heads all in a row. While we were in there, some of the other guys were taking showers also and I tried not to stare too much. As we were leaving, Dale, Jeff‘s friend from the card game last night, came in and started getting undressed for a shower. He asked Jeff, “So how are you and your new tent mate getting along, Jeff?” “Oh, we’re getting to know each other real well” he said with a wink at Dale. “Well, maybe your new little friend could come over and visit me sometime, too” Dale said my way. “I would like that very much. All you guys are so nice to me” I said as I could feel myself starting to blush. Dale finished undressing before we left and I couldn’t help staring at his package. He had a flaming red bush just like his short cropped hair and a really long looking dick even though it was still soft. He caught me staring at his dick and just smiled real big and gave me a wink as we left.

“I want to take you into town today to do some shopping and eat lunch out and maybe catch a movie, but I don’t have a jeep to use today. Do you think your dad would let us use his old rental car?” Jeff asked after we had finished eating breakfast. “I think he would. I’ll have to ask” I replied. “Come with me and I’ll introduce you to my parents.” Dad said he wasn’t expecting any flights in today except local customers so I could use the car. I could tell both my parents liked Jeff real well and they hit it off famously.

On the way into town Jeff said, “I want to go to a bait and tackle shop to rent some poles for us to go fishing tomorrow. Would you like that bud?” “Oh, that would be lots of fun I’m sure but. . .” “But let me guess. You’ve never been fishing before” Jeff finished for me. I just shook my head no but I had a big grin on my face.

We had lots of fun in town, even saw a movie in the afternoon. Jeff bought me all kinds of goodies and treated me like a little prince. We got some food to go and had lunch under a big tree in the city park. We even got to feed the ducks in the pond some of our bread from lunch. Around five o’clock we headed back out to the airport. After turning the car back over to my dad and recounting our adventures in town, we headed to the mess tent for some dinner. Dale came and sat down beside Jeff and said “Hey guys, how‘s ‘bout Harvey and I come over tonight and play some poker again with you two?” I told Jeff, “I would like that if you want to Jeff.” “Sure, sounds like fun. Maybe we can win a few hands tonight, huh bud.” answered Jeff. Dale leaned in real close so we could both hear and whispered, “We want to play a little bit different game tonight. We want to play strip poker if that’s alright with the two of you. Could prove to be very interesting.” Jeff replied, “I’ll talk it over with Tonka here and we’ll see.”

The rest of the dinner was just typical small talk between guys and we finally said our goodbyes and left. Again Dale winked at me as I walked past him. When we got into Jeff’s tent I asked, “Why does Dale like to wink at me so much?” Jeff replied, “lt’s his way of saying he likes you, just like I like you. If you ever do go over to visit Dale at his tent, l’m sure he’ll wanna have some fun with you like we have fun, you know, sex. Only with him it’s just sex, having a good time. With you and me, I think it’s a little bit different. I think we care for each other very much, beyond the sex.” I must have had a puzzled look on my face because Jeff asked, ‘“What’s wrong, Tonka?” “Oh, I just thought you would be upset if you knew Dale and I had sex, that’s all,” I replied. Jeff answered, “I don’t own you, Tonka. You are your own person. You can have sex with whomever you want. Just be careful because some people are not nice and can hurt you and use you. You have to learn to read people and know what they are really after. Now in the future, if you and I get together again and we decide to live together, you having sex with someone else without me involved too would be something I wouldn’t like.” I sat down at the table and had to think about that a little bit. Finally, I replied, “I promise I will be careful with other guys, but with you, I trust you completely.” “That’s all I can ask” Jeff said, “and I’m glad you trust me so much, I hope I can make you happy while we have our time together. Now about this strip poker, what do you think of the idea‘?”’ I replied. “It sounds like fun and it isn’t like I didn’t already see Dale and Harvey in their underwear last night and I saw Dale completely naked in the shower this morning. Just the idea of watching them take their clothes off piece by piece sounds like fun.” “I think l’ve created a little monster” Jeff moaned with a big smile on his face.

While we waited for the guys to show up, we talked some more about our dreams and plans (mostly Jeff‘s dreams and plans but also about some of the ideas I was starting to think about for my future).

Finally the guys showed up with the beer and the cards. Dale had a little surprise for me. He brought along some wine for me to try. I really enjoyed myself that night. It was fun watching everyone lose a piece of clothing here and there. Of course I lost mine the fastest. It was finally down to just my underwear and Jeff said, “You don’t have to play any further if you don’t want to, Tonka.” “Oh”, I replied, feeling real good, “I don’t mind as long as we play the game until everyone is naked right along with me.” So the next hand, I lost again. I stood up proudly (trying hard not to giggle), ripped my underwear right off and started posing like a body builder in a posing strap, except I didn‘t have one on! We continued playing and Jeff reached over a couple times and grabbed at my dick and balls so that the other guys noticed too. Next Harvey lost his underwear. He stood up, took them off, took a couple of big bows and sat back down. Now as we played, I noticed Dale would reach over and grab at Harvey’s package. Next, Jeff lost, so he stood up to our applause, and slowly did a strip tease for us, complete with music! By now we were all laughing uncontrollably. I had tears running down my cheeks. As Jeff was finishing his strip, I reached over and gave his dick a good flip up against his belly. Finally, one more hand and even though Dale won again, we all insisted he had to lose the underwear also. So he stood up, turned around and slowly inched his underwear down over his butt. And boy did he have a nice butt! When he finally pulled them all the way down, he bent over and grabbed each butt cheek and mooned us! More than just mooned us, we all saw his butt hole too! When he turned around, his dick was sticking straight out and boy was it long. We all gasped in mock horror at the sight. Then Dale said, “And with that, I think it’s time we left you two alone. I’m sure you want some more quality time together. Wink. Wink. And do consider my offer to have you over to my tent sometime, Tonka. Harvey here is my tent mate and I know he would like that too, wouldn’t you Harvey?” Harvey just nodded his head vigorously and panted like a dog. “I would like that. Dale, how about next weekend, say Saturday evening‘? I want to spend Friday evening with my buddy. Jeff here” I replied. “Sounds good” Dale said and with that they were out the door (they didn’t take any more time than to just put on their underwear before they left).

After we had set up our little bed in the middle of the floor, Jeff said, “I want to have you try something new tonight. I don’t know if you think it is gross or not but I assure you, it will feel real good.” With that he had me lay on my back and he got down between my legs. He started to lather up my cock and balls with his tongue. Then, lifting my legs up with them bent at the knees, he starting working his way down below my balls. As he did, he pushed my knees further towards my head. This allowed him access to my butt hole which he proceeded to gently lick all around. At first I couldn’t imagine how anyone could put their tongue down here, but then I realized how good it felt. It sent shivers up and down my spine and through my dick which by now was dripping precociously again into my belly button. I reached in and dipped my finger in it. Bringing it to my mouth, I sucked it in. It tasted just like Jeff’s.

Now Jeff was starting to stick his tongue into my butt hole. As he worked his tongue in and out, all I could do was moan my approval. After about 10 minutes, Jeff raised up and took my balls and dick all together into his mouth. He slowly let my legs back down again. After slurping around on my package for a few minutes, he pulled off and asked, “How did you like that, bud?” “Oh, that was heaven. I never would have thought to stick my tongue into someone’s butt before, but it sure did feel good.” I answered. Jeff continued, “I want you to try the same for me if you think you are ready. Then when you have me all good and loosened up down there, I would like you to stick your dick into my butt hole and push it in and out. That’s how two men fuck.” “Ok, sounds like this is going to be real fun” I answered.

Jeff lay down on his back and brought his knees up towards his head. I started licking his ample ball sack and then went lower. I noticed he didn’t have any hair on his balls or below except around his butt hole and I wondered if that was natural or if he shaved down there. As I breathed in, a heady aroma invaded my nostrils and made me light headed. Boy did he smell good down there. Then I tentatively licked around his hole. It didn’t taste bad at all. After getting all the little hairs sopping wet, I tried pushing my tongue into his butt. It was hard at first as his hole was so tight but I finally managed to get it pushed in. Boy did his hole feel good on my tongue. As I worked it in and out, it got easier and easier. After a couple minutes, my tongue started feeling tired. Jeff raised his head up and said, “Why don’t you try putting a finger in there. Then in a little bit, you can put in two and then maybe three.” As I worked my finger all around inside his butt. I felt a little raised spot under where his balls were. Jeff said, “That my prostate. Playing around with that makes a guy feel real good. Now try a second finger.” It was hard getting my second finger in but pretty soon it got easier and easier. Then I tried a third. Finally, he felt pretty loosened up. I asked, “Are you ready for my dick now?” Jeff replied, “Yeah. I think so. But first, slobber all over my hole again and then rub your pre-cum all around your dick head also. That will make it easier to get in. Once you get your head in. just hold it there for a minute ‘till I get used to it.”

As I pushed against his hole, at first nothing happened then all of a sudden the head of my dick popped in. Jeff‘s body instantly tensed up and he arched his back. I asked, “All you all right?” Jeff nodded his head yes. Then after a minute he said, “Ok now you can slowly go in and out and then pick up some speed.” As I moved my dick in and out, I noticed how warm and tight it felt. It didn’t take long before I was nearing the brink to orgasm. “I’m about ready to explode” I told Jeff. He replied, “Go ahead bud and fill me up with your cream.” As I reached the point of no return, it felt like every fiber of my being starting in my toes and working its way up my body was being pulled out of me. As I shot my load deep within Jeff it felt like I was going to pass out, everything just kinda went black for a second. As I came down off the ceiling, I slowly let Jeff‘s legs straighten out and come down on either side of me. I fell forward onto his chest with my dick still wedged deep in his guts. I noticed cum all over his face and chest. He had cum without even touching himself! I started lapping up what I could reach, I didn’t want any to go to waste. Finally my dick softened and slid out but I was contented to just lay there on his chest listening to Jeff’s heart beat with his arms wrapped tightly around me. That’s the last thing I remember before sleep overtook me..

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