Johnny Meets Dennis ch 2

Written by anonymous. Edited by MaX

Johnny Meets Dennis

Chapter Two

I placed my hands on his knees and forced his legs apart. Dennis leaned back a little further so that I could see his wrinkled pinkie beneath his hangers. This was gonna be a killer dessert! I moved my face around between his globes and licked all over. I could taste and smell his horny odor as my tongue investigated every awesome nook and cranny.

He started to groan softly. “Fuck, Johnny. That feels so damn good.”

I didn’t bother answering. My tongue was too busy doing much more interesting stuff. He lifted his legs out of the water and placed his heels wide apart on the rocky bank. His buns were spread right open. I knew I wasn’t the smartest dude in the world, but I got the impression that he wanted me to get my tongue as far up his ass as possible. His hole felt warm and soft. He was totally relaxed so it was easy for me to push my face against his buns and eat him out. I had to stop all that probing after a while, though, because my tongue started to ache.

That gave me an excuse to lick his balls. I loved the way they kind of bounced around with every stroke of my tongue. Then I lifted his throbber off his belly and licked all the way up and down the underside of his shaft while my fingers played with his cock head. I could feel his slippery pre-cum.

“You’re not falling asleep, are you, Dennis?”

“No fucking way, man! This is totally fucking awesome! Don’t stop!”

“K, just wanted to make sure, dude,” I cracked. I knew he was loving every second of my tongue bath. “How about my dessert now?”

I got Dennis to put his feet back in the water and sit up straight. “Put your hands around my head and, when I pull back, you pull me forward. OK? It’s more like you’re fucking than just being blown.”

As soon as I put my lips around his big, shiny knob, he pulled my face forward. Then I pulled back again, and so on. He was getting mighty excited because his fingers were digging into my scalp as we pulled and pushed. His hard meat kept slamming the back of my throat and making me gag, but it was worth it. Any minute now I was gonna get a truckload of hot dessert. I could already taste his salty pre-cum and it was totally wild.

Every sleeping bird on the island must have lost half its fucking feathers when Dennis let out his almighty yell. It even scared the shit out of me! I felt his giant wads of juice filling my mouth as he pulled my face hard against his pubes and drained every last drop from his balls. I swallowed as fast as I could but it was almost impossible to keep up with his explosions of delicious creamy cum. Finally, his grip on my head relaxed and I just let his cock get lazy in my mouth.

“I can’t believe how awesome that was, Johnny, he sighed. “Totally out of this world, man.”

“Hmmphh hmmphh.” It was pointless trying to talk with a mouthful of his dick, but what I meant to say was ‘glad you enjoyed it, dude’.

Dennis slid off the rock and back into the pool. He put his arms around me and gave me this huge fucking hug. He nearly crushed me in his enthusiasm to express his gratitude. “You’re just so awesome, Johnny. You rock.” Then he kissed me. It felt way cool to be held close to him like that.

When it came my turn, I wanted to do something totally rad. I walked about ten yards into the jungle and asked him to follow after he’d heard me say ‘ready’. It was pitch black so he wouldn’t be able to find me all that easily. I hid amongst a bunch of big leaves and shouted. Pretty soon, I could hear him poking around in the darkness, while calling my name. He was cracking up something wicked and that made me laugh too. I put my hand over my mouth but it didn’t stop the muffled noise from escaping. His voice was getting closer. I felt something on my chest. “Shit!”

“It’s OK, Johnny. It’s me, Dennis.”

“Fuck, you scared the shit out of me! For a second there, I thought you might have been some fucking cannibal or whatever.”

I am a cannibal and I’m going to eat you! Let’s go back to the fire.”

“No, let’s do it here in the dark. It’s kind of spooky and exciting.”

“But I can’t see!”

“Do it by feel.”

His hands started to caress my body. His fingers were like feathers, sending chills and thrills through my whole being. Dennis worked his way around my pecs and nipples and down my lats. The electricity made me arch my back and thrust my hard boy meat into the blackness. I felt his fingers run down my six pack and play with my patch of blonde pubes. He lightly stroked my rock-hard seven inches and played with my balls. Then I felt his finger enter my asshole.

It was the most fucking awesome feeling to have my eyes open but not be able to see a damn thing. I was kind of shocked to suddenly feel my throbber being consumed by something warm and wet. I knew it was his mouth, but it was still a kind of mystery. I searched the blackness until my hands found his head. His lips tightened around my shaft and his tongue worked its magic on my piss hole. I started to get into a pelvic rhythm and fuck his face. I wondered if blind people enjoyed being blown as much as I was loving it right now.

I could hear Dennis gagging on my cock but there was no way I was gonna let go of his head. I just kept pumping his face and bouncing my balls off his chin like it was gonna be my last blow job. It felt so fucking wicked to have his lips and tongue riding my boner in a place where no human had ever had sex before.

The sleeping birds were about to lose the last of their feathers. I felt the rush of cum on its way and let out an unbelievable scream. Dennis must have been pretty low on air as I held his face to my crotch and jetted buckets of my boy juice down his throat. Every one of my muscles was tensed. I could feel my ass squeezing his finger as my balls emptied their prize into my bud’s mouth.
After about eight explosions, the fireworks were over. I was exhausted. I leaned back against the tree and felt Dennis licking the last of my cum off my deflating cock.

For the next few hours, we just laid on our beds talking about stuff. Every now and then, we’d put some more wood on the fire.

“Did you put plenty on the other fire?”

“Yeah, it’ll burn all night, I reckon. Do you think somebody’ll see it?”

“I reckon they will. We’ll probably be rescued tomorrow.”

In a funny way, I was disappointed to hear him say that. I didn’t wanna be rescued right now. Being here was awesome fun. I hoped we could stay for a couple of days, at least. Before we went to sleep, I was kind of pissed that we’d made two small beds instead of one big one. It would have been neato to cuddle Dennis all night.

At daybreak, I thought I was having a wet dream but, when I opened my eyes and rubbed them, I saw Dennis kneeling over my chest. His ass was pointed at my face and he was sucking my boner. I could hear him swallowing so I guessed I must’ve blown in my sleep. I put my flat hands on his globes and rubbed them, using my thumbs to massage his hole. “I just had the most awesome dream, man.”

Dennis turned around to face me, and sat on my chest. “Yeah? What happened?” he grinned. His boner was sticking straight up, just inches above my face. His balls rested on my collar bone.

“I dreamt that I blew a bucket of my boy juice into this dude’s mouth.”

“Who was it?”

“Some dude who looks a lot like you,” I smiled.

He moved forward a little and draped his balls on my chin. “You want eggs and sausage for breakfast, Johnny?” I opened my mouth as he lowered his nads so that I could lick them. It was so damn wild to wake up to the smell and taste of his crotch. My tongue worked its way around his hangers and up the underside of his shaft. Then I grabbed his throbber and put it in my mouth. Jeez! It was so fucking big!

Dennis got on all fours and started to fuck my face as I laid there with my head on the pillow of leaves. All I could see was his stomach and pubes as his hard meat pumped me like crazy. I reached around to his ass and stuck a finger in his hole, and played with his balls with my other hand. My tongue worked his knob and shaft. Pretty soon, I heard him groan. It must have been a whole fucking gallon of his cum that exploded like some hot volcano. His cock head was ramming the roof of my mouth with every thrust as he emptied his balls with each jet of his thick, sticky juice. I kept swallowing until the last delicious drop slid down my throat. Finally, he rolled off me and laid on his side, gazing into my brown eyes. The grin on his face was a mile wide. “Thanks, bud.”

Before breakfast, we put the ‘wok’ stone on the fire, then took a dip in the pool. The water was just the right temperature. Dennis showed me how to get some fine sand on my finger and use it like toothpaste to clean our teeth. That felt much better. It was amazing to be alive here. I mean, the whole island was alive. The birds were making a helluva noise, the sun was shining, the trees rustled with the breeze, butterflies fluttered about like they couldn’t decide which way to go and frogs croaked. Our laughter and splashing added to this totally unreal scene. If there was such a thing as Paradise, this had to be it … especially with Dennis here.

By the time we got back to the fire, the stone was as hot as hell. Dennis discovered that the hard way when he put his finger on it to test it. I grabbed his hand, put his finger in my mouth and sucked on it for a moment. We just looked at each other and smiled. There was something in his eyes that said he wanted to know me forever.

We didn’t have any oil to fry the eggs, so Dennis suggested we use our sweat. It had oil in it. That was an excuse to work out. We arm-wrestled and fooled around for a while to work up a lather of perspiration, then flicked it onto the stone. It evaporated instantly, but there was enough oil left to smear the cooking surface with a stick.

The moment Dennis broke the egg onto the stone, it sizzled and sealed. It was only then that we realized that we didn’t have a spatula! Fuck! I sprinted to the edge of the forest clearing and grabbed the first bit of flat wood I could find. It worked perfectly. They were only small eggs so we cooked four or five each and ate them as they became ready. They tasted excellent! We washed them down with fresh coconut milk.

It was still early morning, so we decided to check the fire back down the beach. On the way, we took a surf and caught a few tubes. I just couldn’t believe that it was possible for life to be like this. No school, no rules, no hassle. Just free to do whatever we liked. Every time I caught a wave, I thought of how many countless billions of waves must have crashed to this shore over millions of years, and yet nobody had ever seen them – except for now. It was a totally awesome feeling to think that we were the first dudes ever to set foot here.
The fire on the beach was still burning pretty well, but we heaped a lot more driftwood and leaves on it, anyway. Then we checked the horizon. Nothing. Zilch. Just blue sky and blue ocean. Not a sign of human life. We wondered if anybody would find us.

We spent the rest of the morning investigating the other part of the island. It was only small – maybe a few square miles – literally a dot on the map. I guessed, if you were to look down on it from the air, it was just a ring of beach shaped like an oval with a patch of green jungle in the center. There was a small mountain in the middle which would have caught the rainfall and caused the freshwater spring to evolve over time.

On the way back to camp, Dennis got a little ways ahead of me. I sprinted to catch up. He looked over his shoulder and started to run. The race was on! I caught up to him and tackled his legs. We both came crashing down on the warm sand, laughing our tits off. We rolled around wrestling for a minute until I finally managed to pin him down on his back. I was laying on top of him and suddenly felt like a piss. I thought it would be totally rad to just let it go, so I did. He didn’t realize what was happening until he felt my warm pee on his belly. When the stream grew and hit him under his chin, I cracked totally. The look on his face was fucking priceless – then he started to laugh, too.

We wrestled for another minute or so until he’d gotten me in a headlock. My face was pressed against his chest and I was looking down at his dick pointing straight at me. “I feel like a piss now, Johnny.”

“No! Not like this, man! Fuck!”
“I can’t hold it any longer, dude. I gotta let go.”

“No!” I shouldn’t have yelled just then because the next thing I knew his piss was in my mouth. I closed my eyes while he peed all over my face, neck and chest. He was cracking so much, I could feel his chest heaving. When he’d finished the last few squirts, he let go of me and ran down to the surf. I followed. We cleaned all the sand and piss off our bodies, then walked back to camp. It was so fucking cool because we had our arms around each other’s shoulders and just chatted and laughed about stuff. It was totally wild to be able to like somebody and feel free to express your feelings without having to worry about other dudes looking at you and thinking you were weird or something.

“I wish I could take this island back to Ohio, Dennis. I’d anchor it off the coast and we could come here as often as we wanted.”

“That would be way cool, Johnny. Pity it’s just a dream, though.”

“Yeah. Hey! Maybe we could buy it!”

“Nobody owns it, man. Nobody even knows about it except us.”

“Then it’s officially ours! Johnny! We should make a flag and stick it in the sand. We need a name for our ‘country’. Got any ideas?”

“Piss Island.” Dennis sprinted off along the beach with me chasing after him. We were both cracking up again which it made it hard to run very fast. After a few minutes, we collapsed on the sand, too exhausted to take another step.

When we’d gotten our breath back, Dennis rolled on top of me. His eyes searched mine for a while, then he kissed me lightly on the lips. It felt so safe and relaxing. As our mouths peeled apart, he looked at me again. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. I knew what he was thinking. We just laid there, holding each other on the sand for a long time, enjoying the warmth and closeness of our naked bodies in the bright sun.

It was early afternoon by the time we’d arrived back at camp. We’d collected some more bananas and coconuts along the way for lunch. It satisfied our hunger but I was hanging out for a steak or roast lamb like mom’s. I wondered how long it would take for somebody to find us.

About mid-afternoon, storm clouds started to gather. Pretty soon, the sky was dark gray, almost black. We rushed around gathering as much dry wood as we could find and stored it under the overhanging rock behind our beds. We’d no sooner stock piled our fuel when the rain came down like I’d never seen it before. It was like a solid sheet of shimmering silver. The noise was like a huge waterfall. We were lucky that the ground sloped away from our ‘home’ to the pool, otherwise we would have been flooded. The sound of the rain was so fucking loud we could hardly hear each other shout – not that we said much. It was just so awesome to be sitting by the fire under our ‘roof’ and watching the heavens drench the island. No wonder it was so green and lush. Dennis explained that storms in the tropics usually happened once a day, and that’s why there was such an abundance of fresh water here.

We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw frogs appearing on the ground. I didn’t know whether it was true that it ‘rained’ frogs or if they just kind of appeared when it rained. Dennis must have thought the same thing as I did. Dinner! Woohoo!

We braved the downpour and collected as many frogs as we could. I felt bad about hitting them over the head with a stone, but hey, a guy had to eat. And I’d heard that the French ate frog’s legs, and that they tasted like chicken.

We put the dead frogs in a rock pool to keep fresh and went back to the fire under the overhanging rock to dry off. In an hour or so, the storm had passed. It wasn’t long before the wetness had evaporated in the hot afternoon sun. It was so fucking humid and sticky we took a swim in the pool to cool off.

We decided that the main fire must’ve been extinguished by the storm, so we trekked back through the jungle to the nearby beach where we used sticks to carve out a large SOS in the sand. It wouldn’t do much good at night but it was better than nothing. We figured we’d fix the big fire in the morning.

While we were at the beach, we decided to take another surf. The salt water felt cool, fresh and exhilarating. It was so rad to be out the back bobbing around in the five-foot swell and being surrounded by more water than it was possible to imagine. We’d wait for a decent set and then swim like crazy when a good body wave started to curl. The tremendous power of those waves was totally outasight – it rocked big time to be carried at high speed by that awesome force in a tube toward the beach.

After an hour or so, we staggered out of the surf and walked up the beach to a fringe of palm trees where we napped in the shade for a while. I don’t know how long I was asleep for, but I was eventually woken by another storm. I felt the rain on my stomach and chest. I opened my eyes and saw Dennis standing over me. There was blue sky above him. Then I focused on his dick. The prick was pissing on me!

“You fucking asshole!” I jumped up and chased him down the beach. He zigzagged and darted off in various directions every time I got close to him. We were both laughing our tits off. When I’d finally tackled him and brought him crashing down to the sand, we were both too fucked to wrestle. We just lay there giggling like a couple of lunatics.

“I’ll get even, man,” I managed to blurt out, in between trying to catch my breath. “I’ll get you when you least expect it, Dennis.”

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