How I Became A Fag Pt 2

How I Became A Fag
Part 2

Author Unknown

The next morning my alarm went off. I hit the snooze bar a few times
before I decided I better get up & get ready for school. Then it all came
back to me, what I had done to my cousin last night. As I lay there for a
brief moment I thought maybe it was all a bad dream. But I knew even I
could never dream up something that twisted. I sighed & turned over from
the wall, ready to face Brad.

I was surprised his bed was empty & he was nowhere to be found. It’s just as
well, I thought. What would we say to each other? Better to just let it rest
& forget the whole thing happened.

I managed to keep the whole incident from my mind throughout the day &
act as if everything was still the same. I went to my classes & luckily didn’t
run into Brad. I hit the gym with some football buddies for a couple of hours
& hoped by pumping iron I’d get so tired I wouldn’t have any time to think
about what happened. We went out for a few brews afterwards & then it
was time to head home.

I ran up the stairs, took a deep breath & opened the door to our bedroom.
The light was on, Brad was lying on his bed on his stomach, shirtless, in
shorts, reading a book.

He turned & grunted, “Hey,” at me.

“Hey,” I said, keeping my eyes away from him. “Long day.”

“Yeah,” he muttered, turning his head back to his book.

I threw my bookbag down & sat on the side of the bed. I didn’t want to talk
about what happened. What was there to say? I sure didn’t want to repeat
what happened. In fact on my way home I called one of the cheerleaders &
set up a date for tomorrow night.

I took off my T-shirt & threw it on the floor, kicked off my sneakers, took
off my sox & threw them on top of my shirt. I was in my boxers & thought,
what the hell. He’s seen everything anyway. I took them off & threw them on
his head.

“Asshole,” he growled, as he reached up & grabbed them angrily throwing
them across the room so they landed on my bed.

“Dude, you should have seen your face when those boxers landed on your
head,” I mimicked.

He turned his face towards me & said, “Oh and what are you gonna do? Fuck
me again, Steve?”

That pissed me off, but I told myself to stay cool. “No,” I said levelly, “You’d
probably shoot all over yourself again. I can’t help it if you’re really a big

I really didn’t think that, but I was pissed off & wanted to make a point. It
worked because he jumped off the bed, furious.

“I’m no fag, Steve, and you know it! You’re bigger & stronger than me. I
couldn’t stop you.”

I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it was seeing how angry he was or
knowing that I could push his buttons. But I decided to push my luck

“Brad, you’re a good little fag boy. You know it. It excites you to have a real
man like me naked in front of you. You can’t help but stare at my big dick &
think how good it felt plowing you last night.”

His jaw dropped like he couldn’t believe what I said to him. I was surprised
when I did see his eyes drop to my cock. He quickly looked back up at me &
finally seemed to catch on.

“Ha, ha, Steve. You’re so funny.”

I looked him in the eye, enjoying teasing him. “Then why did you just look at
my dick, Brad?”

His face turned red. “I didn’t. I don’t want to look at your dick!”

“I know you don’t, but you can’t help it. You really want to suck it.”

Again his eyes moved to my dick! I couldn’t believe he would do just what I
said like that.

“Fuck you,” he hissed at me menacingly.

“I told you to look at my dick. Look now & see what a real man’s dick looks

“Shit, Steve, I want to go to bed. Here I’ll humor you. I’m looking at your

With that comment he turned his face down & I felt his gaze descend on my

“Yeah, I got a nice dick, don’t I?” As I said this I moved my hips slightly so
my dick swayed from side to side.

“Yeah, Steve, I’m sure your GIRLFRIENDS really like sucking it.”

“It’s a man’s dick, Brad. Not like the little weenie you got. The ladies all love
to suck it.”

“Yah, Steve. I heard you the first time. The GIRLS really like sucking on
that big piece of meat of yours. But buddy I gotta ask you, if you’re so
straight, why are you starting to get hard in front of another guy?”

I had been so into intimidating Brad I hadn’t even noticed that I WAS
enjoying having him look at my dick & it had started to lengthen somewhat.
It wasn’t quite semi-erect, but it wasn’t soft either.

Things were getting out of hand. I had no intention of repeating last night.

“Aw, Brad, you know I’m just busting on you,” I said as I turned to get into

He grabbed my shoulder & spun me around unexpectedly. My dick flopped
against the boxers he had on & it made contact with his flaccid meat
through the cloth. This momentary contact of our dicks touching through his
underwear threw both of us for a minute.

He said, “Steve, I’m not done talking to you. You told me to look at your dick.
And I’m looking and I want to know why if you’re such a super straight stud,
why your dick is getting hard in front of me?”

There was no denying it was semi-erect now, jutting out at an angle. Soon it
would be pointed straight at Brad. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed in
front of him. I had no quick comeback.

He grabbed my other shoulder & was staring at me hard. “Are YOU a fag,
Steve? You’re the one with the hard on, not me.”

At that point my dick continued its climb towards full erection & because
Steve was holding me so close as it grew it just went straight against his
boxers. I don’t know what happened, but it kept growing. Somehow the head
of my dick went against his boxers & poked through & suddenly the head of
my dick was touching Brad’s flaccid shaft. I gasped, not knowing what to
expect from the spongy flesh my dick was now touching.

Brad’s eyes were locked on mine. “Your dick seems to be pretty good at
hunting out another cock. Are you sure you’re not gay?”

My dick continued to rise. The head, now completely inside Brad’s boxers,
slid upward caressing his shaft. I felt powerless & my mind went blank. My
cock became fully erect, the head pushing past Brad’s shaft firmly into his
pubes. Before I could think of what to do I felt something. Something
stirring under my dick. At first I didn’t know what it was.

Brad was looking me in the eyes very intently, holding my shoulders tightly.
As I met his eyes I could feel blood rushing into his cock & it too started to
rise. It had been pointing down when my dick went inside, but now inside the
boxers as it started to lengthen it expanded. It started to move. First I
could feel it under me expanding. It seemed to double, then triple in width.
Then it slowly, very slowly rose up twisting to the side of his boxers & then
pressing against mine.

“Are you sure you’re not gay, Steve?” Brad asked.

“Fuck you, Brad.”

“You got a hard on from me looking at your dick. I think you really want to
suck me.” With that he pushed hard on my shoulders. Not expecting him to
be so forceful, I found myself unexpectedly on my knees.

He still had his hands firmly gripping my shoulders. I was now inches away
from his crotch, the huge bulge very pronounced not far from my face.

I couldn’t believe it. Somehow I was naked in front of Brad with a hard on,
on my knees in front of him. I tried to clear my head. This didn’t make any

Brad released his grip for a minute. At first I thought he was going to say it
was all a joke & it would be over, but I was wrong. Instead he put his
thumbs inside his boxers & slid them down his legs. His prick popped up,
sticking out of his thick bush, jutting in front of my face, angry &

I couldn’t help but stare at it. Even though it was all the way hard the
foreskin still covered the head. A purple vein ran all the way from the base
up to the head. It was so thick & long I couldn’t help but admire it.

“Look at my dick. Look now & see what a real man’s dick looks like.” He swung
his hips from side to side, his dick moving in rhythm. “This is what a real
man’s dick looks like, isn’t it, Steve?”

I just stared as he slowly swung it back & forth. Then he put his hands back
on my shoulders as he continued his slow rhythm, swaying to the left, then to
the right, pausing as it was aimed directly at my face.

“Yeah, Steve, you like to look at my dick. You can’t keep your eyes off it. It
feels so good to look at it & admire it. Your eyes are locked on it.” It was
true. I couldn’t think of anything else. His move was low & smooth, with a
commanding tone that I just had to listen to.

He took one hand off my shoulder & put it at the base of his dick. He
stepped forward & he suddenly started slapping his dick against my face.
First one cheek, then the other. I was startled out of my reverie. His dick
was hard, but at the same time the skin was soft, it was such an intriguing
combination. I was enjoying the sensation when I heard him say, “Look at

I looked up at him. His dick was obstructing part of my view, but I saw him
looking down at me over his tight, smooth muscular body. “Now, Steve, tell
me you’re my bitch & you want to suck my dick.”

“What!? I’m not your bitch!”

“You’re my bitch. You’ll jerk yourself while you suck me. And no teeth.”

“This has gone too far, Brad. Now why don’t you.” Before I could finish his
hand that had been gripping my shoulder moved to my head, gripped my hair
tightly & forced my head forward. The head of his dick was suddenly on my
bottom lip & with one thrust & a jerk of my head, my mouth was filled with
Brad’s hard cock.

I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. I didn’t understand how I had come
to be in this position & I really didn’t want to suck his cock. I’d never even
touched another guy’s dick until my dick touched Brad’s a few minutes ago &
now I was on my knees with his dick in my mouth.

I was aware of the sensation. My mouth was completely filled, but his dick
wasn’t all the way in my mouth. I could feel my cheeks pushed out with its
thickness. The only thing in front of my face was his bush with the rest of
his massive cock pointing into my mouth. I could smell the soap still on his
skin from his recent shower, but also a manly smell under the surface that
was pleasant.

He said, “That’s it, Steve. I knew you always wanted to suck my dick. Look at

I looked up, my eyes met his & I swear as I looked at him I felt his dick
swell even more. It seemed like forever I was looking up at him. He said
nothing, but kept looking down at me.

“I want you to keep looking at me. I’m going to take my hands off you & put
them on my hips, like this.” His hand came off my head & the other off his
dick. His dick still remained in my mouth. I remained where I was.

“Good boy,” he said. “You won’t take my dick out of your mouth till I tell you

What? I wasn’t his personal cocksucker. “Now move your head up & down on
it. Slowly. All the time I want you to keep your eyes locked on me. I can see
in your eyes this is something you’ve wanted for a long time.”

This was crazy. I wasn’t his sex slave. But somehow I felt my mouth moving
up & down along his dick. Looking up at him, I felt this desire inside me to
please Brad. Where was that coming from? I was the stud, the guy that
other guys looked to, but as I was here & Brad was telling me what to do I
felt myself secretly thrilling to follow what he said, wondering what he’d say

I felt myself getting into it. I ran my tongue around his dick as I moved up &
down. I picked up the pace. I liberally applied all the spit that was in my
mouth until it started dripping. I should be disgusted with myself, but I was
enjoying it. I could see the expression on Brad’s face changing too. It
started as this smartass who was getting his way having turned the tables to
one of surprised enjoyment, to one of undeniable pleasure.

As Brad’s enjoyment increased I found my own hand had moved to my dick &
was jerking off to the same rhythm I was sucking Brad. His hips started
thrusting back & forth. I heard his breathing change. He was panting, his
breaths raspy. I could smell the sweat emanating off him. His balls had been
hanging down when I first started sucking him. They now were tight up
against him.

I suddenly worried, was he going to cum in my mouth? The thought of Brad
cumming in my mouth made me start jerking harder on my dick & double my
efforts on him.

For several minutes I sucked on him. He plowed my face, one hand cupping
my face up to make sure I kept watching him as I sucked him. His chest was
slick with sweat. He looked like he wanted to cum so bad & I wanted to help
him out.

Suddenly he pulled out. He threw himself on the bed, his legs up in the air.
“Fuck me, Steve. Please. I gotta cum!”

To be continued.


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