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  • Mr Grok ch 2

    Written by MaX

    Mr Grok

    Chapter 2

    Jasper couldn’t believe it. Never in all his young life had he felt this way. He had been transported to another existence – lived another life – heard angels singing his name. He knew he hadn’t actually left Grok’s small room. But it might as well have been heaven – what he knew of heaven anyway, or maybe this is what hell was supposed to feel like. Jasper couldn’t decide. It was amazing to him how someone so giant, so gruff, so tough – could make him feel so alive. Every nerve ending in his small body was alive – screaming. Jasper thought he would just burst from it all. The last hour and a half of his life he would never forget – ever.

    Grok had started out very gentle with him – slowing removing his clothes one by one. He laid Jasper gently on the bed on his back. Starting with his toes, Grok slowly washed each and every one with his rough tongue, drawing them into his massive mouth as if they were a sucker. Then Grok worked his way up his legs with that same rough tongue, bathing every square inch of them – all the while running his rough hands over his small chest, tweaking his little rosebud nipples with his fingers. Jasper’s groin started tingling. When Grok reached Jasper’s now rock hard cock, he stopped. Grok looked into Jasper’s light blue eyes and said, almost in a whisper, “Are you ready to become a man? This is the point of no return my young friend. You will never be the same after tonight.” All Jasper could do was nod his head. He had no idea what Grok was talking about. Grok said, “Close your eyes and relax. Don’t open them until I tell you to.”

    Jasper felt Grok get up off the bed and heard some rustling sounds in the room. Then Grok gently took Jasper’s wrists and tied a soft cloth around each one. His arms were being raised above his head and spread apart. Then Grok tied a soft cloth around his ankles and spread his legs apart. Jasper didn’t know what to expect next. He then felt something tickle his balls. It was soft and light – maybe a feather? Jasper tried not to laugh, but a giggle escaped his lips. The same soft, light sensation happened around his nipples. What was Grok doing? Next thing Jasper knew, something was tickling the soles of his feet. His legs involuntarily jumped, but his ankles were tied in place – he couldn’t move them.

    Slowly Grok worked his way up Jasper’s legs with the feather, twirling it softly around and around. Then the feather gave way to Grok’s light touch with his fingers. Jasper was squirming and laughing by now, but he felt he could take it if it didn’t get any worse. What if it did get worse! He couldn’t move, couldn’t escape! He was at the mercy of this big, strong, musky orc! It was a wild thought put into his head by increasingly wild sensations that had him groaning and moaning – and his prick was getting harder.

    Soon there was no time to think, his head went haywire as Grok’s tickling became harder, relentless, merciless. By the time Grok was in full swing, tickling his tender sides, Jasper was protesting and pleading: “No! Oh, no! Please! Don’t do this to me! Come – come on, G-Grok – ha ha! No! What are you doing! I can’t take anymore!”

    Grok moved his quick, strong fingers to Jasper’s armpits, testing all over for spots that would make Jasper beg for mercy as he never had before. “No! No! Please stop, Grok! You don’t know how ticklish I am!” Jasper cried. “No I don’t know just how ticklish you are, but we’re going to find out!” Grok growled. With that, he swung his massive body and was on top of him, impaling himself on Jasper’s rock hard dick. He used force alone to reach every part of Jasper’s body, getting at the most sensitive spots – all the while squeezing with his butt cheeks in a way that made Jasper shout. The more and more Jasper struggled, the more he rammed his cock in and out of Grok’s massive butt. Suddenly, Jasper’s young body went completely rigid – as stiff as a wooden plank as he climaxed, not once, not twice, but thrice in quick succession – shooting as he had never shot before. His cock was a fountain of cum, pulsing with ecstasy all along it’s length, filling Grok’s ass to overflowing with hot boy spunk. He felt and smelled Grok’s thick, sticky cum all over his face, neck and hair – running down the sides into his ears.

    And then the world went black…..


    Jasper felt a cold splash of water hit his face. Where was he? What had happened? His cock felt drained. Then he tried to move – but he couldn’t. Ah, now he remembered. He was tied to Grok’s bed. He had been tickled beyond belief. He was caked in dried cum. The small room reeked of man sex. Was it over? He could hear Grok’s heavy breathing from somewhere in the shadows. Why didn’t he say anything? What was he waiting for?

    Seemingly out of nowhere a long white feather appeared in front of his face. Soft, full, gently touching him, just hovering where he could see it. Then it disappeared. But still Grok did not reveal himself. It was quiet – too quiet. Jasper lay still, listening to his own breathing, which was starting to quicken in his chest. Was the tickling over at last? Why didn’t Grok say something? Then the feather passed in front of his eyes again, slowly. More silence. Jasper began to think the tender flesh on his sides and under his arms were being touched with light strokes that he barely felt, but he wasn’t sure. Then he felt them again – or did he? He struggled against his restraints.

    He thought he saw the feather again, just below his field of vision, but he wasn’t sure. He groaned and twisted helplessly against the restraints that held him fast. The anticipation was too much for him. Jasper clinched his eyes tightly shut, as if doing so would shut out the world. Slowly, he forced himself to relax. As his breathing began to calm, his head began to clear. It began to dawn on Jasper – the game was not over. There would be more tickling. “G-go ahead,” Jasper said. “Go ahead – tickle me Mr Grok. I am at your mercy, sir.”

    Grok emerged from the shadows from somewhere behind his head. “So you want to be tickled now, heh boy? You didn’t get enough yet? Or maybe you enjoyed our little session more than you are letting on? Grok queried. “Remember, you asked for it. Remember that.”

    With that Grok moved with eerie grace to the foot of the bed. Oh no, he’s going after my poor feet again, Jasper thought to himself. Slowly Grok worshipped Jasper’s feet – almost as if they were the feet of an angel. He caressed and lightly massaged. He sucked and licked. Grok was getting to know Jasper’s small, tender feet very well – the high arches where a light touch made Jasper gasp, the sensitive spots at the base of Jasper’s toes, and of course those taut, ticklish soles that responded so violently to Grok’s feather. “Stop! Oh stop! Please! Ha ha ha ha…not there! Anyplace but there! Hee ha ha ha ha no, no…oh God stop tickling me! Stop! I can’t take it! Oh my feet, oh my God, please stop!”

    “Listen to me, Jasper,” Grok said. “You can stop yelling now, just for one minute.” He stopped tickling, and very slowly Jasper got quiet again, catching his breath. “What I’m gonna do now, Jasper, is tickle you”….and his fingers were moving now, teasing those feet…”and I’m gonna keep tickling you until you cum.”

    “No!” Jasper cried. “No, d-don’t, oh stop….I can’t, can’t take anymore! Ahhhhh, ohhhhh, no!”

    “I’m gonna keep tickling you till you cum,” Grok repeated. “That’s all there is to it. I’m gonna tickle all in between your toes. I’m gonna use my fingers, my tongue, this feather, and something else.” Jasper could not see through his tears but a deep, hard line of sensation had him screaming again as he felt it run down the center of his sole. And up again, slowly…and down again… Suddenly he realized what it was – the tip of a dagger!

    And the assault didn’t stop, not even for a second. Jasper tried wildly to control himself so he could speak, to make Grok understand he couldn’t cum anymore. It might be hours before he could get hard again, and if this tickling lasted for hours it would be the end of him. “I won’t stop until you cum,” Grok kept saying, “I want to see you cum, boy.”

    It seemed like hours, it seemed that his feet had felt all the tickling torture in the world, until Jasper started getting hard again. In slow motion, as Grok tickled and tickled and tickled, Jasper’s cock rose higher and higher. Then Grok grabbed Jasper’s dick with his left hand and started pumping him up and down rhythmically as he kept tickling with his right…and miraculously Jasper came again, shooting even harder than before, almost passing out again but struggling to hold on, dying to know if it was finally all over.

    Grok moved away from Jasper’s feet into the shadows of the room and for a moment all was quiet. Then he appeared at Jasper’s side with two feathers, which he gently laid down on Jasper’s stomach, drawing them ever so slowly across that ticklish flesh as Jasper tried to suck his stomach in, to twist, to do anything to escape that incredible stimulation taking his breath away, making him shout with new energy…”Not my stomach! No! Grok, please! I can’t take it anymore!

    “Guess what I’m doing, Jasper?” Grok said. “I’m tickling you until you cum, all over again.”

    That is what Grok did, working over the hapless flesh of his tender stomach first, then moving on to his arm pits, and then his ball sack, until a crazed, screaming Jasper came again, and again and again. By the time Grok was done with him, Jasper had emptied his bladder too, shooting piss all over Grok, the bed and his own belly. At strange moments Jasper seemed to be able to step back and observe the scene – this poor tortured kid being tickled to death by a massive, towering brute of an orc, who was himself cumming without even touching himself, coating Jasper’s body with load after load of sticky, smelly cum. How Jasper wished he could scoop it up and taste it. How he wished it would end – yet he didn’t want it to end.

    And then, the massive, naked Grok, collapsed full length on top of Jasper, pinning him even further to the bed, wrapping his tree trunk arms around Jasper’s young body, squeezing the life out of him. He could hardly breathe. Grok began gently nuzzling Jasper’s neck, nibbling on his ear, softly chewing his cum matted hair. Then those big lips met his, and Jasper opened his mouth and welcomed Grok’s thick, rough tongue in – caressing it with his own warm, moist mouth and tongue.

    Grok pulled away, looked Jasper in those pretty light blue eyes of his, and said, “Well my young friend. You are officially now a man in my book. You took my torture and asked for more. I wasn’t quite sure you were going to make it a couple times there, but you came through with flying colors. Anytime you want to have some fun again, just come on down here. I’ve got a few more things I can show you that will blow your socks off.”

    Jasper paused for a moment, thinking that one over, and then said, “Mr Grok, sir, you are the best man on this ship, as far as I’m concerned – next to the captain, of course. You can bet I’ll be back for more. Now could you untie me?”

  • Mr Grok

    Written by MaX

    Chapter One

    That wasn’t it. That was never it. Too much chance of it not working. Jasper tried thinking of another solution. He just couldn’t figure out any other way it could be. Would Grok go for it? “I won’t know until I try”, he thought to himself. So with a big sigh, Jasper slowly worked his way down the steps into the dark hold of the Gypsy Wind. This was not his favorite place to be. Too dark, damp and confined. Plus the rats. They liked to nibble at your toes if you stood in one place too long. That always gave him the shivers. He hated rats. Filthy rodents. But it was one of the things you came to accept in your life aboard ship.

    He tried to put the thought of rats out of his head as he reached Grok’s door. Jasper raised his fist to knock on the hard wood when he stopped. “What if this doesn’t work”, he thought to himself again. “Would Black Jack be angry with me?” In all the years he has been with his captain, his father, his lover, Jasper had been on the receiving end of Black Jack’s fury only twice. Those were two times too many. “I’ve got to try. I’m going to die of curiosity if I don’t” he decided.

    So with that thought, he knocked. After a few moments of silence, Jasper heard muffled shuffling sounds from the other side of the thick wooden door. Then suddenly the door flung open like it was no heavier than a piece of parchment. Grok didn’t look happy. “What do you want”? he growled when he noticed Jasper standing in the dark hallway. Timidly Jasper spoke, barely getting the words out, “Mr Grok, sir, I’ve come down here to ask you a question. I’m real sorry if I woke you up.” When Grok saw the look of apprehension in Jasper’s eyes, he softened a little. “What do you want to ask me boy”, he said – a little less harsh this time. “Well, sir, you being raised for battle all your life, and such, I was wondering, sir, uh…uh…uh…” Jasper started stuttering, getting no further. “You’d better come inside and have a seat, son. I can see you’ve got something on your mind that’s not too easy for you to spit out”, Grok motioned to the ruffled bed for Jasper to sit. Grok sat beside him on the bed, turning to face the boy.

    “So what’s on your mind, son” Grok asked. “Well, sir, ever since the captain hired you on a few months ago, I’ve kinda been watching you. I heard you were raised by your tribe to be a strong warrior. I see the way you handle yourself and the weapons when you train the men for battle. I really think you are amazing. You are so big and strong and confident. You sure know how to defend yourself. I wish I could be like that. Black Jack says I shouldn’t worry too much about that, ‘cause I’m still too young to be playing with swords or rapiers. I might hurt myself. But I’m almost sixteen now – almost grown up. I think I should start learnin’ ‘bout that kind of stuff if I’m going to grow up and be like my captain – or like you, Mr Grok” Jasper quickly interjected.

    A small smile appeared on Grok’s face. “So this is what brought you down here, to my door? You sure that’s all you wanted to ask me?” Grok inquired. “Well……to be truthful, there is one other thing I wanted to ask you”, Jasper replied meekly. “I’m not sure how to put this. Since you are a tough warrior and all, I was wondering how……how you like to make love?” he finally blurted out.

    Grok chuckled to himself. This certainly is a very curious little boy. He knew the men talked all the time about how soft Jasper’s skin was – how much he reminded them of the women they had been with. Jasper was very fair and that tussle of blonde hair was very sexy on the lad. That little bit of scruff that was just starting to show on his chin somehow looked so inviting to Grok also. So the boy wanted a little education in how real men made love. “Well son, I’ll have to talk to the captain about your training in the art of defending yourself. I think you’re ready. I had killed a score of men by the time I was your age. But as for you wanting to know about that other thing – “making love” you called it – I don’t know too much about “making love”. Jasper’s face immediately fell. Quickly, Grok continued. “Wait now, I don’t know much about “making love”, but I do know a thing or two about making you feel real good. I can make you feel so good that you just want to scream all over. Have you ever experienced that?” Grok asked.

    Jasper now stared intently at Grok. “Mr Grok, what do you mean? I’ve never wanted to scream!” This sounded interesting. What could possibly make you want to scream all over? He couldn’t even begin to picture in his mind what that must be like.

    To be continued…….