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  • How I Became A Fag Pt 1

    How I Became a Fag
    Part 1

    Author Unknown

    “Hey Steve, you asleep?” Brad asked. I had been lying there zoning out in
    the bed next to Brad’s in his cramped bedroom.

    “Nope, what’s up, dude?”

    “You won’t believe what happened at school today,” he said.

    “What?” I said, as I turned on my side towards his bed. It was too dark to
    make out much other than a dark lump on the bed indicating where he was

    “We had our spring fling. Classes were canceled & they had free food, music
    & shit like that.”

    “Yah, they have that every year,” I said, stifling a yawn.

    “Well, they had this old chick dressed up like a gypsy reading fortunes.
    So, Tania & I thought it would be fun. We’d smoked in my car & were fucked
    up & having fun. Well, when she was doing Tania’s fortune it was stupid as
    all shit. She was going to go to college, struggle, but when she got out
    working she’d really hit it big. I mean, like that’s some kind of fortune.
    Well, this bitch gives me a dirty look for interrupting her, laughing at
    her & shit. She turned to me & said, ‘You’re quite the ladies man, aren’t
    you, Brad?’ Tania giggled. I said, Sure am & puffed up my chest. ‘Well
    Brad, enjoy it while it lasts. You’re an asshole. I’m putting a curse on
    you, on your ass more specifically, Brad. The next guy to see your bare
    ass will fuck you. And your ass has a magical quality now Brad. Whenever
    a dick goes in it, that guy will turn gay. And you won’t be able to orgasm
    till you have a dick up your ass.’ Tania was laughing so hard she almost
    pissed herself. I grabbed her hand & we got out of there. What do you
    think of that, Steve?’

    “That’s some pretty strange, shit, Brad. Did you tell anyone else?”

    “No. Tania & I split after that. She wanted to go back to her house &
    screw, but I was so fucked up I just fell asleep.”

    He paused. I wasn’t sure what to say. It was so strange I didn’t know if he
    was making it up.

    “Do you believe in that gypsy stuff?” I asked eventually.

    “What, that I’m gay?! Do I look gay? I fuck Tania every day & I’ve been
    fucking her friend Denise on the sly too.”

    I knew there was no way Brad was gay. Neither was I.

    “But I am a little nervous, dude.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well, I have soccer practice tomorrow & I have to take a shower


    “Well, what if there is something to what the gypsy said & some fag I don’t
    know about on the team tries to grab my ass or something?”

    “You’re a big dude, Brad. You can take care of yourself. You really think
    that’s going to happen?”

    “Hey, Steve, I’m not gay. You know that. But Tania does have a big mouth &
    I’m sure she’ll blab about what happened & the guys’ll rib me tomorrow. I
    don’t care about that. But I don’t want some homo eyeing my ass in the
    shower thinking I’ll drop the soap for him.”

    “So what about it?”

    “Well, I know you’re my cousin & all. And I know you’re sure as shit not
    gay, Steve.”

    I snorted. “Yah, Brad, me a homo. Just picture that. My girlfriend
    wouldn’t be too happy to hear I was taking it up the ass.”

    We both laughed at that one.

    “Well, it’s like this,” Brad said, “She said the first guy to see my ass
    would fuck me. I don’t want to go to the showers tomorrow & who knows who
    will see my ass. But I know you’re straight. So if you just look at my ass,
    then I’ll know it’s ok for tomorrow.”

    I groaned.

    “Brad, is this some kind of sick joke? You want me to look at your ass?”


    “Oh sure & you’ll let one rip, right?”

    “Well, that would be pretty funny. But no. C’mon Steve. I trust you. I know
    you’re straight & I wouldn’t worry about the showers tomorrow.”

    “Are you really worried about it?”

    “Yah. C’mon. No one’s gonna know. You think I want people to know I ASKED
    my cousin to look at my ass!?”

    We laughed at that.

    “I don’t know man. It’s pretty strange.”

    “Oh, come on.”

    He switched on the lamp on the nightstand between our beds. His tousled
    black hair hung in a tangled mess over his forehead.

    “I can’t believe you want me to do this,” I said as I sat up in bed.

    “C’mon & get it over with. Then we can go back to sleep.”

    “Oh Brad, I don’t know. I didn’t jerk off today. What if I get so turned on
    by your hot little soccer player ass I can’t stop myself?”

    He rolled his eyes.

    “OK, stud,” he teased back. He threw back the covers. He had on white
    boxers. We both usually slept in our boxers.

    I never noticed guy’s bodies before. I mean I’m at the gym all the time &
    have a great body, lean, tone & muscled. All the girls at the community
    college are always giving me the eye & I could turn on the charm & bag any
    of ’em that I wanted to.

    I had to admit Brad was in shape. He was a soccer fanatic. He had a smooth
    body, swimmer’s build, tight muscles. You could tell he was wiry & strong.
    He had a pleasure trail over his defined abs & somewhat hairy legs. I’m
    sure he could get all the girls he wanted to, but he did not do anything
    for me sexually that’s for sure. If it helped my cousin out, I guess I
    could do this. He’d owe me afterwards, that’s for sure.

    I swung my legs around & sat on the edge of the bed.

    “OK, dude. You owe me big time. Looking at your ass. Gees! Let’s get this
    over with.”

    He turned on his stomach & threw his legs up in the air, grabbing his
    boxers & lightning quick slid them up his semi-hairy legs & off. Before I
    knew it he threw his drawers & they landed on my head. He’d been sweating &
    I could smell his sweat.

    “Fuck off, Brad,” I growled as I threw his boxers to the floor.

    He giggled. He was lying on his back. I’d never seen him naked before. He
    had a really thick bush of pubes. His cock was lying flaccid across it. He
    was uncut & the head was completely covered by foreskin. I shuddered.
    Licking another guy’s dick was repulsive. And Brad’s looked big. I
    couldn’t imagine it would all fit in my mouth if it was hard.

    Now where the hell had that thought come from?

    Brad arched his back, doubling up in laughter. “Dude, you should have seen
    your face when those boxers landed on your head.” His body was convulsing
    with laughter. As he laughed, his dick slid back & forth across his pubes.
    It was pretty thick, but I was sure mine was thicker. I’m cut so I couldn’t
    help staring at his foreskin. I’d seen some in the showers & was always
    intrigued by that since I’m cut. It was natural to look at something
    different, it didn’t’ mean I was gay.

    Brad had stopped laughing & his dick flopped over on the side pointing
    towards me.

    “Well, show me your ass & let’s get this over.”

    He got a more serious expression on his face.

    “OK, Steve. I do appreciate this. I know it’s a strange fucking request,
    but I’ll be able to go in the showers tomorrow & not be paranoid about some
    fucking fag.”

    With that he said, “Are you ready?” He had a twinkle in his eye. I rolled
    my eyes & said, “OK, dude. Show me.”

    He rolled over on his stomach. I saw his ass. I half expected some bolt of
    lightning to hit me. I expected I’d be swept up with desire for him or
    something, but nothing.

    “Well, Brad, I see it & you have an ass. I don’t want to fuck it or
    anything. Can you believe it?”

    He turned to face me. “Really? That’s so cool. We’re not fags.”

    Then he paused with a quizzical look on his face.

    “But Steve, you didn’t really LOOK at my ass. You’re sitting on your
    bed. You can only kind of see it. Maybe she meant whoever saw it completely
    or some shit like that.”

    “Oh brother, Brad. I’d like to get some sleep tonight. But if it’ll make
    you happy I’ll stand up & stare at your ass.”

    I got up, crossed the narrow space between our beds & looked down at his
    ass. I DID have a better view of it. I saw it in all its glory. He had a
    muscular body & I could see he had really strong legs & his ass was very
    defined. I could see his legs were hairier than I thought but surprisingly
    his ass wasn’t hairy. It looked smooth with a little peach fuzz on it. I
    could picture Tania reaching around & cupping his ass rubbing her hands up
    & down on it, feeling the fuzz through her fingers while Brad fucked her
    like a piston. I looked down. My dick was dead as a doornail. Even though
    that was a strange thought to have I wasn’t turned on at all.

    Brad’s head was in his pillow, like he was embarrassed. Well, he should be!

    I hooked my thumbs in my boxers & pulled ’em down.

    “Look Brad, no hard on.”

    He turned & looked. He kind of gasped, not expecting to see me standing
    next to the bed, boxers around my knees, my big dick flopping down to
    almost my knees.

    “Shit Steve, you think I wanna see your big ole dick flopping in the breeze
    like that?!” He had a disgusted look on his face, but his brown eyes were
    riveted on my dick, like he couldn’t believe his cousin was hung so
    well. I’d had admiring looks in the locker room, so the look of surprise &
    admiration on Brad’s face was one I’d seen many times. I puffed out my
    chest with pride & said, “Hey man, if I gotta look at your ass, you gotta
    look at my dick.”

    I was only joking, but was surprised when I heard him say,”OK, I guess
    that’s fair.” His eyes honed in like a laser on my dick & I could see his
    eyes moving up & down the length of it appraising it.

    “Glad I’m not gay,” he said after a while, “That thing would probably

    “Awww, dude you know just the right thing to say,” I joked.

    He turned & put his face down in the bed, adjusting his body so his upper
    body was down in the bed while his legs pushed his ass up. He had turned so
    his ass was aimed directly at me.

    “OK, now one last time. My hairy ass doesn’t turn you on in the least now,
    right Steve?”

    The way he was positioned now I could see his dick hanging down between his
    legs. I had to admit I thought I would be grossed out looking at another
    guy’s ass, but now it wasn’t so bad. It was pretty muscular.

    “Hairy ass?” I said, “Bro, you ain’t seen nothing.”

    With that I stripped my boxers off & turned around for him to see my
    ass. With my father’s Italian background I had inherited his hairiness, a
    nice coating across my abs spreading across my chest & I did have a hairy
    ass. Some girls didn’t like that, but fuck ’em! And my ass was way hairier
    than Brad’s.

    He lifted his head off the bed & twisted around to look, but kept his ass
    facing me.

    “Damn, dude. You win. You do have one hairy motherfuckin’ ass.”

    I smiled & turned around. He shocked me when he took his hands & spread his
    asscheeks. “The only place I have a lot of hair is on my pink asshole.”

    I watched in amazement as he spread his cheeks for me & they parted to
    reveal a smooth crack. Right in the center of it was this pink hole
    surrounded by a mass of black curls. He was right, it was extremely
    hairy. I had never seen anything like it. He was quiet for a minute as I
    stared at his asshole.

    “Watch this,” he said. I watched as he puckered his asshole in & out, like
    a tiny mouth, the hairs around it dancing as it twitched. I’d never thought
    of guys in a sexual way before in the least. And here I was entranced by my
    cousin’s hairy asshole winking at me. I felt my balls twitch & immediately
    pulled my eyes away. No way was I getting turned on by a guy & no way by my
    cousin on top of that! I was straight.

    “OK, man, let’s hit the hay. Your ass is safe. No one turned gay.”

    Brad turned around on the bed on his hands & knees. He leaned over & in one
    fell swoop before I knew what he was doing took my dick completely in his
    mouth & started running his tongue all around it while looking up at me.

    It was like an electric current went through my body. My balls churned & I
    could feel the blood surging into my cock as it started to lengthen almost
    instantly under his tongue’s coaxing. He was slurping & putting so much
    saliva on it it was dripping from his mouth.

    I pulled back in shock. “What the fuck are you doing, man?”

    He just laughed. “If I was gay, that’s how I’d suck a cock. It was just a
    joke, dude. I couldn’t stand the taste of your dick anyway. Wicked gross.
    Man, you should have seen the look on your face!”

    The spit was all over his mouth. It was gross. I was pissed. I didn’t want
    another dude taking my dick in his mouth. My dick was slimy from his spit
    dripping onto the carpet. I was pissed. My dick had grown a little bit. I
    mean I couldn’t help it. A wet mouth on it that was to be expected.

    I jumped on the bed & pushed him down. He was on his stomach. I was on top
    of him. I was surprised at how wiry he felt & how strong. It felt weird on
    top of him, him beneath me. He gasped & kind of just lay there for a second
    not even fighting back. My dick was resting on his ass crack.

    I pulled myself up, my hands holding his shoulders down. “I bet a fag boy
    like you loves the feel of a real man’s dick on his ass,” I growled.

    His face was in the pillows, but he turned his head & said with a sneer,
    “Oh yeah, big tough football dude tackles the soccer player naked & holds
    him down. Oh, please fuck me, man. I need a real man’s dick inside me so
    bad.” He started squirming underneath me, his ass sliding up & down on my
    dick. Man, I knew I should have jerked off. I couldn’t help it. My dick
    was halfway hard. There’s nothing to it. It sometimes happens when guys

    I thought the little fucker deserved to be taught a lesson. I pulled back,
    grabbed his hips & pulled him up on his hands & knees. I then took one hand
    & grabbed my dick & slapped his ass with it. It was reaching full erection
    now. I pulled his asscheeks apart & put my dick right up against his
    hole. I felt all the little hairs tickling the head.

    I had no intention of really fucking him. I just wanted to show him up. But
    I did have to admit it was pretty hot looking at the head of my dick,
    engorged with blood, rock hard, dripping with saliva, pressed up against
    that tight hole just busting to push inside it. I wanted to reach down,
    grab his balls till he called time, and then hit the hay.

    When I reached under Brad, my hand accidentally landed on his dick. He
    wasn’t hard. After all, he wasn’t gay. Another guy wouldn’t turn him on.

    I took his dick in my hand & squeezed it. I was shocked at how thick &
    long it was even when soft. It must be enormous when it’s hard, I thought.
    My fingers slid the length of it till it came to the foreskin I’d almost
    forgotten about. I was so curious about it I started to pull it back from
    the head, rub my finger over the tip of it, then let the foreskin slid up
    covering it completely again. As I was doing this I felt a change in his
    dick. It was starting to grow. This WAS turning him on.

    All this time he’d been quiet on his hands & knees while I manipulated
    him. He suddenly turned his head & said, “Hey bro, I’m glad you like
    playing with my dick & all, but I’m straight so get off me.”

    Was he saying that I was gay? Man, did that piss me off. Here I was trying
    to sleep when he kept asking me to look at his fuckin’ ass of all things. I
    felt him tense like he was going to try to throw me off of him. I leaned
    forward to whisper in his ear when he moved his legs & I don’t know how it
    happened but the head of my dick started to enter his hole.

    We were both surprised by it & stopped everything for a moment.
    Anticipating that he was going to throw me off, I put my other arm around
    his chest & pushed. I had just intended to stop him from throwing me off
    the bed, but what ended up happening was my dick pushed hard against his
    hole & the head & part of the shaft entered his hole.

    Meanwhile my other hand had been milking his cock nonstop & I suddenly was
    very aware of how enormous his dick had grown & how hard it was in my
    hand. No matter how I tried the foreskin would not go over the head of his
    dick anymore. It was just too hard.

    I heard Brad say, “Jesus, Steve, your dick is starting to go inside me. I
    don’t want to get fucked. Take it out!”

    My mind cleared for a moment & I thought, he’s right. What the hell am I
    doing like this? I started to pull back & the sensation as his ass, hot &
    moist, wrapped around the head of my cock was unbelievable. He’d already
    taken a little bit of my dick, so I thought, what’s a few more strokes
    before I pull out?

    “Sure, Brad, ” whispered, “I’ll take it right out.”

    With that I pulled it back till just the tip of the head was inside him.
    Then I slid it back in again watching the head disappear inside my cousin’s
    tight hole. I felt it tighten around the head.

    Brad said, “What are you doing, Steve?” He twisted his head as he said this
    & moved his body. Somehow the movement caused another inch of shaft to go
    deeper inside him.

    “Your ass is begging for it,” I said as I pushed forward & two more inches
    disappeared inside him. So much of my dick had already gone inside him I
    thought I might as well just push it all the way in till my pubes hit his
    ass, show him who’s boss. I’d pull out, turn the lights out & jerk off
    thinking of fucking one of my ladies.

    With one final thrust my dick went all the way in. My pubes brushed up
    against his ass. “You’re my little bottom boy now, Brad.” I was only
    kidding around, but I did have to admit his tight ass felt great on my

    “If I were a real fag,” Brad said, “I’d do this.” With that he started
    moving his ass back & forth so it grabbed my hard dick & caressed it
    erotically. All this time my hand had been jerking him off & as he started
    moving back & forth on me I felt this rush of precum flow out of the head
    of his dick & start making it all juicy.

    Instinct took over & I started to slide in & out, really fucking him. His
    ass was so tight, so hot I couldn’t help myself. Brad too seemed to be
    getting into it. I could hear my balls slapping against his ass. We were
    grunting in unison. I was sweating & it was dripping all over his back. His
    dick was rock hard in my hand, precum oozing out of it.

    I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I picked up the pace, feeling his ass
    tighten. Brad suddenly gasped, “I’m going to cum!”

    I felt his ass tighten & his dick swelled even more in my hand. Suddenly I
    felt it let loose like a geyser. Cum was going everywhere, all over the
    bed, on his stomach, on my hand. That was all it took. I bellowed, rammed
    my cock in all the way & let loose, my load spurting deep inside him. It
    seemed like minutes for my load to finish. I fell on top of him & we
    collapsed on the bed.

    My mind was dizzy. I could hear him trying to catch his breath beneath me.
    I realized my dick was still in his ass & I started to come back to my
    senses. I pushed myself off of him & my dick came out coated with cum. I
    grabbed a towel from the dresser & wiped myself off.

    I had just fucked my cousin. What the hell was going on? It was a freak
    occurrence, best not to think about it. Just act like nothing happened.
    Brad was just lying there, not moving. Maybe he’d fallen asleep. More
    likely, he was too embarrassed.

    Neither one of us said anything. I turned out the light, climbed into bed &
    fell right to sleep.

    To be continued….


  • How I Became A Fag Pt 2

    How I Became A Fag
    Part 2

    Author Unknown

    The next morning my alarm went off. I hit the snooze bar a few times
    before I decided I better get up & get ready for school. Then it all came
    back to me, what I had done to my cousin last night. As I lay there for a
    brief moment I thought maybe it was all a bad dream. But I knew even I
    could never dream up something that twisted. I sighed & turned over from
    the wall, ready to face Brad.

    I was surprised his bed was empty & he was nowhere to be found. It’s just as
    well, I thought. What would we say to each other? Better to just let it rest
    & forget the whole thing happened.

    I managed to keep the whole incident from my mind throughout the day &
    act as if everything was still the same. I went to my classes & luckily didn’t
    run into Brad. I hit the gym with some football buddies for a couple of hours
    & hoped by pumping iron I’d get so tired I wouldn’t have any time to think
    about what happened. We went out for a few brews afterwards & then it
    was time to head home.

    I ran up the stairs, took a deep breath & opened the door to our bedroom.
    The light was on, Brad was lying on his bed on his stomach, shirtless, in
    shorts, reading a book.

    He turned & grunted, “Hey,” at me.

    “Hey,” I said, keeping my eyes away from him. “Long day.”

    “Yeah,” he muttered, turning his head back to his book.

    I threw my bookbag down & sat on the side of the bed. I didn’t want to talk
    about what happened. What was there to say? I sure didn’t want to repeat
    what happened. In fact on my way home I called one of the cheerleaders &
    set up a date for tomorrow night.

    I took off my T-shirt & threw it on the floor, kicked off my sneakers, took
    off my sox & threw them on top of my shirt. I was in my boxers & thought,
    what the hell. He’s seen everything anyway. I took them off & threw them on
    his head.

    “Asshole,” he growled, as he reached up & grabbed them angrily throwing
    them across the room so they landed on my bed.

    “Dude, you should have seen your face when those boxers landed on your
    head,” I mimicked.

    He turned his face towards me & said, “Oh and what are you gonna do? Fuck
    me again, Steve?”

    That pissed me off, but I told myself to stay cool. “No,” I said levelly, “You’d
    probably shoot all over yourself again. I can’t help it if you’re really a big

    I really didn’t think that, but I was pissed off & wanted to make a point. It
    worked because he jumped off the bed, furious.

    “I’m no fag, Steve, and you know it! You’re bigger & stronger than me. I
    couldn’t stop you.”

    I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it was seeing how angry he was or
    knowing that I could push his buttons. But I decided to push my luck

    “Brad, you’re a good little fag boy. You know it. It excites you to have a real
    man like me naked in front of you. You can’t help but stare at my big dick &
    think how good it felt plowing you last night.”

    His jaw dropped like he couldn’t believe what I said to him. I was surprised
    when I did see his eyes drop to my cock. He quickly looked back up at me &
    finally seemed to catch on.

    “Ha, ha, Steve. You’re so funny.”

    I looked him in the eye, enjoying teasing him. “Then why did you just look at
    my dick, Brad?”

    His face turned red. “I didn’t. I don’t want to look at your dick!”

    “I know you don’t, but you can’t help it. You really want to suck it.”

    Again his eyes moved to my dick! I couldn’t believe he would do just what I
    said like that.

    “Fuck you,” he hissed at me menacingly.

    “I told you to look at my dick. Look now & see what a real man’s dick looks

    “Shit, Steve, I want to go to bed. Here I’ll humor you. I’m looking at your

    With that comment he turned his face down & I felt his gaze descend on my

    “Yeah, I got a nice dick, don’t I?” As I said this I moved my hips slightly so
    my dick swayed from side to side.

    “Yeah, Steve, I’m sure your GIRLFRIENDS really like sucking it.”

    “It’s a man’s dick, Brad. Not like the little weenie you got. The ladies all love
    to suck it.”

    “Yah, Steve. I heard you the first time. The GIRLS really like sucking on
    that big piece of meat of yours. But buddy I gotta ask you, if you’re so
    straight, why are you starting to get hard in front of another guy?”

    I had been so into intimidating Brad I hadn’t even noticed that I WAS
    enjoying having him look at my dick & it had started to lengthen somewhat.
    It wasn’t quite semi-erect, but it wasn’t soft either.

    Things were getting out of hand. I had no intention of repeating last night.

    “Aw, Brad, you know I’m just busting on you,” I said as I turned to get into

    He grabbed my shoulder & spun me around unexpectedly. My dick flopped
    against the boxers he had on & it made contact with his flaccid meat
    through the cloth. This momentary contact of our dicks touching through his
    underwear threw both of us for a minute.

    He said, “Steve, I’m not done talking to you. You told me to look at your dick.
    And I’m looking and I want to know why if you’re such a super straight stud,
    why your dick is getting hard in front of me?”

    There was no denying it was semi-erect now, jutting out at an angle. Soon it
    would be pointed straight at Brad. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed in
    front of him. I had no quick comeback.

    He grabbed my other shoulder & was staring at me hard. “Are YOU a fag,
    Steve? You’re the one with the hard on, not me.”

    At that point my dick continued its climb towards full erection & because
    Steve was holding me so close as it grew it just went straight against his
    boxers. I don’t know what happened, but it kept growing. Somehow the head
    of my dick went against his boxers & poked through & suddenly the head of
    my dick was touching Brad’s flaccid shaft. I gasped, not knowing what to
    expect from the spongy flesh my dick was now touching.

    Brad’s eyes were locked on mine. “Your dick seems to be pretty good at
    hunting out another cock. Are you sure you’re not gay?”

    My dick continued to rise. The head, now completely inside Brad’s boxers,
    slid upward caressing his shaft. I felt powerless & my mind went blank. My
    cock became fully erect, the head pushing past Brad’s shaft firmly into his
    pubes. Before I could think of what to do I felt something. Something
    stirring under my dick. At first I didn’t know what it was.

    Brad was looking me in the eyes very intently, holding my shoulders tightly.
    As I met his eyes I could feel blood rushing into his cock & it too started to
    rise. It had been pointing down when my dick went inside, but now inside the
    boxers as it started to lengthen it expanded. It started to move. First I
    could feel it under me expanding. It seemed to double, then triple in width.
    Then it slowly, very slowly rose up twisting to the side of his boxers & then
    pressing against mine.

    “Are you sure you’re not gay, Steve?” Brad asked.

    “Fuck you, Brad.”

    “You got a hard on from me looking at your dick. I think you really want to
    suck me.” With that he pushed hard on my shoulders. Not expecting him to
    be so forceful, I found myself unexpectedly on my knees.

    He still had his hands firmly gripping my shoulders. I was now inches away
    from his crotch, the huge bulge very pronounced not far from my face.

    I couldn’t believe it. Somehow I was naked in front of Brad with a hard on,
    on my knees in front of him. I tried to clear my head. This didn’t make any

    Brad released his grip for a minute. At first I thought he was going to say it
    was all a joke & it would be over, but I was wrong. Instead he put his
    thumbs inside his boxers & slid them down his legs. His prick popped up,
    sticking out of his thick bush, jutting in front of my face, angry &

    I couldn’t help but stare at it. Even though it was all the way hard the
    foreskin still covered the head. A purple vein ran all the way from the base
    up to the head. It was so thick & long I couldn’t help but admire it.

    “Look at my dick. Look now & see what a real man’s dick looks like.” He swung
    his hips from side to side, his dick moving in rhythm. “This is what a real
    man’s dick looks like, isn’t it, Steve?”

    I just stared as he slowly swung it back & forth. Then he put his hands back
    on my shoulders as he continued his slow rhythm, swaying to the left, then to
    the right, pausing as it was aimed directly at my face.

    “Yeah, Steve, you like to look at my dick. You can’t keep your eyes off it. It
    feels so good to look at it & admire it. Your eyes are locked on it.” It was
    true. I couldn’t think of anything else. His move was low & smooth, with a
    commanding tone that I just had to listen to.

    He took one hand off my shoulder & put it at the base of his dick. He
    stepped forward & he suddenly started slapping his dick against my face.
    First one cheek, then the other. I was startled out of my reverie. His dick
    was hard, but at the same time the skin was soft, it was such an intriguing
    combination. I was enjoying the sensation when I heard him say, “Look at

    I looked up at him. His dick was obstructing part of my view, but I saw him
    looking down at me over his tight, smooth muscular body. “Now, Steve, tell
    me you’re my bitch & you want to suck my dick.”

    “What!? I’m not your bitch!”

    “You’re my bitch. You’ll jerk yourself while you suck me. And no teeth.”

    “This has gone too far, Brad. Now why don’t you.” Before I could finish his
    hand that had been gripping my shoulder moved to my head, gripped my hair
    tightly & forced my head forward. The head of his dick was suddenly on my
    bottom lip & with one thrust & a jerk of my head, my mouth was filled with
    Brad’s hard cock.

    I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. I didn’t understand how I had come
    to be in this position & I really didn’t want to suck his cock. I’d never even
    touched another guy’s dick until my dick touched Brad’s a few minutes ago &
    now I was on my knees with his dick in my mouth.

    I was aware of the sensation. My mouth was completely filled, but his dick
    wasn’t all the way in my mouth. I could feel my cheeks pushed out with its
    thickness. The only thing in front of my face was his bush with the rest of
    his massive cock pointing into my mouth. I could smell the soap still on his
    skin from his recent shower, but also a manly smell under the surface that
    was pleasant.

    He said, “That’s it, Steve. I knew you always wanted to suck my dick. Look at

    I looked up, my eyes met his & I swear as I looked at him I felt his dick
    swell even more. It seemed like forever I was looking up at him. He said
    nothing, but kept looking down at me.

    “I want you to keep looking at me. I’m going to take my hands off you & put
    them on my hips, like this.” His hand came off my head & the other off his
    dick. His dick still remained in my mouth. I remained where I was.

    “Good boy,” he said. “You won’t take my dick out of your mouth till I tell you

    What? I wasn’t his personal cocksucker. “Now move your head up & down on
    it. Slowly. All the time I want you to keep your eyes locked on me. I can see
    in your eyes this is something you’ve wanted for a long time.”

    This was crazy. I wasn’t his sex slave. But somehow I felt my mouth moving
    up & down along his dick. Looking up at him, I felt this desire inside me to
    please Brad. Where was that coming from? I was the stud, the guy that
    other guys looked to, but as I was here & Brad was telling me what to do I
    felt myself secretly thrilling to follow what he said, wondering what he’d say

    I felt myself getting into it. I ran my tongue around his dick as I moved up &
    down. I picked up the pace. I liberally applied all the spit that was in my
    mouth until it started dripping. I should be disgusted with myself, but I was
    enjoying it. I could see the expression on Brad’s face changing too. It
    started as this smartass who was getting his way having turned the tables to
    one of surprised enjoyment, to one of undeniable pleasure.

    As Brad’s enjoyment increased I found my own hand had moved to my dick &
    was jerking off to the same rhythm I was sucking Brad. His hips started
    thrusting back & forth. I heard his breathing change. He was panting, his
    breaths raspy. I could smell the sweat emanating off him. His balls had been
    hanging down when I first started sucking him. They now were tight up
    against him.

    I suddenly worried, was he going to cum in my mouth? The thought of Brad
    cumming in my mouth made me start jerking harder on my dick & double my
    efforts on him.

    For several minutes I sucked on him. He plowed my face, one hand cupping
    my face up to make sure I kept watching him as I sucked him. His chest was
    slick with sweat. He looked like he wanted to cum so bad & I wanted to help
    him out.

    Suddenly he pulled out. He threw himself on the bed, his legs up in the air.
    “Fuck me, Steve. Please. I gotta cum!”

    To be continued.


  • How I Became A Fag Pt 3

    How I Became A Fag
    Part 3

    Author Unknown

    I got up off my knees. Brad was lying on his back on the bed, his hands
    gripping his feet pulling his legs back. His ass hung over the edge of the bed,
    round, muscled, inviting, just waiting to be fucked.

    I opened the nightstand & pulled out the lube. A huge dollop hung suspended
    in the air for a moment before it landed with an audible plop on my shaft. I
    took my hand & smeared it all over, enjoying the squishing noises it made,
    anticipating the noises I’d hear as I plowed Brad’s ass.

    Brad was panting as I stepped between his legs. His hairy hole had droplets
    of sweat. Greedily I held my dick & thrust forward, the head rubbing the
    droplets all around, mixing the lube & sweat together on the tip of my dick &
    along the outside of his hole.

    The contact of my dick with his hole was too much for me. I had to go in
    there again & feel that hot sensation bring me to climax. I moved my legs
    apart slightly so I’d have the leverage I’d need to fuck him hard. I took my
    right hand off my dick. I grabbed his legs & pulled them over my shoulders,
    my dick thrusting right at the entrance to his hole.

    With one smooth motion I watched as my dick slid effortlessly into him, the
    head, then the shaft inch by inch by inch until at last my balls were pressed
    against him.

    His eyes were half closed, but looking up at me. He breathed a sigh & said,
    “Fuck me, Steve. Fuck me hard!”

    I didn’t need any more encouragement than that. Gripping his legs I pulled
    back & started that familiar motion of my dick thrusting in & out. Only this
    time it was with a guy instead of a girl. And I was enjoying it. The fact that
    it was my cousin Brad only added to my pleasure.

    I positioned myself to get more leverage & started increasing my thrusts,
    hearing my balls slap against his ass. His face was covered in a sheen of
    sweat, while his hand tightly gripped his dick & stroked furiously.

    I usually could last a long time. But the feeling of his tight ass gripping my
    cock so tightly was too much. I yelled, “I’m gonna cum!”
    Brad’s body tensed & he arched his back. A groan escaped from his lips as I
    looked down & saw a long stream of cum explode from his dick, jetting
    across his stomach up onto his chest landing by his left nipple. His ass
    tightened further around my dick as the second stream shot out. I couldn’t
    take it any more. I thrust one final time into him & felt my dick, engorged to
    its fullest, start to spasm as wave after wave of my hot cum filled Brad’s
    eager hole.

    It seemed like our orgasms went on for forever, the pleasure so intense I
    couldn’t remember ever having sex that good ever before. We were both
    breathing hard, sweat pouring off our bodies, my dick thrust all the way up
    his ass.

    Finally the moments passed & we started to come down as our breathing
    gradually returned to normal. Brad looked up at me & said, “That was the
    best sex I ever had, Steve.” He sat up, put an arm around my neck drawing
    me down to him & we kissed. I was so surprised I didn’t even resist, and for
    a moment I felt myself drawn in & even kissing him back.

    I suddenly realized what I was doing & quickly pulled back. My still hard dick
    slid out of Brad noisily. I opened the bedroom door, walked down the hall &
    got in the shower.

    For the next few days things we went back to our old pattern of ignoring
    what happened & basically avoiding each other. About a week later I brought
    my pal Ben back to our place. Ben also was on the football team. We had been
    buds since high school, having met on the high school team & striking up a
    fast friendship.

    Ben was a great guy. He was the quarterback, so even though he played
    football he wasn’t a large dude. He wasn’t wiry like Brad, though. He had
    brown wavy hair, brown eyes & biceps any guy would die for. It looked like
    he was going to get a football scholarship to one of the best colleges in the
    country when during one of our last games he got tackled & his knee was
    messed up.

    Even though that torpedoed his chances at a scholarship, Ben was one of
    those guys that nothing seemed to drag him down. He just kind of shrugged
    & decided he’d end up at the local school with me & a large majority of our

    Ben always was cracking jokes, always laughing, and a smile on his face. He
    had a girlfriend & I was waiting for them to get engaged anyday now. He
    might have fit in with the jock crowd & been jovial & outgoing, but I knew
    that there was also a serious side to him & he wanted to do something with
    his life. He took his studies pretty seriously.

    That was why he came over. We were both struggling with stats. I’m no
    brain surgeon, that’s for sure. I’m no dummy either though, I’m just not as
    together as Ben, but we thought maybe working together we’d be able to pull
    it together for the midterm that was coming next week.

    We went upstairs to the bedroom to run the program with the statistics
    model we’d been working on for the past two weeks. We were just sitting
    there shooting the shit, the sun streaming through the window, waiting for
    the program to load, when I heard Brad’s car crunching over the gravel in
    the driveway.

    As the program came up on the monitor screen, I heard the door downstairs
    & heard Brad throw his keys on the table & then bolt upstairs two at a time.
    Ben & I turned at the same time as he came in the doorway.

    He looked surprised to see Ben & said, “Hey.” He must have come from gym
    or practice. He had on a gray tank top with sweat stains on the front &
    under his armpits. His muscular legs thrust from athletic shorts he had on.

    “I just got back from practice, was going to take a quick shower, then meet
    the guys down at Players Pub. You guys want to come with me?”

    Ben said, “Maybe we can meet you later. We gotta work on this fuckin’ stats
    shit so we understand it before our midterm.”

    “Better you than me. I’m taking that next semester, so make sure you guys
    get it right, so I can steal your answers.”

    “Yah, right dude. We’ll do all the work & let you have all the answers,” Ben

    As they were talking Brad had come into the room & stood over by his bed.
    He peeled off his tank top. I was trying to punch in the numbers into the
    spreadsheet on the computer & ignore Brad, but out of the corner of my eye
    I couldn’t help but notice small droplets of sweat matted in his armpit hair.

    “Hey,” Brad said, “I’d pay you guys or something. Math’s not my subject. I’m
    a humanities major, remember?”

    He pulled down his shorts & threw them on top of his tank top on the bed.
    He had white Calvin briefs on. They were soaked with sweat, making them
    almost see-through. It didn’t matter anyway because he hooked his hands on
    either side of them & slid them down his legs slowly, his ass facing towards
    Ben & me.

    Ben had been looking at Brad while they were talking, but when he saw Brad’s
    naked butt, he turned & looked at me, rolling his eyes & said, “Let’s get
    started. I don’t want to be doing this shit all night long.”

    Brad, meanwhile, had gotten his towel & wandered down the hall to the

    Ben & I started work on the computer, the noise of the shower in the
    background. We were making decent progress, working steadily. I had been
    so wrapped up in solving the problems I hadn’t noticed the shower had been
    turned off.

    I hadn’t even heard Brad pad down the hall into the room. I turned when I
    heard him say, “You guys sure you don’t want to just leave now & come down
    to the bar with me?”

    He had the towel around his head, vigorously rubbing his hair dry. His pubes
    were soaking & his cock hung thick between his thighs, jutting slightly out
    over his luscious balls. I tried not to stare.

    Ben turned slightly in his chair. “We’ll meet you down there. We got a ways
    to go on getting this right.”

    “Yah, I heard you got a ways to go on a lot of things, Ben, “Brad said.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Tania & Britney have been hanging out lately.” Tania was Brad’s girlfriend,
    Britney Ben’s.


    “And Britney has been complaining to Tania that you suck in bed, man,” Brad
    said with a grin on his face.

    Ben jumped up. His face turned red. “Fuck you!”

    There must have been some truth to what Brad said for Ben to react that

    Brad threw the towel on the bed, laughing. His cock bounced up & down & I
    couldn’t help myself. I was staring hungrily at it & hoped Ben wouldn’t notice.
    Maybe it was my imagination, but it looked like the foreskin had edged back
    slightly exposing the tip of his dick, just barely peeking out.

    “Hey Ben, I’m only going by what she tells me. A stud like you? Awful in bed.
    Who’d have thought? Boy, if that gets around, your rep’s shot to shit, bro.”

    “Britney & I have been arguing lately, that’s all. We haven’t done it for a
    while, she’s just being bitchy.”

    “Sure, dude. Whatever you say. I won’t be the one to rat you out. Guess it’s
    just genetics that you got a little dick & you’re not blessed with a firehose
    like I’ve got here.” As he said that, he reached down & grabbed his dick &
    flopped it around a couple of times.

    “She’s very satisfied!” Ben’s voice had risen. He had really taken Brad’s
    ribbing seriously. But given that he knew their girlfriends talked, he had to
    know that Brad couldn’t be making it all up. Exaggerating maybe, but where
    there’s smoke.

    “That’s not what I hear. Little dick & you pop your load too quick.”

    Ben’s face turned scarlet. For a minute I thought he was going to pummel

    Brad’s smile faded & he looked serious. “I could give you some pointers.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    I would have made a smartass remark normally, but I restrained myself.
    Given recent events I couldn’t trust Brad to keep quiet. Here he was blurting
    out Ben’s problems. I didn’t need him to advertise my current fixation with
    fucking him. And I sure didn’t want it to get around that I sucked his cock.

    “Pretend I’m her & I’ll give you a couple of pointers.”

    I thought for sure Ben would laugh it off or tell him to go screw, but he
    surprised me.

    “OK, what do I do?” Wow, Brad must have really hit a nerve for Ben to just
    go along with it.

    “Well, show me how you play with her tits.”

    “You don’t exactly have much to play with,” Ben said.

    “Never mind. Go on.”

    Ben moved over by Brad & put out both his hands somewhat awkwardly &
    with the tips of his fingers began tweaking & pinching Brad’s nipples. I
    couldn’t believe this was happening & just watched in amazement. For about
    thirty seconds he did this, his face downcast, looking uncomfortable &
    certainly not like he was enjoying it.

    Brad’s expression at first was bemused. Then he reached out & gripped
    Ben’s chin & tipped his face upwards so they were looking directly at each

    “Ben, if that’s what you’re doing it’s not a turn on. Look at my dick. It’s not
    even hard.”

    He released Ben’s face & Ben glanced down with a certain distaste for
    looking at another guy’s dick passing over his face. “If I’m not hard, I’m not
    enjoying it. If I’m not enjoying it, then neither is Britney.”

    “What do you do when you use your mouth? Show me.”

    Ben took another step closer, bent over slightly, his lips parted. I saw his
    tongue slide out & he slowly wrapped it around the tip of Brad’s left nipple.
    He glanced up at Brad. The tip of his tongue curled up & he flicked it
    sensuously across the entire nipple. He proceeded to do this motion several
    times until I could see Brad’s nipple slick with Ben’s spit.

    At this point I became aware of that warm feeling in my crotch as my dick
    started to harden. I didn’t care. Ben brought his lips together & his mouth
    came down on top of Brad’s nipple engulfing it completely. He started biting
    it gently.

    While I was watching Ben do all this I’d also kept my eye on Brad. As soon as
    Ben’s mouth touched his body, his face changed. It slackened & his eyes half
    closed. I glanced down at his crotch & his dick, like mine, was lengthening,
    thrusting forward thickly, still hanging in a downward angle over his balls.
    I’d noticed his dick would seem to thicken up before it would lengthen

    Ben’s eyes alternated from being closed to looking up at the expression on
    Brad’s face. He was intent on proving his prowess.

    Brad met his eyes briefly. I noticed that as he looked at Ben, his cock
    plumped up nicely & was now starting to rise from laying over his balls to
    thrusting out from them, demanding attention.

    Brad looked over at me & said, “That’s much better Ben, but I’m going to ask
    Steve to come over here & suck on my other nipple. I want you to watch what
    he does. His girlfriend doesn’t have any complaints. You could learn a lot
    from him. Steve, come here & show him.”

    I didn’t need to be told twice. I got up, moved into position & bent down so I
    too was poised over Brad’s lovely chest. I glanced over at Ben who was
    looking at me with mild interest.

    I immediately crouched down & looked across at Ben as I stuck my tongue
    out & swiped Brad’s nipple. I glanced down & saw Brad’s thick cock thrusting
    straight upwards, fully engorged. I looked over at Ben & while watching him I
    made my mouth & tongue move obscenely over Brad’s nipple. He was
    watching me, doing likewise with his tongue & mouth.

    With all this tongue action going on, Brad reached behind my head & pushed
    my head down on his nipple & growled, “Bite it.” As I did, I wasn’t even
    consciously aware of it, but my hand had come to rest on Brad’s bare ass. I
    started kneading it as I chomped on his chest.

    Brad started moaning & for a couple of minutes it was still. The only sounds
    were Ben & my tongues lapping Brad’s chest & him thrusting his hips slightly,
    eyes half closed, moaning.

    “I think you’re beginning to get it, Ben, ” he finally said. “Now stand up &
    take off your shirt. Steve & I will demonstrate on you. That way when you’re
    with Britney you’ll be able to fully understand the proper technique & what
    stimulates her & what will make you become a great lover.”

    Ben & I peeled ourselves away from Brad’s chest & stood up at the same
    time, almost in unison.

    “Hey Brad, I appreciate all you’re trying to do, man. But I’m not gay & don’t
    want guys touching my body.”

    “Ben, none of us is gay. We all have girlfriends. I don’t want two other guys
    touching my body. I’m doing this as a favor to help you out.”

    “If you’re not gay, why are you hard?”

    “Dude, I’m horny. I have a date later & I’m going to fuck my girlfriend silly.
    The fact that I’m hard shows me that you’ve got the right stuff. If you can
    turn me on, you know you can turn Britney on. Now, c’mon & take off your
    shirt. Let’s get this over with.”

    Ben had this dumb expression on his face, kind of shrugged & took off his
    shirt. I’d seen Ben naked in the shower dozens of times & never thought
    about it. He had a solid build, a very well defined chest from countless hours
    of countless reps at the gym. There was a very light, almost imperceptible
    coating of hair on his pecs. His nipples like two inviting points stood on his
    chest beckoning to be played with.

    I got on Ben’s left & Brad on his right. We got in position & within a minute
    we were eating Ben’s muscular chest, lapping away. Because Brad was so wiry
    there wasn’t much to get my mouth around. But Ben was solid muscle & his
    pecs stood out firm, solid & inviting. Brad’s eyes were closed as if entranced
    in what he was doing. I don’t know about that bullshit line he just gave Ben
    because he was totally into worshipping Ben’s muscles & his girlfriend was
    the last thing on his mind.

    Come to think of it, mine was too. I looked up at Ben. At first he looked
    uncomfortable, standing there awkwardly, his arms hanging down, not
    wanting to be anywhere near possibly touching one of us. But I saw his
    expression soften as two tongues working him over started to do their
    magic. I glanced down over his washboard abs & wasn’t at all surprised to
    see a huge bulge in his khakis.

    Brad peeled himself away & said, “OK, now both of you take off all your

    My dick was so hard in my pants it was killing me. I wanted more than
    anything to take it out & be jerking it while we were doing this. But at the
    same time I didn’t want Ben to say I was a fag. At this point I didn’t care
    about Brad, but I also couldn’t afford Brad to blurt something out, like,
    Steve & I have been having sex for days now & it’s great. I kept quiet.

    Ben just reached for his belt & slowly started to unbuckle it. I almost
    wanted to laugh. Lust had clouded his mind so badly that he didn’t really care
    how or whom he was with, he was going to get off. We’ve all been there & I
    was glad to be there when it was happening to him.

    “You too, Steve,” Brad said with an undisguised smirk on his face.

    My shirt was on the floor & my pants too before Brad had his belt
    completely off. My boxers were tenting obscenely to the left from my hard
    prick. I hesitate for a second in case Ben changed his mind.

    Ben’s belt slid to the floor. He unbuttoned his pants & slowly peeled down his
    zipper, suddenly shy. He hesitated for a second & then his pants dropped
    suddenly forming a puddle around his feet. He stood there in white boxers.

    I was surprised to see he wasn’t completely hard. Or maybe he had been
    hard, but showing his aroused dick to two other guys had taken some steam
    out of his sails. There was, undoubtedly, a pronounced bulge there. Before
    I could feast my eyes on it for long, Brad interrupted my reverie.

    “Steve, c’mon, we haven’t got all night. Off, now!”

    If Ben needed someone to be first, I’d gladly do it. With no hesitation I slid
    my boxers off & kicked them into the corner. Like Brad, my dick was
    pointing straight up, obscene & engorged. Ben looked slowly from Brad to
    me, a confused look on his face.

    Before he time to put it all together, Brad got bossy again. “Hey Ben, let’s
    get going. Take off your underwear now.”

    Ben looked up & looked at Brad as he hooked his thumbs in his drawers, slid
    them down & kicked them across the room to join the other clothes strewn
    in the corner.

    Brad & I now eagerly looked. Ben’s dick was semi-hard. It jutted out at an
    awkward angle, leaning to the left. The girth of it was amazing. It looked like
    I’d need both my hands to get all the way around it. On top of that it was
    long. It wasn’t completely hard yet, but I guessed it would be almost ten
    inches when completely hard. He also had an enormous amount of foreskin.
    Even though he was semi hard, the hood still completely covered the head. It
    was slowly lengthening & thickening as it expanded.

    For once Brad seemed to be at a loss for words. It was almost as if he
    couldn’t believe he could get Ben naked & now that it had happened he wasn’t
    sure what to do.

    Ben was the first to speak. “Um, Brad, you said you were going to help me?
    Show me what to do?”

    Brad shook his head as if to clear it, smirked & said, “Yes, Ben, that’s right.
    To help you with your girlfriend.”

    With that he bent over & took Ben’s nipple in his mouth. I followed Brad’s
    example & did likewise. From my viewpoint I looked down while I licked &
    chewed on his chest. His dick rapidly rose as soon as Brad & I touched his
    flesh. The foreskin had finally peeked open & the tip of his head was
    protruding. For the moment it was dry. But I could tell from the attention
    that Brad & I were giving his chest it would soon be dripping with precum.

    His body had tensed when my lips first touched him, still awkward & unsure.
    But once the pleasure started he eased up at once & responded eagerly. I
    glanced over at Brad & he was licking & biting & chewing on his chest like an
    expert. I saw him reach down & behind with one hand & cup Ben’s ass & push
    him forward harder against our mouths. Ben tensed in surprise, his eyes
    having been closed, not expecting Brad’s hand. But he didn’t pull away.

    Brad glanced over at me & that mischievous look I’d come to know so well
    crossed his face. He motioned with his other hand & before I knew it he’d
    reached over & grabbed my hand & placed it on Ben’s dick before I knew
    what was going on.

    Ben jumped & I almost pulled my hand away. But having seen this monster
    grow to its mammoth proportions & to suddenly feel it throb in my hand was
    almost too much to handle. Ben didn’t pull away & neither did I. It wouldn’t
    hurt to see what his dick felt like. I’d felt Brad’s dick & was curious to see
    how different Ben’s was. I squeezed & felt the steel beneath the supple skin.
    He must have enjoyed the contact because his eyes had closed & more of
    the head poked out of the foreskin. At the same time I started slowly
    stroking while I licked him.

    Brad watched, his eyes full of lust, moving from my hand stroking Ben to
    Ben’s closed eyes & the sighs & soft moans escaping from his lips. I became
    lost in the feeling, the heat of three guys’ sexual feelings increasing in

    I picked up a rhythm as I stroked Ben to match what my tongue was doing to
    his chest. I was so caught up in the feeling & wanting so bad to touch myself
    that I was surprised to open my eyes & not see Brad standing across from

    He was lying on the bed, his legs up in the air. One hand was stroking his
    dick, the other was holding a container of lube.

    “C’mere, Ben. Let’s see if I can help you out where you need it the most.”

    Ben’s eyes opened & I pulled away from his chest. Reluctantly & slowly I
    removed my hand from his dick. I noticed it was sticky from the precum that
    had started oozing from the head while I was stroking him.

    Ben moved as if in a trance. His dick was protruding obscenely in front of
    him. The foreskin had peeled back & was slick with precum. Brad was
    stroking himself as Ben approached the bed. Ben moved in between Brad’s
    legs, but seemed reluctant to actually touch him.

    Brad, on the other hand, had no hesitation. As he sat up, he put his legs down
    on the floor. He took the lube & squirted a puddle onto his hand. He reached
    over & in one swift moment wrapped his hand around as much of Ben’s dick as
    he could. Then he quickly jerked his hand up & down. He’d used too much lube
    & it dripped off Ben’s dick onto the floor, Ben’s feet & the edge of the bed.

    Ben had gasped & jumped when Brad touched him, but he surrendered to the
    feeling as Brad worked the lube up & down & all around the length of his
    dick. When he was done, he looked up at Ben & said in a husky voice, “I want
    you to show me how you fuck her.”

    His hand hadn’t left Ben’s dick. Instead he’d been holding it & as he said
    that, he guided it lower so it was right at his hole.

    Ben grabbed Brad’s legs & placed his feet on his shoulders. He started
    rubbing his dick slowly up & down Brad’s hole back & forth.

    “Well, first I tease her like this,” he explained, “She usually starts squirming
    in pleasure underneath me, begging me to put it inside her.”

    “Like this?” Brad asked. He started slowly grinding his pelvis in matching
    rhythm to Brad’s thrusts.

    “Yeah,” Ben grunted. He seemed to pick up the pace. “Usually because we’re
    both so excited it will start to poke at or hesitate more at her hole.”

    “Like this?” Brad asked huskily. I could see he’d lifted his pelvis up & twisted
    slightly so it looked like the tip of Ben’s dick was poking right into the hole

    Ben moaned softly. “Yessss. And then I usually give it a little thrust like this
    & the head usually pops in.”

    Brad moved his head back & his body arched. “Oh Ben, I think it’s started to
    go into me!”

    Ben’s feet moved slightly apart & I saw him tighten his grip no Brad’s feet.
    “Then I just fuck the shit out of her.”

    With that he rammed his whole dick hard into Brad, almost shoving him
    halfway across the bed with the force of his body. Brad moaned out loud as
    it entered him & his hand was a blur as he jerked himself.

    Ben was only in for a moment before he pulled out again & started a pounding
    rhythm. His balls slapped loudly on Brad’s ass. Sheen appeared on his back
    from the sweat dripping all over. They were both moaning & grunting loudly,
    like animals.

    “Fuck me. Fuck me harder, Ben.” Brad was saying.

    Meanwhile I’d been jerking myself off watching them. I’d reached over &
    coated my own dick with lube once Brad had dropped the bottle & the scene
    of these two hot guys getting it on was unbelievable.

    Suddenly Brad sat up. He put his hand on Ben’s chest.

    “Hold on,” he commanded. He took his legs off Ben’s shoulders & ever so
    gently pulled away.

    “Lie down on the bed.”

    Ben did as he was told. He was dripping with sweat & his dick looked
    enormous & glistened from sweat & precum.

    “Steve, I want you to lie down on the bed too. Put your legs over his & have
    your balls pressed up against his & hold your dicks together.”

    I did as I was instructed. For a moment I felt a little inadequate having my
    normal sized dick next to Ben’s mammoth one. But that didn’t last as shivers
    of pleasure ran up my spine as I squeezed our two lube coated dicks

    Brad hopped up on the bed & squatted over us. He was facing Ben, so all I
    could see was his muscled back & that tight ass I’d so recently grown
    accustomed to fucking.

    “I want you both to fuck me at the same time,” he said. With that he
    reached under his ass & grabbed our dicks in his hand. I let go & saw him
    tense as he lowered himself.

    For a second he waited & drew in a deep breath. I wasn’t sure how he was
    going to do it, but I didn’t’ care either. I thrust upwards & Ben did likewise.
    Our dicks hit along his asscrack & started sliding towards home.

    We were at the hole in a moment. Brad seemed poised above us, almost as if
    he wasn’t entirely sure if he could take the two of us. My dick was so hard I
    just wanted to get in his ass no matter what.

    I reached up & grabbed his hips at the same time that I thrust upwards. The
    combined movements caused our dicks to press hard against his hold & we
    both started to go in.

    “Wait,” Brad said. “Wait, it might hurt.”

    He was going to order us around like his sexual slaves & now he was going to
    beg for mercy. I needed to get off & he came up with this idea. He was going
    to follow through.

    I continued pushing upwards while holding his hips. The heads of our dick
    entered & slid closer together. The combined lube & sweat & the incredible
    tightness of Brad’s ass were too much for me. Ready or not I wanted all the
    way in.

    Brad was breathing heavily. With a loud yell & shoving his hips down on top of
    us our dicks slid all the way in. Ben started moaning in ecstasy. Brad was
    squirming like it was too much all at once. For me it was heaven. My dick was
    coated with so much lube, slammed up against my buddy’s & both were
    rammed up my hot little cousin’s incredible ass. Ben & I started fucking him.

    We were so excited we were at different rhythms, working against each
    other, but gradually we found a speed that felt right. I moved my hands up
    to Brad’s waist & forced him to move with us.

    He was gasping loudly at first & I guess there may have been some pain. But
    I knew that would soon be overridden by the pleasure. I was right because
    as I looked on, Brad’s hand started stroking himself furiously.

    Ben started to moan loudly. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum!”

    His legs were pounding & I could feel the strength as the muscles worked
    thrusting harder & harder. I could smell the sweat of the three of us as the
    sexual frenzy grew.

    Ben tensed & with a bellow erupted his load. I could feel it gushing inside
    Brad, making my already slippery dick even more greasy & slick as it slid in &
    out of Brad. I looked down & could see cum in the base of my pubes from
    Ben’s eruption.

    I was so close. Brad threw his head back & arched his back. He sat all the
    way down on our dicks & I could feel his body quiver & his ass tense on my
    dick as he shot his load. I could hear it as it splattered on Ben’s stomach &
    chest. It seemed to go on forever.

    That was too much for me. Unable to stand anymore I made one final thrust
    deep into Brad, deeper than I’d ever been in. Just as I felt it rush from my
    balls up my shaft, I heard Ben say, “Man, I’m gonna cum again.”

    As the first spasm racked my body, I felt Ben’s body respond too & our
    dicks started cumming together inside Brad. I felt my dick shoot over &
    over & over. Ben’s dick was doing likewise. Brad was moaning, feeling us both
    shoot inside him, claiming him.

    I closed my eyes & could feel the sweat drenching my entire body. We
    stayed that way for several minutes, our hearts slowly returning to a normal
    beat. Our dicks remained hard & no one wanted to be the first to pull out.

    Finally after several minutes, Brad pulled out. “By the way, Ben. Britney told
    Ashley you were great in bed. I just had to find out for myself. Now,
    gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me. I gotta go clean up.”

    He got up off of us. The moment had ended. He took his towel & padded
    down the hall back to take another shower. I looked at Ben. He looked
    embarrassed & said, “We’d better get dressed.”

    I noticed as I stood up that Ben couldn’t take his eyes off my dick. Maybe
    there was something to that gypsy curse after all?



  • The Airport ch 2

    Hi everyone. This is my first attempt at writing fiction. These stories are based on my experiences growing up but remember, it’s still fiction. Hope you enjoy.

    Written by MaX

    The Airport

    Chapter 2: Fun With Jeff On Saturday

    Saturday morning came bright and early for me. I woke up with Jeff snuggled against my back with a morning hard-on poking me in the butt. I lay there and thought about the events of yesterday, reliving them in my mind. I had experienced sex for the first time and it was wonderful. Of course, Jeff was the perfect sex partner as far as I was concerned. He certainly seemed to care a lot about me. Maybe I should think seriously about his offer to help him run an auto repair shop when I grow up. It could be very fun spending my life with this man. Jeff started to stir a little in his sleep. I carefully rolled over onto my other side to face him. Using my fingertip. I gently traced around his nipples, circled his pecs, played with his happy trail and gently caressed his face. I loved the feel of his stubble on my skin. He looked so peaceful as he slept. He certainly was a very beautiful man. As I thought about him and played with his body, I started to become aroused myself. I reached down and played with his dick with one hand while caressing his balls with the other. Both my hands had a handful. My fingers soon began to feel wet from his pre-cum. The sheet that lay across us was already pulled down to his hips so it was easy to scoot down so that his dick was staring me in the face. Boy was it big. How would I ever get that in my mouth? I wonder what other fun things two guys could do with each other? I’ve got all weekend to find out and I’m sure Jeff will be more than willing to teach me.

    I had tasted my own cum for the first time last night and loved it and wondered what that clear stuff oozing out of Jeff‘s dick would taste like. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and flicked it across the head of his dick. Oooohhh, delicious is the only way to describe it. And I loved the texture also. This is something I could come to like very easily. I never thought before to taste my own pre-cum. Now I know I will have to try it next time I’m by myself as I know when I think of Jeff I will get excited. I loved the taste and texture so much, I couldn’t bear to see Jeff’ s go to waste so I wrapped my lips gently around his large head and carefully sucked the nectar from the tip. I could do this for hours. Maybe I can get more of his dick in my mouth. I tried forcing it to the opening of my throat but it was hard to open my mouth wide enough and when it reached my throat I felt like I wanted to gag. Hmmm, how to get past the gag reflex? Maybe if I try swallowing while it is pressing in that will help. I gave this a try and it seemed to help. I got his dick a little further back into my throat. I wonder how Jeff was able to swallow my dick so easily? When I compared our two dicks, mine didn’t seem all that much smaller than his. Mine was longer but not as big around with a smaller head than his. I will have to have him teach me how to do it.

    I decided to see what his balls tasted like. I licked at the wrinkled skin and was surprised how the smell and taste seemed to really get my juices flowing. His balls were so big I had trouble even getting one into my mouth but I finally managed somehow. Jeff‘s dick was pressed against my forehead and the juices he leaked were soon running down the bridge of my nose and into my mouth. I seemed to be going into sensory overload from the smells and tastes I was experiencing.

    All of a sudden, Jeff whispered, “Hey bud, you like what you find down there?” He startled me out of my reverie so that I quickly pulled my head back and his ball made a loud popping sound as it came out of my mouth. “Um, oh, good morning Jeff’ I stammered. “I hope you don’t mind, I saw that clear stuff leaking out of your dick and just had to taste it. Then I wanted to see what your balls tasted like. But I could only get one in my mouth at a time. Could you teach me how to suck on a dick like you did to me last night?” Jeff replied, “Sure, Tonka, I can help you learn a few things. But learning how to suck a dick all the way to the base is mostly a matter of practice and slowly overcoming the gag reflex. I’ve had lots of practice with my older brother, but not anyone else. In fact, we started messing around when I was about your age. But, I would think it would be hard for anyone to deep throat my dick since it’s so thick. We’ve got all weekend to work on it anyway.” Jeff continued, “Let’s get into a 69 position so we can suck on each other’s cock at the same time.” Jeff showed me how we both were to lay and I found I really liked the sensation of having my own dick sucked while I had one in my mouth at the same time. As we really got into it, I found it easier and easier to get Jeff’s dick at least part way into my throat. Jeff caressed my butt cheeks and then slipped a finger into my crack and lightly brushed across my butt hole. Boy did that feel good. So I did the same to him. It didn’t take long for either of us to get to the point of no return. I could feel Jeff’s dick swelling even larger in my mouth and I noticed his balls draw up tight and when he started trembling, I knew I would be getting my first taste of his cream anytime. I couldn’t hold back any longer and we both unloaded at the same time. I held his dick in my mouth until it went soft and then reluctantly let it slip out. I still had Jeff’s cum in my mouth so I swung around and kissed him deeply, sharing his seed with him like he had done for me last night.

    Once we broke the kiss I asked, “How did I do?” Jeff replied, “You did great, I think you’re a natural born cock sucker cause you sure made me feel real good. What did you think of getting my load in your mouth?” “I thought it tasted wonderful. I know I’m gonna want more before the weekend is out.”’ I answered. “Well, I’m sure I can work something out’” he said with a big grin on his face. “Let’s get dressed, go take a shower and get some breakfast. I know I sure could stand getting this stubble off my face, too” he continued.

    So we did just that. It was fun taking a shower with him. They had a tent set up like a bathroom with open shower heads all in a row. While we were in there, some of the other guys were taking showers also and I tried not to stare too much. As we were leaving, Dale, Jeff‘s friend from the card game last night, came in and started getting undressed for a shower. He asked Jeff, “So how are you and your new tent mate getting along, Jeff?” “Oh, we’re getting to know each other real well” he said with a wink at Dale. “Well, maybe your new little friend could come over and visit me sometime, too” Dale said my way. “I would like that very much. All you guys are so nice to me” I said as I could feel myself starting to blush. Dale finished undressing before we left and I couldn’t help staring at his package. He had a flaming red bush just like his short cropped hair and a really long looking dick even though it was still soft. He caught me staring at his dick and just smiled real big and gave me a wink as we left.

    “I want to take you into town today to do some shopping and eat lunch out and maybe catch a movie, but I don’t have a jeep to use today. Do you think your dad would let us use his old rental car?” Jeff asked after we had finished eating breakfast. “I think he would. I’ll have to ask” I replied. “Come with me and I’ll introduce you to my parents.” Dad said he wasn’t expecting any flights in today except local customers so I could use the car. I could tell both my parents liked Jeff real well and they hit it off famously.

    On the way into town Jeff said, “I want to go to a bait and tackle shop to rent some poles for us to go fishing tomorrow. Would you like that bud?” “Oh, that would be lots of fun I’m sure but. . .” “But let me guess. You’ve never been fishing before” Jeff finished for me. I just shook my head no but I had a big grin on my face.

    We had lots of fun in town, even saw a movie in the afternoon. Jeff bought me all kinds of goodies and treated me like a little prince. We got some food to go and had lunch under a big tree in the city park. We even got to feed the ducks in the pond some of our bread from lunch. Around five o’clock we headed back out to the airport. After turning the car back over to my dad and recounting our adventures in town, we headed to the mess tent for some dinner. Dale came and sat down beside Jeff and said “Hey guys, how‘s ‘bout Harvey and I come over tonight and play some poker again with you two?” I told Jeff, “I would like that if you want to Jeff.” “Sure, sounds like fun. Maybe we can win a few hands tonight, huh bud.” answered Jeff. Dale leaned in real close so we could both hear and whispered, “We want to play a little bit different game tonight. We want to play strip poker if that’s alright with the two of you. Could prove to be very interesting.” Jeff replied, “I’ll talk it over with Tonka here and we’ll see.”

    The rest of the dinner was just typical small talk between guys and we finally said our goodbyes and left. Again Dale winked at me as I walked past him. When we got into Jeff’s tent I asked, “Why does Dale like to wink at me so much?” Jeff replied, “lt’s his way of saying he likes you, just like I like you. If you ever do go over to visit Dale at his tent, l’m sure he’ll wanna have some fun with you like we have fun, you know, sex. Only with him it’s just sex, having a good time. With you and me, I think it’s a little bit different. I think we care for each other very much, beyond the sex.” I must have had a puzzled look on my face because Jeff asked, ‘“What’s wrong, Tonka?” “Oh, I just thought you would be upset if you knew Dale and I had sex, that’s all,” I replied. Jeff answered, “I don’t own you, Tonka. You are your own person. You can have sex with whomever you want. Just be careful because some people are not nice and can hurt you and use you. You have to learn to read people and know what they are really after. Now in the future, if you and I get together again and we decide to live together, you having sex with someone else without me involved too would be something I wouldn’t like.” I sat down at the table and had to think about that a little bit. Finally, I replied, “I promise I will be careful with other guys, but with you, I trust you completely.” “That’s all I can ask” Jeff said, “and I’m glad you trust me so much, I hope I can make you happy while we have our time together. Now about this strip poker, what do you think of the idea‘?”’ I replied. “It sounds like fun and it isn’t like I didn’t already see Dale and Harvey in their underwear last night and I saw Dale completely naked in the shower this morning. Just the idea of watching them take their clothes off piece by piece sounds like fun.” “I think l’ve created a little monster” Jeff moaned with a big smile on his face.

    While we waited for the guys to show up, we talked some more about our dreams and plans (mostly Jeff‘s dreams and plans but also about some of the ideas I was starting to think about for my future).

    Finally the guys showed up with the beer and the cards. Dale had a little surprise for me. He brought along some wine for me to try. I really enjoyed myself that night. It was fun watching everyone lose a piece of clothing here and there. Of course I lost mine the fastest. It was finally down to just my underwear and Jeff said, “You don’t have to play any further if you don’t want to, Tonka.” “Oh”, I replied, feeling real good, “I don’t mind as long as we play the game until everyone is naked right along with me.” So the next hand, I lost again. I stood up proudly (trying hard not to giggle), ripped my underwear right off and started posing like a body builder in a posing strap, except I didn‘t have one on! We continued playing and Jeff reached over a couple times and grabbed at my dick and balls so that the other guys noticed too. Next Harvey lost his underwear. He stood up, took them off, took a couple of big bows and sat back down. Now as we played, I noticed Dale would reach over and grab at Harvey’s package. Next, Jeff lost, so he stood up to our applause, and slowly did a strip tease for us, complete with music! By now we were all laughing uncontrollably. I had tears running down my cheeks. As Jeff was finishing his strip, I reached over and gave his dick a good flip up against his belly. Finally, one more hand and even though Dale won again, we all insisted he had to lose the underwear also. So he stood up, turned around and slowly inched his underwear down over his butt. And boy did he have a nice butt! When he finally pulled them all the way down, he bent over and grabbed each butt cheek and mooned us! More than just mooned us, we all saw his butt hole too! When he turned around, his dick was sticking straight out and boy was it long. We all gasped in mock horror at the sight. Then Dale said, “And with that, I think it’s time we left you two alone. I’m sure you want some more quality time together. Wink. Wink. And do consider my offer to have you over to my tent sometime, Tonka. Harvey here is my tent mate and I know he would like that too, wouldn’t you Harvey?” Harvey just nodded his head vigorously and panted like a dog. “I would like that. Dale, how about next weekend, say Saturday evening‘? I want to spend Friday evening with my buddy. Jeff here” I replied. “Sounds good” Dale said and with that they were out the door (they didn’t take any more time than to just put on their underwear before they left).

    After we had set up our little bed in the middle of the floor, Jeff said, “I want to have you try something new tonight. I don’t know if you think it is gross or not but I assure you, it will feel real good.” With that he had me lay on my back and he got down between my legs. He started to lather up my cock and balls with his tongue. Then, lifting my legs up with them bent at the knees, he starting working his way down below my balls. As he did, he pushed my knees further towards my head. This allowed him access to my butt hole which he proceeded to gently lick all around. At first I couldn’t imagine how anyone could put their tongue down here, but then I realized how good it felt. It sent shivers up and down my spine and through my dick which by now was dripping precociously again into my belly button. I reached in and dipped my finger in it. Bringing it to my mouth, I sucked it in. It tasted just like Jeff’s.

    Now Jeff was starting to stick his tongue into my butt hole. As he worked his tongue in and out, all I could do was moan my approval. After about 10 minutes, Jeff raised up and took my balls and dick all together into his mouth. He slowly let my legs back down again. After slurping around on my package for a few minutes, he pulled off and asked, “How did you like that, bud?” “Oh, that was heaven. I never would have thought to stick my tongue into someone’s butt before, but it sure did feel good.” I answered. Jeff continued, “I want you to try the same for me if you think you are ready. Then when you have me all good and loosened up down there, I would like you to stick your dick into my butt hole and push it in and out. That’s how two men fuck.” “Ok, sounds like this is going to be real fun” I answered.

    Jeff lay down on his back and brought his knees up towards his head. I started licking his ample ball sack and then went lower. I noticed he didn’t have any hair on his balls or below except around his butt hole and I wondered if that was natural or if he shaved down there. As I breathed in, a heady aroma invaded my nostrils and made me light headed. Boy did he smell good down there. Then I tentatively licked around his hole. It didn’t taste bad at all. After getting all the little hairs sopping wet, I tried pushing my tongue into his butt. It was hard at first as his hole was so tight but I finally managed to get it pushed in. Boy did his hole feel good on my tongue. As I worked it in and out, it got easier and easier. After a couple minutes, my tongue started feeling tired. Jeff raised his head up and said, “Why don’t you try putting a finger in there. Then in a little bit, you can put in two and then maybe three.” As I worked my finger all around inside his butt. I felt a little raised spot under where his balls were. Jeff said, “That my prostate. Playing around with that makes a guy feel real good. Now try a second finger.” It was hard getting my second finger in but pretty soon it got easier and easier. Then I tried a third. Finally, he felt pretty loosened up. I asked, “Are you ready for my dick now?” Jeff replied, “Yeah. I think so. But first, slobber all over my hole again and then rub your pre-cum all around your dick head also. That will make it easier to get in. Once you get your head in. just hold it there for a minute ‘till I get used to it.”

    As I pushed against his hole, at first nothing happened then all of a sudden the head of my dick popped in. Jeff‘s body instantly tensed up and he arched his back. I asked, “All you all right?” Jeff nodded his head yes. Then after a minute he said, “Ok now you can slowly go in and out and then pick up some speed.” As I moved my dick in and out, I noticed how warm and tight it felt. It didn’t take long before I was nearing the brink to orgasm. “I’m about ready to explode” I told Jeff. He replied, “Go ahead bud and fill me up with your cream.” As I reached the point of no return, it felt like every fiber of my being starting in my toes and working its way up my body was being pulled out of me. As I shot my load deep within Jeff it felt like I was going to pass out, everything just kinda went black for a second. As I came down off the ceiling, I slowly let Jeff‘s legs straighten out and come down on either side of me. I fell forward onto his chest with my dick still wedged deep in his guts. I noticed cum all over his face and chest. He had cum without even touching himself! I started lapping up what I could reach, I didn’t want any to go to waste. Finally my dick softened and slid out but I was contented to just lay there on his chest listening to Jeff’s heart beat with his arms wrapped tightly around me. That’s the last thing I remember before sleep overtook me..

  • It’s Gonna Be A Long Weekend

    I originally printed this story out from one of my groups many years ago. I didn’t print the author’s name with it. I can’t find the post again so I am sorry to say I can’t properly credit the author. I wanted it to share it with you so here it is. Enjoy

    It’s Gonna Be A Long Weekend

    On vacation for a few days over the holiday.
    I usually spend the 4th with my family….
    sister and brother-in-law and their extended family nearby…
    watch the fireworks, have a cookout…
    did that with my wife years ago…
    habit, I guess…

    This year was different.
    As I mentioned, my life is transfiguring before my eyes…
    first a guy; then experimented with a few,
    moved into my own place now a while…
    then got on-line on a “meetup” site or two…

    Funny how one guy tells you his experience,
    and that opens new venues about where to go;
    what to seek and try…
    maybe even gives a few names to explore on your own as far as
    on-line hookups…

    Then l took some ownership… ._
    didn’t know what the hell I was doing as far as connecting with men was concerned.

    For a while it was just here and there…
    then something took over.
    The feeling of a strong guy’s mouth on my prick…
    really milkin’ the cream out of me…
    that first kiss with a guy… sharing tongue…
    the scent of a hefty, hairy pit… the desire to get closer to that clean, musk scent.
    The feeling of a guy’s arms around me…
    and my strength making them softly moan in feeling overtaken.

    Gave me pride in my muscles…
    something I never recognized before… always had ‘em…
    worked out; played ball all my life…
    but somehow, with a guy in sex
    they were appreciated…
    almost worshipped…

    Now I have formed myself a cluster of men around me…
    and share ‘em with one another at my place…
    as many as 5 or 6 to one on one and threesomes…
    by chance sometimes;
    sometimes when the stars align, a preplanned weekly orgy of men –
    real men —
    married dudes who share a secret…
    like the one I have.

    Sucking introduced me to fucking a guy…
    fucking a guy introduced me to being on the bottom of the bunk…
    kissing a guy while I was getting fucked was an amazing feeling…
    kissing a third while I was fucking a dude below me on the bunk was even more exciting!

    Never would have thought I would get to this place.

    Still with women now and again…
    but fast falling away from the intimacy…
    just not the same strength and vigor in sex…
    and the same bonding that occurs with two real men.

    Women can emasculate a guy…
    the sex is perfunctory…

    No turning back…
    but noticing the swiftness of the current that tosses me into deeper experiences!

    So I come to today.
    Arrived in Provincetown, MA yesterday…
    came with a bud I met on line…
    known him about 6 months… not a part of my “group”. ‘
    just a guy I get together with once in a while.
    He has a place… divorced 5 yrs
    after almost 30 yrs marriage –
    3 kids.
    Still closeted from them…

    Did a smart thing…
    moved far away from the family and started anew…
    I didn’t.

    He talked me into coming down here.
    I had been here for a day or two with straight friends…
    never was a fan!

    Today is different.
    By 7pm last night we were in a 3 way with a guy we met at a “hard core” bar.
    by my standards.
    Never been a bar guy — straight or gay.

    So my bud and I start talking with this new guy…
    he’s 60… shaved head that looks fuckin‘ hot on him…
    his hand lightly on mine on the bar…
    my regular bud rubbing my back as I sat at the bar.

    Pretty subtle, actually…
    but I was boning up!!!!!!!!
    Guys all around the room and bar…
    all fuckin’ hot dudes…
    and I am being touched by two of ‘em…

    Gonna like this place…
    all new to me… a place like this.
    Must be 60 guys and it’s a weeknight!

    We decide we are going back to his hotel room…
    not much of a place, really…
    within seconds we are locked in a 3-way kiss…
    hands up my shirt and down my backside under my jeans…
    l‘m grabbing what I can of them.

    But, that 3 way kiss… so FUCKIN incredible!!!

    We were naked in no time…
    a mass of limbs on the bed.
    Nothing new for me…
    have 3 ways often at home…
    maybe it was the beers,
    my bud had a joint…
    Not really into that but took a few drags.

    Felt like a love starved teenager!!!
    Daisy chain suck… I have my buddy’s dick in my throat and he is milkin’ the other guy who then is
    giving me an expert blowjob….

    The kissing, sucking, nip chewing, pit lapping, ass eating fest continues…
    only a matter of time before one of us got plugged…
    no one asked what we were into…
    came naturally.

    I was the anonymous draw, I guess…
    and I lost… Iol
    because before I knew it, the new guy is sitting on my face and I am blind to see anything save the thick
    fur of his ass…
    he had poppers with him.
    Again, not a fan usually…
    but he spread the liquid over his hairy asshole and as I lapped him up and chewed his ass lips
    the scent permeated my nose and face…
    incredible rush!!!

    And the taste… clean, fresh, masculine musk…
    I spread the globes with my hands…
    I go in deeper with my tongue bath.

    How much lower could I go??? Loss of any values at that moment.
    So far from the guy I was only a week ago…
    pot… poppers…
    never into the drug stuff…
    I am rock hard while I am eating out a furball’s ass pressing down of my face.

    I felt the mouth (I presume of my own buddy) coming off my rock hard, pulsating, dick…
    he edged me and left me hanging…
    I was so ready to blow but wanted a warm hole – a mouth or ass –
    to deposit my seed…

    And then I felt my ankles being lifted…
    couldn’t fight it if I wanted.
    200 lbs on my face and the guy is twisting my thick man nips.
    I am putty under his spell…

    I first felt the breath of my bud on my ass… he‘d eaten me out at his place
    numerous times…
    a favorite of his…
    and he is damned good!

    Chewing, nibbling the lips… almost like a labia on a cunt…
    his thick tongue probing and pushing in my rosebud hole…
    readying me, no doubt.

    “Gonna be our whore tonight, buddy?” I heard him say…
    “want to have our babies, honey???”

    My bud never talks that way… it was the fuckin’ booze and pot talking…
    but it struck a chord in me… somewhere deep.
    I knew, ‘cause I started drippin’ and thought I was gonna blow again!

    I felt a little “embarrassed at first hearing him say that…
    but let it all fall away when he went back to playing with my butt again.

    It amazed me…
    how easily I allowed my most vulnerable spot to be explored like this…
    by another guy.

    No woman I had ever been with before…
    had ever done anything like this to me.
    Fuck no, it was all about how can I please them!

    Before this crazy and whirlwind meetup…
    I would never have allowed such a thing to happen.
    Thought about it… sure.
    But to find myself in a stranger’s bed…
    having a guy readying to fuck me…
    eat my ass out while I chew on the depths of a stranger’s fuck tunnel with my mouth….


    Yet, here I am…

    No sooner had I processed the words that I felt the pressure against my tail…
    I pivoted; he pivoted…
    get it right.
    Get that thick pole into the proper alignment…
    he spread my knees ‘till I felt like a wishbone being torn apart…
    I wasn’t listening anymore to their groans and suggestive allurements.
    I was overcome with the squirming pressure on my face… coming up every so often to
    give me air…
    which I would gasp and then blow back into his asshole…

    Finally. my heavyweight lifted…
    and I saw his massive tool as he squandered off me.
    Thick hairy legs, turning…
    that dick!
    All the while I am starting to be impaled by my lover at the end of the bed…
    kneeling… with my ankles on his shoulders…
    I could move more easily now…
    find the right posture as I lay there…
    my new bud had now bent over me in a deep man kiss.
    I struggled to hold him… .
    and at the same time pull on his barrel chest and grab at his nips.

    My new guy lowered his head toward mine and our opened mouths found one another…
    I held him for life…!
    The kiss was forceful and deep… his tongue encapsulated my entire oral cavity…
    once again he had me prisoner to his lust…!

    The breeding began… slowly at first…
    he always hurts initially when he enters me…
    but it does subside.

    Kissing helps, and now I had my new man making love to me while the other’s fucking
    became more obscene.
    He was going wild!!! He told me later watching that guy kiss me made him insane!

    My liplocking partner pulled away and offered me his engorged dick…
    it wouldn’t be long…

    l knew…
    I could tell he was throbbing when the mushroom head touched my lips…
    he was building up to this moment…
    to unload in my mouth.

    I took it…. pulsating shots of Vitamin D…
    love sauce…
    fuck cream.

    My mouth was full and that huge dick kept emptying into me…
    I swallowed. but my tongue was coated…
    he pulled out – dripping.
    His hairy barrel chest was heaving and l was afraid he would have an attack in front of me.

    My ass was being slowly – almost tenderly now – caressed with a tube steak much bigger than I should be allowed to take inside me.
    He knew if he kept up the pistol fucking he would have cum a bit ago…
    and he wanted to let me savor the supreme joy and taste of my mouthful of love honey.

    I smiled…
    My exhausted bud now was layin’ next to me on the bed while he watched, almost breathless.
    as my cherry was being busted! ‘
    Now I was getting into the fuck…
    pushing my tight. hard ass into the pounding so he could go deeper than he ever had before.
    Not sure if the energy l had came from the buzz of the booze… the pot… the inhaling of poppers… or
    the new injection of DNA from a guy far bigger than me…

    But it happened…
    I knew it would…
    My lover man got stiff and hard…
    he stopped inside me…
    in his tracks…
    gritted his teeth…
    I had seen it before.
    I knew.
    I braced!
    It came…..
    and came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I shot straight up onto his belly ………….. ..
    It was a no brainer. It was like every drop of my life came out of my prick slit.

    He stayed in place as my ass milked out the final drops of the succulent pearls of great price
    from his dick…
    then he collapsed on top of me… kissing me and tasting the fresh sperm from our new

    The three of us stayed that way for half an hour – sweaty, emptied, and feeling like a whole new
    life awaited me.

    I would marry them both at that moment – if I could keep that feeling alive.

    He didn’t stay the night…
    but my lover who invited me on this weekend event fucked me one more time before this morning.
    We slept well in one another’s arms in freezing A/C.
    The room stank of sweat, cum and sex….
    whomever had the charge to make up the room would surely know.

    My buddy told me this is P-town…
    they expect it.

    We will, connect again later with our new bud…
    and his bud …. ..

    It’s gonna be a long weekend!

    It never ceases to amaze me what I have become….
    and wonder where this all will take me…?

  • The Airport

    Written by MaX

    I wrote this story about 20 years ago. I hope you like.

    Hi everyone. This is my first attempt at writing fiction. These stories are based on my experiences growing up but remember, it’s still fiction. Hope you enjoy.

    The Airport

    Chapter 1: Jeff

    Hi. My name is Tonka. This is a story of some of my experiences growing up outside a very small town in the desert of California at an airport that my father ran. We had lots of interesting people fly in and land at our airstrip over the years, even some famous movie stars once in a while.

    I want to start out my story with my most vivid memory of that time, in the early summer of 1972 when I was just 13. The Air Force conducted war games using our little airport as its base of operations. The war games lasted six weeks and I got to know a lot of the men who were taking part in the operation. There was a small tent city built to house the soldiers while they were there. There were only two men assigned to each tent and the schedule was set up so that for the two assigned to each tent, one would be at base while the other was out flying maneuvers. So a good portion of the day or night would find only one soldier in the tent at a time, lending to more privacy for both.

    It’s amazing how longing for home and being away from family and friends will affect the mind and libido of a young army recruit. Most of these boys were just that, boys. Most were 18 or 19, only about 5 years older than I was at the time. At first, as I got to know some of the guys, it was just friendship, someone to talk to and help ease the pains of homesickness. Some told me I reminded them of a younger brother. Others said I was a brother they never had. Anyway, as I said, it started out as friendship. But a couple of the guys started feeling me out in our conversations to see if I might be interested in something more.

    One young man in particular showed an almost worshipful reverence for me, showering me with gifts and giving me constant attention when I was around him. His name was Jeff, he was just barely 19, and reflecting back on it later, I thought he was the cutest of all the guys. He had the most beautiful green eyes, light brown hair cut in a flat top, and fine delicate features. And since he was from the south, he had the smooth southern draw that just made me melt to listen to him. Of course, all the gifts and attention had the desired effect on me. He became my first love. Later I realized that at that age it was more infatuation or a crush, but at the time it felt to me like love.

    One night early on while I was visiting him in his tent, Jeff asked. “Do you like to go camping?” I told him, “l’ve never been camping because running the airport is an around the clock job for my dad so he never took me camping.” Jeff then asked, “Would you like to go camping right here, sleep in a tent out in the open, even if it is only a few hundred feet from your house?” He continued, “My tent buddy is going to be gone for the weekend on family business and we could have the tent to ourselves. And I have the weekend off.” “l’ll have to ask my parents, but I don’t think there will be a problem with it” I replied.

    He asked me on Wednesday and Friday couldn’t come soon enough for me. It didn‘t take long to pack the few things I wanted to take with me and the next two days seemed to drag by. I started getting funny flutters in my stomach and goose bumps up and down my arms and on my legs whenever I thought of Jeff and the prospect of spending so much close time with him. At the time I didn’t know why I was having these feelings. I just knew that I was really excited about it.

    On Friday after school I rushed home from the bus stop as fast as I could, getting home at 4pm. Jeff had told me he would be done with his last flight at 5pm. I went out to the tarmac where the planes were parked to wait for him to taxi in. When I saw his plane land and pull up to his parking spot, I started feeling faint and weak in the knees. As soon as he shut the engine down. I was up on the wing and standing next to the cockpit waiting for him to slide it open. (He’d let me explore the plane before and even sit in the pilot’s seat so I knew he wouldn’t mind me meeting him up there.) When he slid the canopy open and looked over at me, he had this shit eating grin from ear to ear on his face. He was as happy to see me as I was him.

    As we walked toward the tent city, Jeff said, “Go over to the mess tent and wait for me while I do my final check-in for-the flight.” When he finally came into the tent, they were serving dinner to the men so I got to get in line in front of Jeff and have a real army meal. As we sat at the table eating, Jeff joked around with the guys seated with us and he told them that I was his little “bud”. That made me feel so happy. I was beaming from ear to ear.

    After dinner, he announced, “I have a surprise for you. I have use of one of the jeeps and we’re gonna go down to the river to a very private swimming hole that someone told me about. Don’t worry about bringing a bathing suit as we are just gonna get our feet wet to cool down a bit.” At first that’s all we did was get our feet wet in the cool water, but I got rowdy and started splashing him with water. He splashed back and in no time we were both soaking wet, which actually felt pretty good in the heat. Jeff said, “We should get out of our wet clothes and let them dry on the bushes because I don’t want you to catch cold riding back in the open jeep with wet clothes on.” Jeff started stripping right in front of me and all of a sudden I got very shy. I was not used to being naked in front of anyone as it was not done in our house and I wouldn’t be starting high school with gym class locker rooms and showers until that September.

    At first l just stood there while he undressed trying to look every which way but at him. I was embarrassed because I really wanted to closely watch him take his clothes off. He got down to just his army issue boxers when he noticed that I had turned shy, saying, “Hey sport, you’re not turning shy on me now, are you? Here, let me help you out.” As he started to lift my shirt over my head, trapping my arms, he started tickling me wickedly. He showed no mercy as he first tickled my underarms, then began to try to find other spots that were ticklish, on the sides of my tummy, the insides of my upper legs, (I had shorts on) and eyen just below my butt. Even though I was laughing hysterically, I was secretly enjoying all the touching he was doing. When he finally finished, and I calmed down from laughing so much, I no longer felt shy.

    He finished helping me get my clothes off. When he pulled off my socks and shoes, he gently rubbed my feet all over, making them feel very good. After he helped me out of my shorts, with him still down on one knee from taking my shoes off, he hugged me to him tightly. The embrace seemed to last a lifetime. When he finally pulled away, I noticed a very big bulge in his boxer shorts, which in turn made my dick start to strain the front of my tighty whiteys. He noticed my reaction and said, “You must have enjoyed our embrace as much as I did.” All I could do was shake my head yes as I had this very big lump in my throat and was having trouble catching my breath. He stood up, stepped back and reaching inside each side of his underwear, yanked them down in one swift motion. His dick seemed very large and plump and hung over beautiful full balls that hung lower than the end of his dick. He said, “Ok, now your turn.” As I hesitated, not being able to bring myself to pull my underwear off, (I guess I was still a little shy) he said. “Here, let me help.” With that, he got down on one knee in front of me again and holding onto each side of the waistband of my underwear, slowly pulled them down, savoring every inch that appeared. Once my dick was out in the open, it didn’t take very long for it to grow to full height. I didn’t know if my dick was small or not compared to other guys, but Jeff’s seemed huge with a big head on it and very thick. He was the first man I saw naked in my short life.

    Once we were both naked and our clothes hung over nearby bushes to dry, Jeff said “Last one in is a rotten egg” and ran for the water at full speed with me right behind him. There was a small dock out a ways in the water that he swam to. He stopped by the side of it, holding on to the side treading water while I caught up to him. He asked, “How are you doing?” and I said, “Great, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.”

    We swam around for a while, diving under and between each other’s legs and when we finally tired, got up on the dock to soak in a little sun in the waning light. Jeff lay on his back with one arm under his head and I lay on my side facing him. After a short time I started running my fingertip around one nipple and then playing with the hair in his “happy trail”. After a few minutes I laid my head on his chest and just enjoyed listening to his heart beat. He put his free arm around me and gently clasped my butt cheeks with his hand. After what was probably 15 minutes of us lying there like that, Jeff announced, “It’s time we got back to camp as it is getting late.” We walked down the dock to the shore and retrieved our clothes out of the bushes. They had already dried out in the evening heat.

    On the drive back to camp, Jeff asked, “What do you want to do with your life when you grow up, Tonka?” I told him, “I don’t know yet as I really haven’t thought about it much.” He replied, “I’m planning on becoming an auto mechanic when I get out of the service and I want to eventually open up my own shop. If you apply yourself during high school and learn all you can in auto shop class, maybe you could help me run my shop.”

    When we got back to camp it was still very warm and his tent wasn’t real comfortable even though it had some cooling of sorts. It was basically a fan that blew over some dry ice, but it did make it bearable. Jeff suggested, “Let’s strip down to our underwear and maybe it will be a little cooler. I’ve invited a couple of my buddies over to play some cards with us. Have you ever played poker before?” I just shook my head no. He went over the rules of the game and helped me understand how to play it. When his two friends showed up, he introduced me again as his little bud and that put a big smile on my face. They wasted no time in stripping down to their shorts also. It was a fun game even though I didn’t win at all. We were all laughing and having a good time. I got to drink sarsaparilla while the guys drank their beer.

    Around 1 1 pm, Jeff announced, “It was time Tonka here gets some sleep.” So the guys said their farewells, got dressed and left. One of them, Dale was his name, turned and winked at me as he left the tent. As we got ready to go to bed, Jeff suggested, “Why don’t we combine the bedding from both cots in the middle of the floor where it will be cooler and we could sleep together, if that’s alright with you.” Of course I was all for it. He continued. “I prefer to sleep without anything on if that won’t bother you.” I said. “I’ll try it too since l’ve never slept naked before.”

    When we finally got all settled into bed, I was lying on my side facing away from Jeff and he scooted up behind me. Conforming his body to mine, he draped his arm over me. In no time at all, he started playing with my nipple and I felt his dick start to grow and wedge itself between my legs up against my butt. Of course by this time, my dick was as hard as a rock. I snuggled in against him closer and started flexing my leg muscles against his hard-on. Pretty soon he started nuzzling my neck and nipping at my ear lobe with his lips. This sent chills up and down my spine and gave me a strange tingling feeling in my dick and balls. I turned just enough to try to look at Jeff‘s face in the dark and he lowered his lips to mine and gave me the most passionate kiss I could ever imagine.

    I turned onto my back and just melted into his arms at this point. He started licking and nipping all over my body – in my arm pits, on my nipples, kissing all around my face. As he was doing this he put his left arm down between my legs and wrapped his hand around my butt cheeks, occasionally playing with my butt hole with his fingers. By this point I had leaked a huge puddle of pre-cum into my belly button which he hungrily lapped up with his tongue. He looked me in the eyes and said, “You are so beautiful and wonderful, Tonka.” Then he proceeded to swallow my entire dick in one fell swoop. I could feel my dick head in his throat and he worked his throat muscles around it, sending chills up my spine. I found his dick with my hand and grabbed on for dear life as I quickly neared my release. As I went over the edge. Jeff pulled back off my dick so he could work the head of it with his tongue. He took every drop I had to give him, wasting none of it. It was my first orgasm and the most intense feeling I’d ever had in my life. Then Jeff kissed me deeply, our tongues dueling, feeding me my own cum. Once I had come back down to earth and my breathing had returned to normal, I fell asleep in his arms, warm and secure.

  • Firehouse Blows

    Story written by Dick Clinton eyeMrich1@msn.com

    I was invited to a party in the city with about 25 other people. Most of them strangers and older than I. It was a gay party with mostly men. Most were drinking and seeming to have a good time but since I did not drink nor did I know too many people there, I was getting bored. That is until I met another man about 40 that seemed to take an interest in me and noticed I was bored too. He talked to me for a short time then asked me if I wanted to go visit a firehouse nearby where he knew the night fire chief and most of the staff. I thought that might be interesting so I agreed and we left together.

    We took his car and drove only a few short blocks to a local fire department. It was going on 12 midnight and most everyone was bedded down except for the cook and the night fireman on watch duty.

    John walked right into the office and started to talk with the young fireman on duty and introduced me as his friend. He had explained to me earlier, that he had visited this firehouse several times, and had sucked off a few of the men. It was an accepted thing for a cocksucker to come around and offer the men a blow job, but this was the first time I had been invited to participate. I was excited yet nervous about the whole thing.

    My friend, John told me he would be right back while he and the young firemen went into a back recreational room. I waited quietly and went into the kitchen to get some coffee. I started to talk with the kitchen cook while waiting for John. The cook was aware of the situation and sat down to talk with me. He questioned me about the same old chitchat and myself. As we chatted John returned and asked me if I wanted to suck off a few firemen. I was embarrassed with him talking this way in front of the cook and hesitated. The cook looked at me and said.

    “I would like to be your first fireman.” He stood up and motioned for me to come to the back room. I followed him almost falling over my own feet.
    The cook had introduced himself as Mike and was a local boy. He was still new at this ‘fireman thing’ and had two older brothers that were firemen at another station. Mike was about 21 with dark trim hair and a trim youthful body. His dark eyes penetrated you as he spoke in his mid-western twang. We were about the same age, so we quickly got acquainted. He seemed shy when I first met him, and I was surprised when he said he wanted to ‘be my first fireman.’ He was hot and I was anxious to suck his cock.

    We went to the semi-darkened room where he leaned against the counter and proceeded to unzip his pants. I walked towards him while he took out his semi-hard cock from his blue firemen pants. He immediately pulled my head down on his cock and started to pump my mouth. I took command right away as he leaned back against the table; I dropped to my knees to give him a good slow and sensuous blown job. It was my first ‘fireman suck job’ and I wanted to remember this later. It didn’t take long for him to realize I wanted to be in control. He relaxed and gave out a sigh as I started to do what I was here for. He had a larger than average cut cock and a nice set of hairy balls. I could tell he had been sucked off before. He rested his hands on the table as he spread his legs. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his white boxer shorts over his hard cock. I cupped my hands around his tight youthful buttocks and pulled him towards me as I took his hard manhood all the way down to his balls. He moaned out in pleasure and said.

    “Oh yes! That’s hot! Never had anyone ‘deep throat’ me like that. Wow! That is a good feeling. Oh, yeah! Do that again.” Mike commanded as I continued to deep throat him. I knew he was going to cum soon. He suddenly held the back of my head and released his hot load down my throat.

    “Aaawww, shit, aww shit.” Mike said as he found pleasure using my mouth to release his hot watery cum.

    I drank down his hot cum while he shook and sighed once more with pleasure. I knew his cock head would be sensitive, so I just held it in my mouth until he relaxed. I gently licked away the remaining cum from his cock. He relaxed as I reluctantly released his semi-hard penis from my mouth and quickly licked the remaining juices from his balls. He handed me a napkin from the table as I gently dried his flaccid manhood and licked his piss slot one last time, to savor the remaining juices. He slowly pulled his shorts and pants up, and put his dick back into his pants. He didn’t look directly at me, but as we walked back into the other room, he hit me on the shoulder and said.

    “Thanks buddy. I’ll remember that for a long time. You really know how to handle a man’s meat”. Then he said, “Anytime you want a repeat on me, let me know. That was awesome buddy.”
    I hardly had a chance to get my composure when another fireman entered the room. He was dressed only in his boxer shorts, T-shirt and work boots. He must have just awaken, because his eyes still had a drowsy sleepy look. He was a tall man about 30 years old, good solid build, and a small mustache on his upper lip. His arms and legs were covered with dark hair, and a small tattoo of a Marine emblem was on one arm. He nodded as he went into the room then motioned for me to follow him.

    He stood briefly in front of a kitchen chair, pulled down his white boxers and waited for me to come to him. I immediately stood in front of him and dropped to my knees to present my appreciation to his pliable cock and low hanging balls. His firm handsome body was covered with sexy downy hair. I gently caressed his manhood and brought my mouth to taste his piss slit. His partially cut cock head was steadily moving from beneath his lacy foreskin as his penis muscle continued to harden. He kicked his boxers off one leg, spread his legs, and adjusted his balls before he comfortably settled.

    I was admiring his manhood while moving my hand up his rippling hairy abdomen to his pectoral. He pulled his T-shirt up and about, to give me easier admission to his protruding nipples obscured in his hairy chest. I sucked his semi-hard cock deep into my mouth. He signed with pleasure as I proceeded to service this hunk. He closed his eyes and soared into a sexual fantasy world, while I engulfed his generous erection. It had grown larger than I anticipated it would, and I was more than pleased. I sucked his member into my mouth and slowly moved downward to his wiry pubic hairs. I moved off his manhood and proceeded to gently suck one ball into my mouth. His rough masculine hands caressed his pectoral muscles, encircling and fondling his sensitive nipples, buried in his thick hairy torso.
    I took a deep whiff of his manly scented balls, as I inched one hand around his hairy buttocks and caressed his firm ass cheeks. My other hand moved to his balls, and then up to his anus. He slightly spread his legs to give me better access. I wanted to taste his ass and give it a good rimming, but our time was limited. He was just here to get his ‘nuts off’. I managed to position myself under his balls, and tongue lick the perineum area under his balls and near his ass hole. He extended his legs further apart for more enjoyment. Soon I was under his scrotum licking and savoring the musky manly sweat from his perineum.

    After a few moments of enjoyment, he softly pushed me away, and positioned himself on the chair behind him. He spread his hairy legs, adjusted his balls, and then pulled me back to his bulbous cock. I continued to service and make love to his tasty manhood. My tongue would lap around his large cock head, and then I would go down on him as far as I could. He would occasionally moan with satisfying pleasure. I placed one hand on his balls and slid one finger towards his moist sphincter. As he spread his legs, he placed his booted feet on my legs as I knelt on the tile floor before him. He raised his legs a sufficient amount, so I was able lick the outer edge of his sphincter. I caressed his black fireman work boots and ‘tongue licked’ my way down his hairy leg until I reached his work boots. I started kissing and licking his boots as he jacked on his big hard cock. I moved back up his leg once more, licking and kissing him all the way, until I reached his wet low hanging balls.

    He lifted one leg and put it over my shoulder. My mouth went to his balls, as my tongue lapped its way to his warm, musky, hairy ass hole. He gave out another soft moan, as my ‘tongued fucked’ his anus and inhaled the pheromones of his manly body. He constantly flicked his nipples with one hand, and masturbated passionately with the other. Then he suddenly spoke out in a profound tone of voice.

    “Eat my ass hole, cock sucker! Aaaww. Lick it clean. Put your tongue in my ass hole, cocksucker. Oh, yes. That’s it. Lick that punk hole. Eat me, cocksucker, eat me! Make your man feel good! Oh yeah, that’s good. Fuck! I’m going to cum. Get your cock sucking mouth over my big prick. I’m going to give you my load. Oh, Yes! Oh, Yes! Fuck, Fucking yeah. Drink my spunk cocksucker. Drink my love juices. Oh, sssshhhhiiiittt. Here it comes! Aaaawwwww.” He moaned out so loud that it must have echoed throughout the station. Surely someone would hear us, but at this moment I didn’t care.

    I almost came in my shorts while I was serving this hot stud fireman. He was a wild one, after he got going. “I would like to include this one again. What a stud!” I thought to myself. I continued to lick the remainder of cum juices from his dick. His hand still contained gobs of man sperm on several of his fingers. I hungrily licked his digits savoring every tasty drop. He stretched out his hand for me to clean, then placed one finger into my mouth. I eagerly sucked off the cum. He looked down at me in the dimly lit room as I clean his hand, cock and balls. I took the cloth napkin from my last fireman’s session, dried and cleaned him, wiping and kissing his balls as I showed my appreciation to service him. He once again spoke softly to me.

    “Good performance, young man. Hope to see you around here again some time soon. Ask for Harry, when you return.”

    ‘Thank you Sir.” I was pleased and told him my name as I placed his shorts back over his boot.

    He stood as I remained at his feet looking up at this hairy stud fireman. He reached his hand down to help me up from the floor. Just as he pulled me up, we heard another man’s voice talking to Mike in the kitchen. Harry seemed to know the voice and rubbed my head and left by the rear door.

    I was reminiscing on the contentment of my last fireman, and wondered if I should return to the kitchen. I dusted off my pants and sat down on the chair to rest as another man entered the room. He didn’t seem timid as he walked over to me where I rested on the chair. He unzipped his pants and maneuvered himself directly into my face. I glanced up at him briefly and dropped to my knees to suck on his cock. His cock seemed average size at first, but as I continued sucking his prick and licked on his balls, it grew to be rather large. I continued sucking on him and with out a word to me, he let loose with a moan and dropped a big load into me. He sighed and after he was satisfied he walked away from me and put his semi-hard member back in his pants and left the room. He spoke to someone in the other room after he left.

    I wiped my lips and chin just as another fireman entered the room. This one was taller, wide shoulders and very masculine. He was fully attired in full dress uniform: a jacket, tie, white shirt, pants and cap as if he had just come on duty or from a meeting. As he walked towards me I stood. He immediately looked at me and said in a deep questionable voice.

    “Are you the new cock sucker?”

    Before I had a chance to answer, he took off his cap and jacket and placed it on a near by chair. He was wearing red suspenders under his jacket, and as he undid his pants he motioned for me to come to him. He sat down to take off his boots. I immediately dropped to the floor at his feet and proceeded to remove his firemen black boots. He seemed surprised but delighted at my gesture. I removed both boots and continued to remove his musky work socks. I wiped his damp feet with one sock and then leaned over to lick the apex of his long manly foot. The crest of his foot was sparsely covered with soft bristles of hair. I licked first one foot then the other. He stood as I removed his neatly pressed, blue fireman’s slacks from his long sturdy legs, and then I placed them on the near by chair with his coat, hat and other clothing.

    I looked up at his towering manly form; I was pleasantly surprise, to discover he was wearing a black netted Jock Strap instead of the traditional white boxers. The impression of his large bulge behind the cup of the netting was exciting. I arose from the floor and positioned myself to a kneeling position to respect and provide pleasure to my new master. I lean forward to breathe in his alluring masculine body. I inhaled another deep whiff of his moist jock strap to engulf his body sweat, a hint of urine, and possibly dried pre-cum. I began to kiss and caress his jock region, and the incredible bulge hidden within the halter. I could not contain my lust. My curiosity was getting the best of me. I had to touch and make love to his prized manly equipment. I tugged slowly at the side of the Jock Strap to release my prize. I managed to energize him during his undressing and foot worship procedures. He was very hard and ready for sexual love and release.

    I tugged one side of the strap to release his huge balls and hefty uncircumcised cock. His member was already fully erect and I assumed to measure to be about 8 or 9 inches long and 6 inches around. I respectfully guided his cock to my mouth, to taste the piss head and to tongue underneath his long hooded foreskin. I could taste the sweet previous pre-cum smegma: perhaps the residue of a previous orgasm. It had the alluring aroma of sperm from his manly cock. Gently I caressed his balls and released them from the netted cup and then I inhaled another whiff of the moist musky man sweat on his balls. I licked and kissed them to show admiration to his sperm producing ball sacks.

    He was getting so aroused, that his large crimson cock head was beginning to crest from the long lacy foreskin that sheltered his manhood. I knew he desired me to begin to suck the burning love juices from his big cock before he burst into spasms of sexual fantasy. I positioned my lips once again on the cock head and moved my tongue into the caverns of his foreskin. He sounded out a sigh of pleasure.

    He had such a beautiful large cock that I lustfully desired to give pleasure to him. I began my practice of cock sucking, going up one side and down the other side, licking and loving a well-deserved cock. It was magnificent as it jetted out from his solid frame. It was truly the essence of fireman masculinity resembling a fireman’s hose.

    I continued to make love to the cock and balls. He stood there like a towering tree with his hands on his hips and his legs spread. I went under his balls to lick and savor his manly body musk. I was in a heavenly location of pleasure. I sensed his passionate desire to release his load. I immediately went back to his manly cock to drain and savor his love juices. He thrust his body forward as I continued my cock sucking motions. I first tasted his sweet pre-cum before he let loose with a long deep vocal moan, shooting a gusher of hot delicious cum into my welcome mouth. I could not swallow fast enough. He kept cumming and cumming until his love sperm was running from my mouth, down my hand, and onto his feet.
    I was thinking to myself how I would like to suck this one off more than once and could feel him charging up for a nice long sensual orgasm. He began to moan, and then he pushed my head down on his big cock as he released his cum. He shot several loads as I pulled back so I could taste his sweet cum. I continued to swallow every warm drop of his manly sperm as he filled my mouth with his loads.

    I drank his cum as fast and as much as I could. I licked off his cock head and tweaked down his big cock as the juices dripped from his piss slit. I remembered some cum had dripped on his feet, so I dropped to his feet to lick off the remaining cum. He flinched as my tongue licked the very last of the cum. He was sensitive and ticklish. I set back on my hind legs and looked up at this towering stud as he looked down at me and said.

    “You’ll do, cocksucker! Very good young man. You can come back anytime you have the need to drain some more dicks. Just see me first, Captain Larry, and I line up a few men for you to service. See you another time. I have some sleep to catch up on.”

    Then he walked out of the room leaving me filled with 4 nice loads of hot firemen cum. I thought I had done my good deed for the day and began looking for John. I went back to the kitchen where he was playing cards with the young cook. He looked up at me and said.

    “Ready to go? Did you get enough man cum for tonight?” Then he smiles as I nodded my head with satisfaction.

    We left the fire station and went back to the party where I got a lift home with a friend. He asked me if I had enjoyed the party and I said I had a very good time. He never discovered where I had gone that evening or of the pleasure I had given our well-deserved public servants. Needless to say, I returned to the firehouse several times that year, and had a nice fill of firemen cum each and every time.

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    Originally written by Wolf <33kerava3@kolumbus.fi>

    To bring everyone to the light of day, this story is about a Marine named
    John Peterson. Better known as Sergeant Peterson, or Sarge. As the author, I
    will refer to him as John, others had better refer to him as Sarge! John is
    and was your typical statute of what a true Marine should look like.
    Standing 6′ 2″ and weighing in at a muscular 245 pounds, John was and is a
    well oiled, truly defined, heavily muscled, Marine! From the base of his
    toes to what seemed like the top of his head, John’s muscles rippled with
    each and every defined movement. His hair, or better yet, what little he
    didn’t shave off, was dirty blonde. His face was narrow, but defiantly solid
    and his eyes, oh yes, his profound crystal blue entrancing eyes, mesmerized
    all who peered into them.

    To all the women who gazed their eyes upon him, he was their fantasy Adonis.
    To many “straight” heterosexual guys, he was the envy of their illicit
    dreams. For all the guys who wound up entwined into his arms, John was their
    heaven, the answer to ALL of their erotic dreams. Though John was definitely
    a main attraction for both women and men alike, he, like most of us,
    possessed a deep dark passion. A passion in which not many chose to dwell in
    or enter beyond the sealed gates to pleasure stimulated by pain. Regular sex
    did nothing for him, but S&M, however, did! John did have sex with a lot of
    women, mainly because that was the thing he was supposed to do, but, his
    true passion was with guys. He was and is categorized as bisexual, but his
    true preference was and will always be, men.

    John’s childhood was surrounded by many secrets. As a young boy of only six,
    he experienced his first lesson with gay sex from another kid around 12 or
    so years old. He grew up being the suck boy at fuck parties for many of
    older kids. By the time he reached age ten, John became a professional cock
    sucker and was able to spread his ass cheeks and except as many cocks up his
    young chute as offered. By the time he turned 13, he discovered older men
    would pay him money just to let them suck his dick. At age 15, John was a
    little more than a self made prostitute, catering to both men and women
    alike. His parents never once suspected him of doing all the things he had
    done and was still doing. While at the young intimidating age of 15, John
    discovered leather sex. He liked being bound and whipped, spanked and
    electrocuted. But, the one thing John discovered he liked more than anything
    else on this planet, was his passion for men who were hot and sweaty,
    covered in natural male scent from head to toe.

    By the time John turned 17, he was fucking anything and everything and
    getting fucked by all comers. It was when he turned 18 was when he realized
    he’d rather be the one doing all the fucking. That’s when he joined the
    Marine Corps. The one big thing John had going for him, other than his
    natural beauty, was his cock. It was a cock that made women scream and men
    to envy. Those guys who felt his cock rip through their anal walls knew
    immediately they were going to rapidly get full. Just seeing it for the
    first time was impressive enough, not to mention a little bit scary. Even as
    a kid while at a gym, grown men and boys alike would constantly stare at his
    meat with awe, some with absolute fright. John knew from early on that he
    had a big cock and he by no means was afraid to use it!

    At present day when John disrobes and stands at Marine Corps attention, his
    soft cock angles down towards his feet six inches. Even when it’s at its
    softest state, his cock is 2 ½” in diameter. At full mass, his cock proudly
    erects itself from his chiseled physique 10 and ¾ inches in a 45 degree
    angle upwards. The girth of his massive angry looking cock is close to 4 ¾
    inches when fully engorged and ready for action. John’s balls are a
    spectacular sight as well. They are by no means considered low hangers, only
    dangling from the base of his thick cock about an inch. The sac containing
    his large egg sized nuggets is perfectly smooth, void of any hair thanks to
    his constant shaving preparations. Upon a frontal view, it looks like a
    baseball covered in a silky fabric. John keeps his light brown, almost blond
    colored pubic hair in the shape of a Mohawk. The soft hairs are trimmed to
    perfection not to exceed a half of an inch in length.

    John is the kind of guy that makes all clothes look great, be it Marine
    Corps attire, or just old clothes of any sorts. To see people stare at him
    wherever he may be is a common practice, a practice he really never pays
    much attention to anymore. The only exceptions are those guys he locks his
    vision onto. Now, he isn’t the kind of guy who prefers younger guys or older
    guys. He really doesn’t set priorities, or maintains any structured
    preferences. If John sees a guy and for whatever reason the other guy turns
    him on, then John will almost do something to strike up a conversation.

    His most proudest achievement to date is his home. It is located in a mid
    level income subdivision. The actual home is not his achievement, but what’s
    inside it, is. It took him years to turn his standard basement into a modern
    day dungeon. There is only one light in the center of the large basement and
    this is only used to aide him in lighting the numerous candles adorning the
    wooden walls. John even went so far as to soundproof his basement prior to
    purchasing all of his many wonderful prized possessions. Various whips,
    paddles, gags, chains, cuffs, and many other accessories hang from his
    upgraded walls. It not only looked like a dungeon, it smelled like one too.
    The heavy staunch of mildew and musk shot up one’s nostrils upon entering
    his dark and dreary domain. To John, the odor that might make you twist your
    mouth at first breath, makes John’s cock leap quickly into its rock hard
    ready for action mode.

    For the few men who took those shaky footsteps down the basement’s steps,
    they entered John’s world upon their own free volition. Though some may have
    known what to expect, others entered his world thinking only with their
    little head, not the big one. No matter what their reasons for stepping down
    into his dark world was, one thing was for sure. When everything was said
    and done, they all left with one thing on their mind. A return visit! John
    had this uncanny knack of unleashing emotions you never thought you had. By
    mixing a little pain with a ton of pleasure, John made sure each and every
    person who was bound by his dungeon, left completely drained, definitely
    full, and totally satisfied.

    Here is where is this story comes to life. It was a Friday and John had just
    arrived at home. For whatever the reason, John was horny all day long, so he
    took a shower and got dressed to go out on the town. It was summer time so
    he wore a white tank top, cowboy cut Wrangler jeans, no underwear, and his
    combat boots. Before heading out, he looked at himself in the full length
    mirror in his bedroom. His jeans showed off everything, just as he like it
    to. His thick cock dangled next to his left thigh and was very visible for
    any and all to see. Once he declared himself ready, John headed to the
    center of the night life. He knew exactly where he was going. He knew there
    would be plenty of Marines and civilians at this night club. It was tagged
    as a “straight” place to go, but from John’s previous experiences, he had
    caught numerous men inside its loud haven.

    It was a typical Friday night in this spot where it was crowded with people
    drinking, laughing, dancing, and shooting pool. There were plenty of guys
    and gals looking at him as he walked by them, and John could feel their eyes
    burning holes into his chiseled body. John had been there for three hours
    without finding that special someone he wanted to bring into his mysterious
    world. He did dance and built up quite a sweat and started playing pool. It
    was when he played pool when his eyes fell upon an angel on the last table
    to his far right. John’s eyes didn’t capture his face, but did peer into the
    guy’s jutting butt as he prepared to take his shot. John’s cock immediately
    began to swell as he strained his eyes to mentally take shots of the mouth
    watering sight before him. After the guy took his shot and stood up, John
    almost fainted. The guy didn’t even look old enough to be in this nightclub.
    To John, he thought that the guy was around 16 years of age. The other thing
    he noticed immediately was that the guy was in fact, a Marine. John figured
    the young lad to be around 5′ 6″ and couldn’t have weighed no more than 140
    to 150 pounds. The guy’s light brown hair was cut in the horseshoe fashion
    and John could also see that the guy’s eyebrows were more on the perfectly
    thick side. When the guy turned and looked over into John’s direction, he
    saw a set of bright green eyes fall upon him. The last and final thing John
    saw at this point was the fact that this young Marine was playing pool all
    by his lonesome.

    John forgot about ending his game and walked through the mass of people as
    if he were confined in a trance. Walking right up to the young Marine and
    his table, John placed his quarters onto the table. After the guy finished
    his game and John inserted the quarters and racked the balls, he never let
    his eyes fall off this young hot creature. Even looking directly at the
    young guy’s bunched up crotch, John could only think of him and this young
    Marine inside his dungeon. After a brief introduction, John now knew this
    beauty’s name. Justin Ayers, private Justin Ayers! They played a couple of
    games in which John found it rather easy to beat the young lad. John did
    notice, from time to time, Justin’s young bewildering eyes steal glances at
    his outlined cock.

    The one thing John found difficult to swallow was the youthful appearance
    and his odd attraction for Justin. He always preferred to be with men who
    looked like men, and for whatever the reason, they usually were always older
    than himself. The longer the two of them played their game of pool, the
    hornier John became. Every intricate feature on Justin was profound and his
    tight jeans attacked his hidden flesh leaving very little to the
    imagination. John noted the jutting small butt of Justin as it protruded
    from his backside with grace and such elegance. The thin thick seam
    separating Justin’s little crack enhanced John’s appetite that much more.
    The bunched up package of the young Marine’s crotch teased all eyes that
    fell upon it, leaving only fantasies for one’s wandering imagination. Be the
    reason that it may, John quickly began his routine of drawing the young
    Marine into his web of darkness.

    Through their idle conversation while playing their game of pool, John found
    out that Justin was 18 and a boot in the Corps, fresh from boot camp. He
    also found out that Justin was in his battalion and the last thing he
    discovered was that his young angel had a girlfriend back home in
    Philadelphia. John tossed in subtle hints of gay relations, but Justin
    either ignored them, or was not clever enough to pick up on any of them.
    John did his utmost very best in trying to touch base on gay topics, but
    Justin always managed to get the topic back on girls. John loved to hear
    Justin speak, thanks to his voice being so soft and heart warming. The game
    of pool went on and as time lingered, John became that much more frustrated
    and determined.

    By the time they had gotten around to playing their seventh game, the two
    Marines began acting like life long friends. Being the devil that he was,
    John picked up on this fact rather quickly. Taking the opportunity while
    Justin was preparing to take his shot, John quickly stated, “I bet your
    girlfriend loves to suck you dry!” Justin took his shot, stood up, then
    fired back with a smirk grin, “Wanna bet! Dude, I’m lucky if she even
    touches it.” John forced out a giggle, then replied, “Damn, that sucks! I
    would have bet everything that she’d milk you dry every chance she got.”
    Justin shook his head, then offered, “Shoot, I damn near have to make her
    put her hand on my dick. Even if she sucks it, she sucks it for a few
    seconds and that’s it.” John slipped the statement in he had wanted to from
    the very beginning, “Yeah, I know the feeling. That’s why a lot of guys in
    your shoes lets some guy suck his dick. Like they say, nobody knows how to
    suck a dick better than another guy!” Justin looked befuddled, but managed
    to squeak out, “So I’ve heard, but I aint into all that gay shit.”

    John took the horse by the reigns and let it fly, “Justin, I bet no girl has
    ever spread your ass cheeks wide and crammed her tongue up your asshole for
    you either.” Justin twisted his face almost in disgust and replied, “You got
    that right. I’d throw up if I stuck my tongue in somebody’s shit hole. Man,
    that’s got to be the grossest thing I’ve ever heard. YUCK!” John laughed
    loudly at Justin’s statement, but tossed in another line, “Don’t knock it if
    you’ve never tried it!” John looked around as if trying to see someone and
    he knew that Justin was following his ever move. John stopped his head
    movement and said, “I bet you that someone in here, right now, here in this
    very bar, is dreaming of sucking your dick and tongue fucking your hot
    little sweaty asshole.” Justin smiled and offered no signs of being
    repulsed, then stated, “Yeah right. Who in here would want to put their
    tongue in someone’s smelly butt hole?” John fired back, “I didn’t say just
    anyone’s asshole. I distinctly remember saying yours!”

    This type of conversation went on for nearly another thirty minutes. As time
    went on, John became that much more confident about Justin. Justin started
    opening up to John about anything John asked and this brought their
    conversation up to date. John was standing next to Justin, basically
    towering over him, leaned over and whispered into Justin’s left ear, “Look,
    you’re the kind of guy that would make a straight man want to suck your
    dick. Fuck the gay shit dude. If someone wants to suck your dick then you
    would be almost a fool not to let them. After all, you said it yourself that
    your girlfriend doesn’t like to do it. I can’t think of no man who don’t
    like having his hard cock sucked!” Justin leaned up and replied into John’s
    right ear, “I don’t know. It still don’t seem right, but then again, I’ve
    never been approached by another guy before either.”

    John inhaled the glorious sweaty scent spewing off of Justin’s steamy body.
    He could see Justin’s forehead spilling his aromatic fresh sweat and John
    sought feverishly for the words to finally capture his gorgeous prey. John
    quickly tossed his head around to see if anyone was within ear shot, then
    whispered, “To be honest with you cause I like you, I’m bisexual. I’d love
    to suck your dick to orgasmic perfection, so, what do you say?” Then, John
    knew he had him! Justin appeared to be nervous and after a short few seconds
    of pondering over John’s invitation, he whispered, “I don’t know Sarge. It,
    it kind of sounds weird to me.” John leaned closer, pressing their two
    bodies against one another and stated, “Let me put it this way. Once two
    lips slide over your cock and the heat from the other person’s mouth begins
    to slowly cook your love muscle, believe me, you wont even give a shit that
    it’s another guy sucking your dick.”

    Justin hesitated, looked into John’s animal thirsty eyes, then angelically
    whispered, “I’ve never done this before, I mean, you know, with another
    guy.” John patted Justin on the back and said, “It’s no big deal! We can go
    to my place. It’s closer to the base, and afterwards, I can drop you off
    back at the barracks. Nobody will ever know! Think about it this way. Do you
    think if I couldn’t trust you that I would openly tell you I wanted to suck
    your dick? Shit man, I got a career to protect! Come on, you wont regret it,
    I promise!” John turned and began walking away, noticing that young Justin
    was close on his heels.

    Justin followed John all the way to John’s car and entered once John
    unlocked it. John had just started his car when Justin politely asked, “Do
    you think it would be okay if I showered first? I’m kind of sweaty!” John
    looked at him, smiled, then eagerly replied, “Don’t worry about your sweat.
    That just adds to the excitement!” On the drive to John’s house, John could
    tell that Justin was extremely nervous and his entire body was trembling
    from head to toe. John did his best to soothe the young Marine, adding
    insurance to the satisfaction yet to come.

    John pulled his car into the driveway and Justin followed him to the front
    door. Upon entering John’s home, John wasted no time in leading the young
    Marine to his basement’s entrance. John opened the door and began slowly
    stepping down the steps to his beloved dungeon. Justin was doing his best to
    focus his eyes on his new surroundings. The smell of musk and mildew filled
    Justin’s lungs as they both were now standing at the base of John’s dungeon.
    John began walking around to all the candles hanging from the wall and began
    lighting each and every one of them. While John was busy with the candles,
    Justin was more than a little preoccupied at the scenery before him. To
    Justin, this room looked like it came straight out of a medieval torture

    No words were exchanged as John took Justin by his left hand and walked him
    over to an old wooden desk. John had Justin sit on top of the desk where
    John took his time taking Justin’s shoes off. John’s hands felt the young
    Marine’s body trembling as each shoe was slowly removed, then each sock.
    Once Justin’s feet were bare, John knelt onto his knees and began slowly
    licking between Justin’s trembling toes. The fragrance of Justin’s sweaty
    feet drove John insanely mad. The intoxicating aroma to some may have drove
    others away, but for John, it was a powerful entrancing aphrodisiac. John
    licked and sucked each toe, forcing faint soft moans to evade Justin’s
    quivering lips. John’s fingers slipped under the cuff of Justin’s jeans and
    played with the soft hair strolling sparsely along his shins. John licked
    the soles of Justin’s feet and always returned to sucking in as many toes as
    his mouth would allow. John had no difficulty shoving Justin’s toes and some
    of his sole of one foot into his mouth at any given time.

    John let his hands rise up the young Marine’s legs as he slowly rose to his
    feet. His hands grabbed at Justin’s shirt and slowly began inching the soft
    fragrant material up and over Justin’s head. With Justin’s arms stretched
    towards the ceiling, John could see a little tuff of light brown underarm
    hair curling up peacefully in each aromatic socket. John leaned forward
    while placing his right hand on Justin’s super hard package and began
    licking the course hairs of Justin’s left underarm. Initially, Justin
    giggled, but within seconds, his giggles turned into elegant groans. His
    young body no longer trembled from the unknown, it now trembled from
    incorrigible excitement. John’s right hand softly groped Justin’s bunched up
    crotch, lavishing in the realm of what angrily lies beneath. John took turns
    licking, nibbling, and sucking on each fragrant and tasty armpit.

    He used his tongue to bathe Justin’s entire neck area, ensuring not to miss
    the young Marine’s ear canals. Justin’s moans of pure ecstasy drove John to
    do everything he could to please him that much more. For John, he relished
    In Justin’s heavenly natural taste. Justin’s sweat only heightened John’s
    already powerful animal instincts. John used his tongue to work its way to
    the young lad’s tiny, but steel like, erect nipples. Justin almost hopped
    off the table as John’s lips sealed the tiny bud and his teeth politely
    clamped down while John’s tongue flickered aimlessly just on the very tip.
    Justin stretched his arms behind him where his fingers dug into the wood of
    the table as John was doing things to him his young body had never

    While John’s mouth, teeth, and tongue worked on Justin’s hard nipples,
    John’s fingers began fumbling with the buttons to Justin’s jeans. John’s
    hands constantly brushed up against Justin’s erection, but John was unable
    to ascertain any length or any width of the young Marine’s youthful cock. To
    John, it seemed as though Justin’s cock was folded, trapped inside his under
    garment. Once all the buttons to Justin’s jeans were unbuttoned, John
    reached his hands to Justin’s slender wrists and started sliding them
    backwards, causing Justin’s body to follow. Justin was now laying with his
    back flat on top of the old desk with just the top of his thighs touching
    the woodwork. John’s hand slid all over Justin’s smooth, hairless chest,
    stopping at the unbelievable little belly button. It protruded slightly
    outward giving it the vague implications of nothing more than a little bump.
    John’s eyes fell on the faint lightly colored hair commonly known as the
    goody trail. If John was more patient, he could have easily counted the few
    wispy strands of hair, but Justin’s hair was the last thing on his mind.

    John’s eyes followed the faint goody trail as it dashed inside Justin’s pale
    blue boxers. The young Marine’s smooth chest and stomach was rising and
    falling rapidly as John carefully hooked the inside of Justin’s unbuttoned
    jeans and began his pulling descent. Justin instinctively raised his little
    butt off of the table allowing John to easily remove the denim material
    which cleverly hid the treasures inside. With the grace of a brain surgeon,
    John removed Justin’s jeans and tossed them aside. Now, Justin lay there
    with his legs launched up in the air, slightly spread. John lowered his face
    to Justin’s boxers and breathed in heavily the mind boggling aroma spewing
    within its thin fabric. Sweat mixed with the wonderful hint of musk sprang
    upwards, crashing into John’s expanding lungs. Unable to control himself no
    longer, John inched his lips up against the closed opening of Justin’s
    boxers and began lovingly tracing the outline of the young Marine’s rock
    hard cock. Free from the tight restraints of his jeans, John could now get
    an idea of what rests under the boxers. He guessed Justin’s cock to be
    somewhere in the neighborhood of six to seven inches with an average
    thickness. He could also detect that Justin’s hard cock was jutting towards
    the young Marine’s eye popping belly button. Justin was whimpering and
    moaning as John teased his throbbing cock. With the guidance of his lips,
    John felt Justin’s cock dance awkwardly beneath the confinements of his
    boxer briefs.

    Justin’s spread thighs began trembling as the heat from John’s fiery breath
    beat down on his cloth covered cock. John sucked on the base of the hard
    shaft, using his tongue to dart all over the trapped cloth and pulsating
    member. Justin’s mind was racing as he no longer cared about who was using
    their mouth on his cock. All he knew was that he was loving every passionate
    moment of this. The more Justin moaned in pleasure, the more suction John
    implied. John moved his lips further up the shaft and quickly sucked in on
    the puddle of pre cum smeared into Justin’s soft boxers. His lips closed
    around half of Justin’s cock head while he sucked the pre cum juice from the
    under garment, relishing in the salty flavor now gracing his mouth. His
    fingers explored Justin’s fast moving stomach while his whimpers grew louder
    as the taste of pre cum exploded inside his suctioning mouth.

    Unable to withstand it no longer, John slid his fingers inside Justin’s
    boxers and began sliding them down the young Marine’s solid little body. His
    nose was only within inches of Justin’s pubic region as the first vision
    that befell upon him was Justin’s little patch of dark brown pubic hair.
    John rubbed his nose all over the small patch, inhaling the sweaty musky
    scent as if it were a bouquet of freshly cut roses. To John, the aroma was
    pure heaven! While John breathed in Justin’s natural body odor, his fingers
    pulled on the boxers some more, now revealing the shiny shaft of Justin’s
    creamy color cock. Justin’s cock was pushed to the side as John tugged on
    the boxers, saving it for the final tug down to spring forth. John’s nose
    slid across the silk like flesh of Justin’s throbbing cock as the boxers
    slid free from the young Marine’s hard little body. His cock sprang forth,
    striking John on the chin, leaving a strand of pre cum dangling from his

    Justin’s cock was cut and John was right. It was a good six inches with
    average thickness, but the most amazing thing of all, was the fact that
    Justin’s hard cock appeared not to have any arch whatsoever. It looked like
    it was straight as an arrow and shaped like one hell of a gorgeous torpedo.
    The mushroom head was a dull pinkish in color and the piss slit was already
    open a bit, oozing pre cum by the gallon. As the boxers slid up Justin’s
    thighs, John got a breath taking look at his balls. The left sagging ball
    was shaped more like a pecan while the right lower hanging ball was shaped
    like a small egg. The sac was sparsely covered with strands of hair and as
    John began slipping the boxers free while Justin assisted by raising his
    legs, John got a detailed look at the young Marine’s anal region.

    A small splendid trail of dark hairs ran from just under Justin’s balls and
    stopping as if they were gathered around for a meeting. His little pink butt
    hole was tightly sealed and a small glorious patch of little hairs
    surrounded it as if protecting it from the unknown. John quickly discarded
    the boxers and slid his nose and tongue along Justin’s quivering right
    thigh. As his inhaling and tasting travels continued, John finally struck
    gold as his nose was within a fraction of an inch from Justin’s jutting butt
    hole. The odor was breath stealing as the mild pungent aroma from the
    natural area in wince it originated, rushed up his wildly inhaling nostrils.
    It was the same male scent that drove John insanely frantic though much
    milder than what he is more accustomed to. John was so close to Justin’s
    aromatic butt hole, his nose was actually touching the soft hairs that
    gathered around his juicy hole.

    Justin quickly announced, “Please, I’m, I’m not all that clean down there!”
    John peered his eyes upwards and looked into Justin’s amazing eyes, then
    stabbed the young Marine’s asshole with his tongue. John was so hungry for
    this Marine, he flattened out his tongue and began licking ferociously at
    the puckering surprised pucker hole. Justin screamed in delight as he never
    before had anyone put their tongue on his butt hole. This feeling racing all
    over his body was knew and profoundly different. As the tongue burrowed its
    way all over his exposed hole, Justin unexpectedly hooked the underside of
    his thighs with both arms and brought them higher up while spreading them
    wider at the same time. Justin’s moans of acceptance and John’s slurping was
    all that echoed in the dark chamber.

    John loved the way Justin’s ass tasted. Knowing the young Marine took a
    shower hours earlier and had been dancing, and shooting pool for hours, only
    added to the fact that it was summer time and his mouth now filled with
    Justin’s sweaty, juicy, aromatic ass delicacy. The more anal juice that
    screamed into his mouth, the harder he shoved his tongue onto the young
    virgin ass. John licked and nibbled all over Justin’s spread cheeks while
    constantly stabbing at the delicious muscle squeezing anus. Taking his right
    hand, John reached up and took a firm hold of Justin’s twitching cock and
    began slowly and defiantly sliding the shaft up and down while doing his
    best to penetrate the tight sealed opening of Justin’s mouth watering
    asshole. Justin’s body jerked giving John just enough room to slip his
    tongue into the sealed entrance. Justin immediately cried out as the
    invading tongue showed no mercy as it pile drove its way deep into the dark
    and fiery hot chamber of Justin’s never before entered asshole. Justin was
    torn with all kinds of various emotions as he felt his anal canal being
    swabbed with one thick probing tongue. He could feel every twitch, every
    turn, of the tongue gnawing up his anal canal. Justin now no longer cared
    what his asshole smelled like. All he could think about was the mind
    blistering pleasure he now was receiving.

    John stiffened his tongue and used it as a fuck tool as he rocked his head
    back and forth, driving his hardened tongue in and out of Justin’s saliva,
    anal juice slick asshole. Justin screamed out, “Oh God, God, YES SARGE,
    shit, ohhhhhhhhh!” The words he screamed were like a symphony to John’s
    ears. With each thrust of his tongue up Justin’s juicy canal, John smashed
    his nose onto the cum filled hanging balls of Justin. John had to release
    his cock several times as he felt it expand, because he didn’t want to let
    the young Marine blow his load just yet. John wanted to completely drain
    Justin of all his juices and he knew the young lad couldn’t take much more
    without shooting his cream. He slipped his tongue from Justin’s delicious
    asshole and inserted both balls into his mouth. John let his tongue run its
    course all over Justin’s balls while increasing his suctioning pressure.
    With his mouth filled with Justin’s wonderful nuggets, John slipped a finger
    up Justin’s slick asshole. Justin gasped as soon as the finger invaded his
    nether region. John felt the young Marine’s anal muscles convulse around his
    finger as it dove and twisted to its maximum depth. The heat alone felt like
    it was burning the flesh right off of his anal invading finger.

    Once John felt like Justin’s balls had been thoroughly bathed with his mouth
    and tongue, John let them slide out of his mouth and he wasted no time and
    he started at the base of Justin’s hard cock and worked his way to the very
    tip. John lapped at the slick pre cum, drilling his tongue into the tiny
    piss slit opening. The flavor alone was driving him into his common
    animalistic mode. After scooping up all the pre cum, John opened his mouth
    and sank Justin’s cock all the way inside, pressing his nose hard against
    Justin’s musky pubic hair. Justin literally screamed as John’s hot mouth
    began bobbing up and down on his cock. He had experienced blow-jobs before,
    but for whatever the reason, the one he now was experiencing was by far, the
    very best. The finger inside his ass was doing something to him and Justin
    knew he couldn’t resist the urge to unleash his creamy load, but he did try
    and warn the Sarge, “Sarge, Sarge, I’m close! I’m close Sarge!” But John
    didn’t care! He continued his vacuum like pressure on the cock trapped
    inside his cock hungry mouth. Within seconds, Justin’s bewildered body
    jerked and shook as the thick spray of young sperm assaulted John’s mouth.
    John increased the thrusting of his finger in Justin’s ass while using his
    mouth to milk him free of his youthful thick cream. Jet after jet of thick
    sperm cream landed inside John’s suctioning mouth and he continued his oral
    assault on the torpedo exploding inside his mouth.

    Just like always, Justin’s cock finished tossing his seed and it now only
    began to slowly trickle into John’s sucking mouth. He slowed his finger
    fucking to a crawl as Justin’s cock started to deflate inside his sperm
    filled mouth. Letting Justin’s deflated cock fall from his mouth and still
    keeping his finger up the Marine’s butt, John began his sperm tasting
    session as methodical as only he could do. After sampling the first drop of
    the thick cream, John detected a mild flavoring of salt, but nothing bitter
    or strong. It was more on the sweeter side of things than anything else. As
    the last of Justin’s five star delicacy slipped down his throat, John
    withdrew his finger from the tight confinement of Justin’s tight ass.

    Justin gulped and was breathing rather hard, but managed to softly whisper,
    “God Sarge, that was the best I ever had! Thank you!” John shook his head,
    then replied while still savoring Justin’s creamy cum, “There’s still more
    to come. Tonight, I want you to experience it all, the right way!” As John
    stood up from between Justin’s spread legs, Justin couldn’t help not to
    notice the distinguished bulge in John’s pants. He could see the Sarge’s
    cock as it hung down towards his feet along the left side of his pants.
    Justin was fascinated at the size and thickness of the monster that lay
    confined inside John’s pants. He fought with himself the urge to ask to see
    it and kept telling himself he is not gay, but no matter what, the sight
    alone left an ever lasting impression deep within his mind.

    John walked over to one of the tables and opened up a drawer. Upon his
    return, Justin was still on top of the table with his legs down and feet
    angling to the floor. John had a piece of thin rope, or that’s what Justin
    thought, but in reality, it was a single strand of padded leather. John put
    the leather strand under Justin’s balls and he began looping it completely
    over and under John’s nuggets. Once he formed a complete loop, John tied the
    leather kind of snuggly around the sac. Once he had both balls trapped
    inside their sac, he began the stimulating process of restraining each
    glorious nugget. Justin wasn’t nervous anymore as he leaned up on his elbows
    to see what the Sarge was doing. There was a thick band of leather forcing
    his balls away from his cock and pushed his nuts tightly into the bottom of
    the sac. Each ball was tied and separated from the other. Justin could feel
    the blood building up inside him as his balls looked like they were about to
    pop anytime now. Justin could also see some type of metal hook attached to
    the underside of his balls tied or fastened onto the ball squeezing leather.

    John looked at Justin and whisperingly asked, “Do you trust me?” Justin
    shook his head up and down and replied, “Yes, Yes Sir!” John caressed
    Justin’s silky thighs and stated, “Good boy!” He assisted Justin up from the
    table and now had him stand in front of the table as if he were standing at
    attention. John’s perfection of restraining one’s balls stood out profoundly
    and he silently patted himself on the back for the masterpiece standing
    before him.

    Justin stood perfectly still as John walked completely around. It was John
    snickering in marvel at the young Marine, who up till now, was a total
    virgin to gay sex. John knew by the way Justin was breathing he had him
    completely under his spell. Justin’s eyes opened even wider as he followed
    John up to a strange looking device. It appeared to be something like a
    cross with cuffs attached to each support. John built this St. Andrews cross
    using only perfection from his own devious mind. John had Justin step up
    onto the platform and place his upper body between the two heavy wooden
    arches. Taking his time, John stretched each of Justin’s arms and attached
    each wrist to the padded cuffs. The chain attached to the wood left only
    enough room for Justin to pull his hands approximately three inches, up and
    down, and from side to side. The sides of the solid wood where Justin rests
    his head were heavily padded. John too his time securing each of Justin’s
    ankles to the padded cuffs anchored to the platform. His legs were widely
    spread, but not at the point the was uncomfortable.

    From Justin’s view point, he could not make out what the Sarge was going to
    do next, but when he felt his balls being pulled down and heard the tying of
    a well secured knot, he rapidly figured it out. John took great pride in
    securing Justin’s balls to the base of the platform using a thin chain. As
    long as Justin did not try to raise up on his toes, John knew that the young
    lad would be okay, but if he raised up, he also knew that Justin would
    realize his balls were not about to go anywhere. The weight of the chain
    attached to his balls gave Justin a kind of sickening feeling weltering up
    deep within his stomach. It felt weird, yet from his twitching erection, it
    felt kind of wonderful. John leaned into the naked Marine and softly
    whispered into Justin’s right ear, “If at anytime you want things to stop,
    just say the word red. Once you say red, everything will cease immediately,
    okay!” Justin licked his moist lips, then replied, “Yes sir!”

    Attached to the front of the Cross, on each beam, were adjustable nipple
    clamps. Knowing Justin was unable to move freely, John took the nipple clamp
    closest to Justin’s right nipple, opened it wide, then covered Justin’s tiny
    erect nipple, and easily allowed the clamping teeth to secure themselves
    directly on Justin’s nipple. Justin immediately rose up on his toes, forcing
    his properly secured balls to ache as the chain tightened, giving him the
    feeling of being kicked straight into the balls. Justin forced himself back
    flat on his feet just in time for John to apply the other nipple clamp to
    his left nipple. Once again, Justin sprang to his toes only realizing his
    balls were being yanked from their tightly secured sac.

    The pressure from the nipple clamps sent mixed emotions racing throughout
    his inexperienced body. Painful, yet somewhat pleasurable, all at the same
    time. John’s homemade Cross also had an area right in the center where he
    had drilled a hole and padded the entrance with thick foam. Guiding Justin
    backwards a bit, John squeezed Justin’s rock hard cock through the hole.
    Justin could feel the coldness of the padding on his burning hard cock, but
    for some odd reason, his cock began to get even hotter. John had applied
    liquid heat, a mild erotic lubricant, to the sides of the padding. As John
    inadvertently moved, his cock began to slide up against the padding. John
    also added a different twist to the mysterious hole. Taking a hand held pump
    into his left hand, John began to pump. Justin quickly noticed that the
    padding surrounding his boner began to enclose tightly around his Marine
    Corps cock. The heat from the lubricant and the softness of the tightening
    padding felt better than any pussy he had ever had the honor of fucking.

    John couldn’t resist the urge to wrap his lips around the very tip of
    Justin’s trapped cock and suck and lick just on the young lad’s pre cum
    spewing piss slit. Justin was groaning like crazy doing his best not to rise
    up on his toes as the feeling of John’s lips and tongue tingled his ever
    emotion. After John cleansed Justin’s cock head, he stood up and walked
    behind his spread eagled, securely tied, gorgeous young Marine, lost in a
    world only befitting to someone who takes pride in their work. Justin was
    still lost in the luxury of the pumped up padding and the heat boiling his
    rock hard cock. John whispered into his left ear, “Have you ever kissed
    another man?” Justin shook his head, then replied, “No!” John opened his
    right hand and let it fall roughly onto Justin’s spread ass cheeks, then
    fired back, “No, your answer was simply NO?” Before Justin could respond,
    John delivered four more hard whacks onto Justin’s silky ass flesh. Justin
    shouted, “Sir, NO SIR! I’ve never kissed a man, SIR!” Justin could feel his
    ass cheeks burning sharply from the open handed strikes, but as each heavy
    hand fell upon his flesh, he unknowingly drove his cock in and out of the
    pumped up heated opening. The mixture of sensations wracked his body, pain
    and pleasure, causing his mind to go temporarily blank while actually seeing

    Justin opened his eyes and for the first time realized there was a full
    length mirror, approximately six feet wide and eight feet high, directly in
    front of him. John was torn between looking at Justin’s backside and viewing
    him in the mirror. He wanted to detect if Justin had a disliking from being
    spanked, but from seeing the glassy eyes on Justin, he knew that he could
    continue, or at least, for a little while longer.

    John could see the sweat rolling down Justin’s heavy breathing back. Unable
    to resist the urge, John dropped to his knees, yanked open Justin’s recently
    spanked ass cheeks, and drove his tongue deep into the young Marine’s anal
    chute. With his tongue drilling inside Justin’s fiery hot virgin tunnel,
    John reached his right hand around the back of the cross and flipped up the
    switch. The pumped up padding which trapped Justin’s cock inside the hole
    began vibrating and pulsing. Justin didn’t know whether to collapse or dance
    on each foot. Realizing he could barely move, thanks to the pulsating action
    on his heated cock and the Sarge’s tongue drilling his asshole, all Justin
    could do was moan while biting down hard onto his lip. John reached up with
    both hands and grabbed onto the chains that were attached to the nipple
    clamps on each of Justin’s nipples and slowly and methodically began pulling
    down on them. Justin flung his head back and let out something like a howl
    as his nipples felt like they were on fire.

    John snacked on Justin’s asshole for a short time before standing up.
    Standing to Justin’s left side, John began lightly slapping each silky ass
    cheek, taking turns on each reddening cheek. John barked out, “Do you like
    that, BOY?” Justin caught his breath after swallowing hard and immediately
    responded, “SIR, YES SIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” Justin really didn’t know if he
    liked it or not, but he did know he was truly experiencing something he
    would have never dreamed of in a million years. His mind constantly went
    blank as his body exploded with new found emotions and sensations. John
    picked up his slapping, delivering each slap with a little more power than
    the previous one. After nearly ten minutes of steady spanking, John stopped
    and began to caress Justin’s sweaty back while admiring the beauty of his
    brilliant bright red butt cheeks. Justin was lost for words, but the hot
    hand gliding over his sweating back felt awfully soothing. The same guy that
    had just blistered his ass was now softly whispering into his right ear,
    “How are you doing? Do you want this to stop?” Justin spoke before he
    thought, “Fine SIR, please don’t stop SIR!”

    John had a glass of water on the table and brought it over to Justin where
    he allowed the panting young lad to sip to freshen his body with liquids.
    After drinking the water, John placed the half empty glass to the side and
    just stood in front of Justin. His green eyes entranced John as they softly
    flickered. John was honored to have such a beauty in his beloved dungeon. He
    wanted so badly to reach out and shove his tongue into Justin’s panting
    mouth, but he certainly didn’t want to rush the inevitable. John was smart
    enough to know and had been in this situation before with a virgin to know
    that soon enough, Justin would literally be begging him for a kiss. Though
    he didn’t want to, John figured he would just wait.

    John walked over to the wall behind Justin and grabbed two sets of elk skin
    floggers. Stepping in behind Justin, John began to lightly strike Justin’s
    sweaty upper back. Justin got shivers running up and down his spine as the
    things in the Sarge’s hands were whipping across his upper back area. It
    felt soothing, and at times, it often stung a bit. With two sets of
    floggers, one in each hand, John began to lightly wisp the strands across
    Justin’s glistening back. Justin’s balls felt like they were going to
    explode and his cock was being torturously milked while his back was being
    properly attended to. John began flogging Justin’s painted ass cheeks as
    well as his heavily sweating back. Justin felt as though he was lost in
    space, somewhere far away, in a peaceful, heavenly garden.

    Periodically, to bring Justin back to the realm of reality, John would
    intentionally use the strands of elk skin to strike his stretched balls.
    With each strike on his balls, Justin’s body shook violently and elegant
    moans flew from his wide open mouth. John could distinctly see Justin’s
    securely stretched wonder nuggets as they looked like they had swollen from
    the rapid necessity of releasing his built up love cream. John continued to
    whip Justin’s back, ass cheeks, and strike his balls for quite some time.
    John would constantly check Justin’s status, but the young Marine had a will
    to tough to tame, or at least, he may have thought so.

    John put down the floggers and began slapping Justin’s already bright red
    ass cheeks rapidly, one right after the other, with his bare open hand. The
    hand falling on his ass cheeks caused Justin to drive his cock through the
    vibrating closed hole, only bringing him close to an orgasm, but the tension
    on his aching balls prevented that from happening. His ass cheeks ached
    painfully, yet Justin inwardly didn’t want the Sarge to stop. Just as fast
    as John began slapping Justin’s ass cheeks, he stopped, only to shove his
    middle finger all the way up Justin’s anal highway. This forced Justin to
    arch sharply on his toes, yanking his strangled testicles fiercely. He
    shoved his young body harder against the cross, getting more of his young
    cock into the pulsating and vibrating clutches of the padding. John offered
    no mercy as he slammed his middle finger in and out of Justin’s virgin
    asshole while tweaking Justin’s pinched left nipple. Justin was bouncing
    back and forth on each foot, attempting to find the precise spot that would
    alleviate some of the pleasing pain. He could feel the Sarge’s finger as it
    drove fast and furious up his canal, twisting and churning all the while.

    Justin began slamming his head on either side of the beams cushions as his
    cock was experiencing more pleasure than before, his asshole being
    maniacally finger fucked, and his left nipple being tweaked like never
    before. John could feel Justin’s ass cheeks squeeze his knuckles and the
    young Marines inner ass muscles clamp down hard onto his thrusting finger.
    Just like before, as soon as it all started, it all stopped. Justin eased
    back down flat on his feet, but held his head to the left beam for support.
    John began using his tongue to swipe up the running streams of sweat beading
    down Justin’s heavy panting back. His sweat was sweet and salty, and John
    lovingly graced Justin’s back with his tongue, ensuring not to miss a single
    sweaty inch. John cleaned Justin’s back and immediately dove between the
    young Marine’s ass cheeks for another helping of his hot, juicy, sweaty,
    pungent asshole. Justin was lost in pleasure as the tongue screaming in and
    out of his anal canal shattered the remainder of his emotions.

    John backed off the delicious asshole and stood, admiring the tracks all
    over Justin’s back and ass cheeks caused by the cherished effect of the elk
    skin floggers. Justin’s head was hung low, towards his feet as John stepped
    to his left side and whispered, “Have you ever dreamed of sucking another
    man’s cock?” Though he tried his best to shout it out, hoarsely he replied,
    “Sir, no sir!” John asked, “Have you ever wondered what it would feel like
    to have a man’s cock fuck you in the ass?” Once again, hoarsely, “Sir, no
    sir!” John added, “I bet you before tonight is over, you’ll be begging me to
    fuck your juicy asshole and let you suck my fuck stick, aint that right,
    BOY!” Mustering the energy, Justin shouted, “SIR, uh, YES SIR!”

    John walked in front of Justin and sank to his knees. Justin’s cock was
    soaking wet with his pre cum as John flickered his tongue, stabbing the piss
    slit. John whimpered as his lips encircled Justin’s torpedo shaped cock
    head, slurping the precious pre cum into his thirsty mouth. John bobbed his
    head up and down the pre cum soaked shaft, scooping up all of the delicious
    honey that spewed from deep within Justin. Justin moaned ever so loudly as
    the hot mouth boiled onto his clutched vibrating, pulsating cock. He could
    feel his sperm mustering up an attack, but his spread, tied balls had no
    room to spray his healthy load of life giving seed. Justin pinched his ass
    cheeks together with all his might to force out his painful load, but only
    the tingling sensation reached the base of his cock, nothing else. Even the
    painful clamps which locked his nipples had subsided to a point that they
    now only tingled with a dull ache.

    After fully cleaning Justin’s cock off with his hungry mouth, John stood up,
    gave Justin some water, and walked over to a bag hanging from a hook on the
    far wall. Justin tried his best to focus his eyes on John’s activity, but
    his emotions had reached a never before high, causing his vision to be
    somewhat blurry. John opened the bag directly behind Justin and retrieved an
    item. Justin tried to stare through the mirror to see what it was the Sarge
    now was holding in his hand, but couldn’t make anything out. John took the
    opportunity to take a mouthful of tender bites all along Justin’s sweaty ass
    cheeks, forcing Justin to screech out in some form of miserable delight.
    Justin tried to run away from the teeth sinking into his ass flesh, but the
    chain attached to his balls quickly brought him back to reality. Though his
    balls ached, his cock was being massaged by the heated padding while the
    vibrations kept his rock hard cock torturously alive.

    John had retrieved an anal probe from the bag and had mildly greased it up.
    He preferred to use this on all of his anal virgins cause the actual stem
    was ten inches long, thin, and at the very tip, it was a small ball with
    various lengths of rubber strands splintering out. John had a mouthful of
    Justin’s left ass cheek as he placed the greasy tip up to Justin’s quivering
    asshole. With steady pressure, the tip penetrated Justin’s fiery hot, super
    tasty asshole and began its upward travel up his muscle clamping chute. John
    had positioned himself so he could look into the mirror and see the faces
    Justin was making as the anal probe traveled farther past the point of never
    before exploration. Justin was flinging his head all over while his mouth
    twisted and contorted in many shapes as the probe slowly traveled up his
    Hershey highway. John could sense and feel some resistance, but he applied
    steady pressure. Justin’s body shook violently as the probe reached its
    maximum ten inch level. John held the probe firmly and quickly spun the
    handle, forcing the little ball and little outstretched rubber hairs to spin
    freely inside Justin’s anal chute. Justin cried out as his body literally
    exploded with sensations he could never begin to describe. He began pounding
    his cock into the tightly vibrating hole as if he were getting his last
    piece of ass. John continued to spin the anal probe faster and faster, with
    each time bringing Justin to a heightened frenzy.

    John unlocked his teeth from Justin’s ass cheek and powerfully said, “Do not
    speak unless you are spoken to. The only exception is the word RED! Sounds
    are acceptable, words are not!” Justin nodded his head as John continued to
    spin the probe as fast as he possibly could. Justin was whimpering, cooing,
    moaning, and groaning, but proudly enough, never uttered a single word. At
    this point, John now knew Justin was all his!

    The anal probe that once spun openly and wildly up his shocked chute now
    began to travel up and down while twisting and turning bringing him into a
    newfound frenzy. After a few short minutes of slowly fucking the probe in
    and out of Justin’s ass, John began to literally pound the probe fast and
    furious, causing his hand holding the base of the probe to splash into
    Justin’s spread ass cheeks. The power behind the upwards thrust forced
    Justin to rise up on his toes, yanking his balls back down towards the
    platform. His body was more confused than anything else, as the pain mixed
    with overpowering pleasure ricochet throughout his entire shaking body.

    Justin’s ass felt like there was a hot poker iron ripping and tearing at his
    anal walls. But, the initial shock of the penetrating pain quickly subsided
    and the thing up his ass was giving him more pleasure than he had ever
    experienced ever before. John pounded the probe up Justin’s ass for more
    than fifteen minutes, pacing his fucking rhythm with a mixture of
    techniques. He retracted the probe and once the glistening tip popped out of
    Justin’s hole, John stared at the probe for a split second to see if there
    was any anal residue on the greasy toy. Being the odor freak that he was, he
    didn’t hesitate to bring the tip to his nostril and sniff. To John, the
    aroma was intoxicating, not deplorable or degrading.

    John held the probe in his left hand and began to slap Justin’s sweaty ass
    cheeks, one right after the other. After a solid minute of open hand
    pounding on the young Marine’s bright red cheeks, John stopped and walked in
    front of Justin who had his head hung low and his eyes were tightly shut.
    John held the probe up to Justin’s face, a few inches away, and said, “Look
    at me!” Justin forced his heavy head to rise and flickered his glossy eyes
    into John’s. John smiled and with a voice of authority said, “This was just
    up your tight little ass! If you want to feel more, open your mouth and hold
    out your tongue. If you want this to end right now, just simply close your
    mouth!” Justin didn’t even have to think as his tongue swiped his lips and
    his mouth opened and held out his tongue. John placed the rubbery ball onto
    Justin’s flattened tongue and began twirling it around. After a few twirls,
    John instructed, “Close you mouth over the tip, but do not use your teeth.”
    Justin obeyed as John rolled the probe around inside Justin’s mouth. John
    spoke, “Taste your own ass juice BOY! This is from your own body! Taste what
    I taste! Close your eyes and cherish the flavor!” Justin did as he was
    commanded and John watched as he could see Justin’s throat swallow his anal
    juice mixed with his own saliva. At this point, John knew it was all over.
    Justin was completely his!

    The probe was forced out of Justin’s sucking mouth and John put it to the
    side and just stood in front of Justin, locking their eyes on the other.
    John smiled and softly asked, “Justin, do you want me to undress?” Justin
    gulped and still maintaining eye contact, replied, “SIR, YES SIR!” John
    began unlacing his boots, and after doing so, stepped out of them. He
    removed his sock, then slowly pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it
    to the side. Justin stared with envy and a curious hunger as his eyes
    strained on the bulging rock hard formations of the Sarge’s rock solid
    muscular body. As John’s fingers toughed the buttons of his pants, Justin’s
    eyes got even bigger as he zeroed in on the huge distinct outline of the
    man’s long, thick cock pointing down to his feet. Once the buttons were
    unhooked, John slipped his pants down and Justin gulped even harder when the
    Sarge’s more than impressive cock popped into full unobstructed view. Justin
    didn’t think no human had a cock that was so long and thick. To be so big,
    it stood straight out from the Sarge’s muscular body with a slight bend
    downwards somewhere in the middle of the long thick shaft. The mushroom head
    was huge, at least four or five times thicker than his own cock. Justin
    could see the pearl drop of pre cum glued to the long, slightly opened piss
    slit. It was veiny at all like he once inwardly imagined. The Sarge’s cock
    was a creamy color, mixed impressively with his neatly trimmed blond pubic
    hairs. Once John’s balls came into view, Justin licked his lips feverishly
    as the shaven hard nuggets looked like one big baseball attached to the base
    of the giant cock before him.

    John stood before Justin watching his eyes who were now locked onto his
    throbbing freed cock. Justin wanted to reach out and touch the giant beast
    just to see if it was really real, but knew not to speak unless the Sarge
    spoke first. John teasingly placed his right hand on his impressive tool and
    began slowly jacking the giant muscle while letting his left hand stroke the
    sides of Justin’s sweaty face. Not once did Justin peer into John’s eyes,
    instead, the young Marine’s eyes remained locked onto the cock that
    bewildered his every heterosexual emotions. After a few seconds, John
    released both his cock and Justin’s face and turned to walk behind him once
    again. Justin had a great look at the rock solid bubble ass of the Sarge.
    His ass cheeks were definitely pronounced without a single blemish anywhere
    his eyes traveled.

    Justin was a bit more than confused. Not once in his life had he thought of
    ever being with another man, but now, here he was, in the basement of a true
    Marine who he thought he was just going to get a blow-job from, and nothing
    else. Now, he was tied to a cross, his cock trapped inside a hole that
    vibrated and pulsed, his balls were tied and separated and attached to the
    platform, a tongue had been up his ass, an anal toy had given him pleasure
    he never thought possible, nipple clamps pleasingly tortured both of his
    nipples, he had been flogged into another world, ass cheeks spanked to an
    intensifying passion, he had tasted his own anal juice on the probe, he now
    was more than fascinated over the Sarge’s giant cock and baseball like
    balls, and to top it all off, he actually was fantasizing about the Sarge’s
    super muscular, defiantly bubbly ass.

    As he stand there, unable to move, pondering the possibility of being gay,
    his world of reality sank back in as the Sarge drove his tongue up his anal
    canal one more time, stealing his every breath at the sudden invasion. John
    was slurping away at Justin’s asshole while using both hands to slap and
    clutch his already sensitive ass cheeks. Justin had no other choice but to
    cram his body into the wooden beams and moan frantically. After about ten
    minutes of so of steady ass slurping and slapping, John backed off and stood
    up. Justin was doing his best to catch his breath as he felt the giant beast
    slide into his ass crack and strike his well eaten asshole. He feared that
    the Sarge might try and shove that huge pole up his ass, but fought the urge
    to yell RED. John closed his eyes as his fuck pole slid along freely up and
    down Justin’s sweaty ass crack. He could feel the burning heat from the
    young Marine’s tasty asshole burn the tip of his cock as it pressingly
    smeared his own pre cum onto the quivering little hole. John backed off,
    sensing the nervousness in Justin’s shaking body. He wanted the boy to crave
    his cock, not fear it.

    It was time for John to take Justin to the next level, so he began taking
    his ankles and wrists out of the restraints. John had unhooked the chain
    from the platform and allowed it to dangle freely causing Justin’s
    professionally tied balls to be pulled by the weight of the chain. The
    sickening feeling returned back into Justin’s stomach as his balls felt like
    they were being slowly pulled from their sac. John then flipped the switch
    off that caused the cushion clamping onto his cock to stop vibrating and
    pulsating. Justin was covered in sweat from head to toe as the only thing
    that held him to the cross was the nipple clamps. John stepped to Justin’s
    right side and placed his fingers on the nipple clamp and quickly released
    the alligator like grip. As the blood hastily rushed through Justin’s
    nipples, his feet began to bounce from side to side as the pain shot through
    his right nipple as if electricity was spitting from the very tip. John
    reached over and repeated the same process on the left nipple. The results
    were the same for Justin as the pain of the freely released blood completed
    its journey back into his nipple.

    Justin took the time to look down at his cock and saw the distinct
    discoloration. He could almost feel his cum wanting to blast its heavy load
    somewhere between the top of his balls and the base of his painfully
    throbbing cock. But, through it all, one thing was definitely for sure. His
    cock remained rock hard! John had Justin back off the platform of the cross
    and he stood by the young Marine’s side in case his legs were not strong
    enough to stand on their own. Justin’s legs felt like Jell-O and John had to
    hold onto him as he stood on the dungeon’s concrete floor. Natural instinct
    from the weight of the chain pulling onto his balls forced him to stand with
    his legs spread just beyond shoulder width apart. John softly said, “Stand
    perfectly still with your hands on the back of your head!” Justin
    immediately replied, “SIR, YES SIR!” John walked over to an office table and
    rolled a small stool over to Justin, just in front of him. Justin had no
    clue what the Sarge was going to do next, but a brave rush of curiosity and
    excitement rapidly shot through his body.

    John sat on the stool leaving his face just above Justin’s convulsing cock.
    John reached out and cupped Justin’s secured aching balls and began rolling
    them around in the palm of his left hand. Justin grunted as his tied and
    separated balls clashed together from time to time as John began to lightly
    slap them with his right hand. John’s left hand had grabbed a handful of
    sac, beginning with the skin just below the base of his cock, forcing his
    balls to tighten at the bottom of the sac like a pimple looking like it was
    two days over due to be popped. John had just enough fingernails to scratch
    Justin’s delicate nuggets causing Justin to groan with each scrape of the
    fingernails. John constantly applied pressure on Justin’s balls by pulling
    them down while rotating between slapping them and using his fingernails to
    scratch the tightly stretched sac. Though it was rather painful at times, to
    Justin, it was also a newfound pleasure. John added to the excitement by
    implementing the play of a cigarette lighter. He held the lighter a few
    inches from the base of Justin’s outstretched nuggets and flashed the flames
    all over his balls, causing Justin to screech from the burning heat.

    While John was slowly cooking Justin’s balls, he couldn’t resist the urge to
    have his cock back inside the comfort of his mouth, so without hesitation,
    John swallowed Justin’s cock to the point his pubic hairs smashed onto his
    nose. From the pulling on his balls, his balls being literally cooked, and
    now his cock was being sucked on, forced Justin to yell, “Please let me cum
    SIR!” John pulled his mouth from the super tasty cock, leaned back and began
    to twist the boy’s sac counterclockwise. The tightening of his already tight
    sac of his balls caused Justin to dance from one foot to the other as the
    Sarge kept on twisting and twisting. He had placed the lighter down onto the
    floor and rummaged through a bag next to him until he retrieved a small
    leather strap. Justin was looking down at the new device and couldn’t help
    not to notice that the strap of leather had several more straps of strands
    of leather at the very end.

    John held the leather strap with his right hand and held onto the twisted
    flesh of Justin’s sac, the commandingly stated, “You spoke when you were not
    spoken to. Now, you must pay!” John raised Justin’s sweaty nuts upwards and
    started to gingerly use the strands of leather to swat his glistening
    nuggets. With each slap of the leather, millions of volts of electricity
    scorched through his balls and electrified his every waking emotions. Justin
    thought his balls had been dropped into a nest of yellow jackets as the
    searing heat from the leather strands burned their mark all over his nuts.
    John yelled, “Stand still BOY!” Justin fought with all he had to keep his
    straddled feet flat on the floor. As each slap of the leather struck his
    balls, he wanted to desperately bring his feet up to help alleviate some of
    the pain. John added to the pain by striking the leather strap on the very
    tip of his exposed cock head. Justin was biting his lips and squinting his
    eyes tightly as one right after another landed on his cock and stretched

    If his cock and balls were not bad enough, Justin almost leaped out of his
    skin when the Sarge added the front and the inner portion of his thighs to
    the slapping of the leather strap. John must have worked on Justin’s cock,
    balls, and thighs for nearly twenty minutes before placing the leather strap
    back into the bag. Justin was sweating heavier now than ever before, but he
    was more than thankful for this treatment to have ended. Just as he thought
    that his punishment was over, John looked up and stated, “Lay across my lap
    and soon you will understand that you must never speak unless you have been
    spoken to.” Justin obeyed and placed his body across the Sarge’s muscular
    lap. His cock was pointing towards the ground in between the Sarge’s spread
    legs. The massive one eyed beast of the Sarge pressed firmly into his lower
    stomach region. Once Justin was in place, the Sarge ordered, “Lock your
    hands behind your back and no matter what, do not unlock them!” Justin’s
    head was dangling towards the floor as he hooked his hands together behind
    his sweaty back.

    John slid his hands across Justin’s jutting lower back and creamy white ass
    cheeks, smearing Justin’s sweat all over as his fingers dug into the silky
    flesh. John used the toes of his left foot to capture the chain attached to
    Justin’s balls and he began applying steady pressure as his right hand
    quickly began slapping at Justin’s jutting ass cheeks. Justin flung his head
    backwards as the sting from the heavy hand popped his sweaty ass flesh.
    Rapid and repetitive strikes landed on one, then both, bright red cheeks.
    John helped Justin keep his hands locked behind his back by gripping onto
    the young lad’s thumbs with his left hand. His ass felt like it was on fire
    and his balls seemed like they were being slowly pulled right out of the
    burning sac. John slapped Justin’s solid little ass until his own hand began
    to hurt. Reaching down into the bag beside him, John retrieved a wooden
    paddle that had ten small holes bored out starting from the center.

    Justin’s ass felt relieved when the Sarge stopped slapping his ass as the
    cool damp air in the room quickly soothed the burning sensation. But, that
    soon came to an abrupt end as he felt the major burning as the paddle landed
    directly in the middle of both of his butt cheeks. He couldn’t help but to
    toss his head up and down and from side to side as the object now smashing
    against his butt cheeks seemingly tore into his sweaty flesh. Smack, smack,
    smack, one right after the other landed heavily onto his butt. Justin
    thought someone had poured gasoline on his butt and struck a match leaving
    his ass on fire. The tugging on his cum filled balls wasn’t helping matters
    any, either. As the paddle came down hard and heavy, the Sarge kept saying,
    “Never speak unless you are spoken to. The only acceptable word that should
    ever escape your mouth is RED!” Justin didn’t have the air in his lungs to
    cry out as each fast burning smack knocked whatever little breath he had
    left, right out. What felt like an eternity, thankfully for Justin, the
    Sarge finally stopped tearing his ass up with the paddle.

    John released Justin’s thumbs and soothing spoke, “Have you ever tasted you
    own pre cum?” Justin quickly answered, “SIR, YES SIR!” John asked, “Have you
    ever tasted another man’s pre cum?” Justin replied, “SIR, NO SIR!” John used
    his left hand to reach over Justin’s shaking little body and with his middle
    finger, easily scooped some of his own manly pre cum. Holding his middle
    finger just in front of Justin’s face, John stated, “This is mine! Raise
    your head up and open your mouth if you want to taste me, BOY!” Justin not
    only raised his head up, but he quickly sucked in the middle finger before
    him up to the last knuckle. John almost busted a nut as Justin used a
    tremendous amount of pressure sucking on his finger. The heat from inside
    the boy’s mouth felt like it was melting the flesh off of his finger. John’s
    right hand began lovingly caressing the welted up flesh of the ass he had
    just recently paddled, but he maintained the steady pressure on the chain
    attached to Justin’s balls.

    The Sarge had to literally force his finger from the suctioning of Justin’s
    vacuum like mouth. Justin found himself utterly liking the taste of the
    Sarge’s pre cum and silently begged for more. John took his time and
    periodically scooped up his own pre cum and fed it to Justin. He no longer
    had to ask if he wanted to taste his pre cum. As soon as he placed his
    finger in front of Justin’s mouth, the young lad immediately crammed his
    mouth on John’s finger. John then added a new twist to the action by
    fingering his own ass with the same middle finger. He put his finger up his
    butt as far as it could go, pulled it out and held it up in front of
    Justin’s nostrils, then said, “This finger was just up my ass! Smell it
    BOY!” Justin inhaled deeply and he would have never in a million years
    thought of doing what he now was doing. The smell bore down his nose,
    filling up his lungs. It was a strange odor, yet familiar one. Justin
    actually thought at first that this was going to be rather disgusting, but
    the more he sniffed, he found that he rather liked it.

    While Justin was sniffing his finger, John inserted the middle finger of his
    right hand all the way up Justin’s chute. The sudden, rather dry, invasion
    caused Justin to inadvertently open his mouth and getting his first taste of
    another man’s ass. In fact, this was his first taste of ass other than him
    sucking on the anal probe that once filled his rectum. John could feel
    Justin’s tongue rolling around all over his finger while the young lad
    sucked hard on his finger. John pulled his finger free from Justin’s mouth
    and now that it was slick with his saliva, John reinserted his finger back
    up his own ass canal. The feeling of his other finger up Justin’s ass was
    more than awesome, and by fucking his own ass with his own finger, only
    heightened his already horny status. John pulled his finger out of his ass
    and held it in front of Justin who never hesitated by slamming his greedy
    mouth back onto the ass juice covered finger. Justin liked the finger up his
    ass and he really liked sucking on the Sarge’s finger that had just been up
    the most perfect ass any human could ever have.

    After some time, John ordered Justin up. Justin had major difficulty
    standing on his very weak legs. His body felt drained, yet his cock throbbed
    for more attention. John ordered Justin to follow him which the young Marine
    did so without any signs of hesitation. They wound up by a homemade wooden
    table and John helped Justin up onto it. Justin was on his knees with his
    ass jutting proudly in the air and his elbows were flat on the table top.
    The top of the table was heavily padded and thickly cushioned. John raised
    up an ankle cuff and began cuffing both of Justin’s ankles softly, but
    securely. His knees were spread wide as John began restraining each of
    Justin’s wrists to either side of the table, with his hands aiming towards
    the floor. Justin felt a strap being applied around the break of each knee
    and watched as the Sarge stood in front of him and turned a handle which
    caused the strap to tighten, locking his knees firmly in place. By the time
    the Sarge was done, the only thing Justin could move was his head, fingers,
    and toes. Justin felt the padding under his face being moved and watched as
    the top layer was removed and his entire head was peering into a hole.

    He felt something go over his head and quickly realized that now he no
    longer could even move his head as the cushiony thing trapped his head in
    place. He could only stare at the deserted floor under the homemade table.
    Justin felt the table move, but couldn’t see anything at all. He felt the
    Sarge’s hand on his still rock hard cock and then something cold being
    applied over it. John placed an electric pump over Justin’s cock and
    strapped it in around his waist. Hitting the switch, John expertly made the
    adjustment necessary for a perfect fit. As the pressure increased, Justin
    could feel the device sucking his cock with insurmountable pressure like
    never before experienced. John adjusted the timer to automatically pump
    every 30 seconds, hold it for 30 seconds, then automatically release the
    air. Once the cock pump was working perfectly, John walked behind Justin and
    could only gaze at the boy’s puckering asshole. To John, Justin’s hot little
    ass was a thing of pure innocent beauty.

    As the thing on his cock sucked out the air, Justin could feel his cock
    expand as the pressure increased. It felt weird, but somewhat pleasurable
    all at the same time. John removed the section of table top not needed
    behind Justin and just had to smear his face between Justin’s sweaty
    appetizing ass crack. Within seconds, John found his tongue snaking up
    Justin’s mouth watering flavored ass canal. He used his tongue like a drill,
    scouring the depths his tongue could only reach. Justin could feel his body
    shaking, but he really was at the Sarge’s mercy now, unable to move anything
    but his fingers and toes. The tongue playing inside his ass felt
    overpowering and the thing pumping on his cock only added to the heat of the

    John tongue worshiped Justin’s delicious asshole for quite some time before
    reluctantly pulling his tongue free from the super hot tunnel. John pulled
    out a long feather and began brushing it ever so lightly all over Justin’s
    back, balls, butt, and legs. Justin fought back the tears of laughter as the
    tickling sensation ran its free course all over his body. The thing pumping
    his cock began to create a dull ache, but adding the tickling of the feather
    was a twisting roller coaster ride of emotions. Keeping the feather rolling
    freely all over Justin’s bunked up body, John pulled out a vibrating,
    rotating rubber finger. It was probably three inches long at best, but John
    knew the excitement in which it added once activated. He stuck the rubber
    finger in his mouth to slicker it up, then placed the finger against
    Justin’s twitching anus and slid it all the way in. Justin felt the finger
    slide up his well eaten asshole, but really thought it belonged to the
    Sarge. He never knew the difference until the Sarge hit the switch and then
    the finger inside his ass went berserk. John had activated the twisting
    finger full speed and held it inside Justin’s hole and continued on with the
    torturous tickling with the feather. The thing up his ass felt awkward at
    first, then felt right at home. He was torn with laughter and whimpering as
    now his cock, asshole, and entire lower region was being paid heavily
    attention to.

    After some time, John put the feather up and started using his bare open
    hand to slap Justin’s ass cheeks while using the rapidly twisting finger to
    fuck his muscle gripping asshole. Justin wanted to smash his ass back onto
    the thrusting finger, but thanks to being so securely restrained, he could
    do nothing but groan in ecstasy. The heavy handed slaps on his ass no longer
    stung. They actually felt really good and Justin inwardly craved for more.
    John withdrew the finger from Justin’s ass and gave it a quick sniff before
    placing it down. To John, it smelled so heavenly, fresh and pure. John
    picked up a slender vibrator shaped like a thin torpedo. After ensuring it
    was slick enough with his saliva, he quickly inserted it up Justin’s ass. It
    didn’t take Justin long to figure out whatever was invading his asshole was
    much thicker than anything he had experienced so far. He felt his anal walls
    being stretched apart and felt the fire within his anal region explode. John
    continued to slap his butt cheeks while taking his time inserting the eight
    inch vibrator up the young Marine’s cherished asshole. As for Justin, his
    asshole hurt like hell, but he clamped down on his lip with his teeth and
    tried his best not to flex his ass muscles. No matter what, with each hard
    slap, he clamped down hard with all his ass muscle might. John flipped the
    switch up and Justin not only felt the thing vibrate, but heard it as well.

    John had about six inches of the vibrator buried up Justin’s never before
    explored anal canal. Within thirty seconds of just holding it in one place,
    he read Justin’s sweaty body and began slowly fucking the vibrator in and
    out of his slick hole. John used the vibrator in Justin’s muscle clamping
    asshole for quite some time before pulling it out and setting it to the
    side. Justin actually felt empty once the vibrator left his ass, but he
    refused to utter a single word and just patiently waited for whatever next
    was to happen.

    The pump pumping Justin’s cock felt like it was sucking the life right out
    of him and as time drew on, his cock became more and more sensitive from the
    vacuuming pressure. Justin moaned and groaned, but withheld every temptation
    to speak out loud. John pulled out a six inch dildo that was just a bit
    thicker around than the vibrator. He spat all over it and slid his saliva up
    and down the rubber make believe cock. John placed the rubber mushroom head
    up against Justin’s anus and pushed the head right in causing Justin to
    groan as he felt his anal walls expand to accommodate the girth of the
    object sliding up his chute. Justin was grunting and John was pushing until
    he managed to shove the dildo all the way up Justin’s glory hole. John began
    slowly fucking the rubber cock in and out of Justin’s asshole while staring
    at his anal ring clutching onto the rubber shaft for dear life.

    With his right hand guiding the rubber cock in and out of Justin’s tight
    hole, John began to use his left hand to slap the young Marine’s bright red
    ass cheeks. John teasingly asked, “Tell me BOY, you like your asshole
    filled, don’t you?” Justin didn’t yell, but screamed, “SIR, YES SIR!” John
    then asked, “You like to feel my hand whipping your ass, don’t you?” Once
    again, Justin screamed, “SIR, YES SIR!” John picked up his rhythm on both
    Justin’s ass and asshole by slamming the dildo fast and ferocious inside his
    ass while smacking his rosy cheeks severely. John didn’t skip a beat with
    either hand as he commandingly asked, “Do you want to feel something bigger
    in your ass?” Justin cried out, “SIR, YES SIR!” John smiled, then snapped
    back, “I thought you were one of those straight boys. Tell me why you want
    to feel something in your ass?” Justin was biting his lips as the pressure
    in both his ass and his cock was beyond the point of explosion, but
    screamed, “SIR, the private likes it, SIR!” John barked out, “You LIKE IT!”
    Justin was flinching his eyes and panting heavily for air, but shouted,

    Justin could barely believe he actually wanted something else to slip up his
    burning hot ass. Was he now gay? Did he really want to feel anything else up
    his chute? Did he really enjoy all the things the Sarge had done and was
    still doing to him? The more he thought, the quicker he came up with “fuck
    it”, it was all feeling too good to want to stop now. Nobody had ever paid
    this much attention to him before, or at least, no woman.

    John pulled out another dildo, but this one was thicker and eight inches
    long with a pair of fake nuts at the base. This time, john pulled out his
    strawberry flavored lube and smeared it all over the veiny rubber cock.
    Before trying to give this young lad what he so desires, John pulled out a
    small leather whip which had about ten fine leather hairs. As soon as the
    whip landed across Justin’s ass cheeks, Justin screamed out as the stinging
    sensation sang throughout his already quivering body. John slapped both ass
    cheeks equally, ensuring that the straps left their marks all over Justin’s
    jutting gorgeous little ass. While whipping the young Marine into another
    exotic world, John placed the head of the dildo up to Justin’s glistening
    glory hole and pushed. Between the whipping on his ass and now something way
    bigger than he had ever experienced before sliding up his rectum, Justin
    thought he was going to blow his wad, but the vacuum on his cock kept that
    sensation at nothing more than a dull ache, as well as his nuts being
    tightly bound.

    He met some resistance from Justin’s anal muscles as he slowly pursued
    slipping the eight inch rubber cock up Justin’s tight hole. Once John got
    the thick rubber cock all the way up his ass, smashing the fake balls
    against Justin’s tightly bound nuts, John began his slow fucking motion
    while continuing to whip Justin’s whelping and shiny red ass. Justin thought
    his ass was being ripped open from the inside out as the thick thing pushed
    in and pulled out, leaving him with a feeling that his guts were being
    suctioned out upon each withdrawal. Within a few seconds, all the pain and
    discomfort was replaced by pure astonishing pleasure. Justin wanted to shove
    his ass onto the withdrawing obstacle inside his ass, but he was bound too
    securely to do so. It was during all of this that Justin came to realize
    that he actually liked being bound, whipped, spanked, and most of all, he
    really loved the way he felt when something was inside his ass. No longer
    did he care about being straight or gay. All he wanted was for this night to
    never end.

    John fucked Justin into another world using the rubber cock while whipping
    his ass to perfection for a long, long time. John pulled the dildo out of
    Justin and turned off the device pumping his cock. Unable to resist the
    urge, John slammed his greedy face between Justin’s shiny ass crack and
    immediately began tongue fucking the boy like never before. After just
    having a pretty thick rubber cock up his ass, allowed John to really enjoy
    swiping Justin’s anal canal with very little effort. John dined on his
    asshole for a little while before beginning the task of releasing Justin
    from all of his restraints. Once John removed all of the restraints, he
    helped Justin to his feet. Justin stood with only the thick chain attached
    to the bottom of his nut sac, still adding weight to his aching cum filled

    For the first time, Justin stole a glance at his own cock and realized the
    pump had made his cock look two to three times thicker. John fell to his
    knees and quickly swallowed the thick pumped up cock of Justin. If it were
    not for the table behind him, Justin probably would have fell backwards as
    the heat from the Sarge’s mouth stole the remaining breath from his heavily
    breathing body. John sucked on Justin’s cock, only removing his mouth to
    inhale this gorgeous young Marine’s sweaty balls. He rotated from his cock
    to his balls for some time before standing up and just stood before Justin,
    looking at him with a shit evil grin. Justin had no clue what might be next,
    but he had already told himself whatever the Sarge wanted, he would be more
    than willing to do.

    John looked a Justin, smiled, then softly whispered, “Have you ever touched
    another man’s cock?” Justin, with his hands behind his back in the parade
    position, responded, “SIR, NO SIR!” John could see Justin’s eyes beading
    down on his massive tool as he softly asked, “Would you like to touch mine?”
    A smile broadened over Justin’s already priceless face as he instantly fired
    back, “SIR, YES SIR! The PRIVATE wants to touch the SARGE”S COCK,
    SIRRRRRRRR!” John took a step forward and said, “Here it is private! Touch
    it like you mean it!” Justin released his grip from his hands behind his
    back and quickly brought his shaking right hand just under the huge pre cum
    dripping bulbous head. The skin felt like velvet mixed with satin as Justin
    slid his palm under the length of the huge cock before him. Stretching his
    right hand all the way out was not wide enough to even go all the way around
    the thick member. By all means, the Sarge’s cock was steel like, but he felt
    like his hand was melting on the smooth flesh as it slid all over the giant
    fuck tool. The hand on his cock was sending his mind into orbit and John
    loved the way Justin was looking at his cock while using his hand to feel
    something he had never felt before, other than his own.

    John brought both of his fingers up to each of Justin’s erect nipples and he
    began pinching just at he very tip. Justin closed his eyes as the pleasure
    of his nipples being pinched sent shivers racing up and down his spine. John
    gaspingly instructed, “Use your left hand to feel my balls, private!” Justin
    did as ordered and he almost passed out as soon as he cupped the Sarge’s
    huge clean shaven balls. They were smooth and rock hard all at the same
    time. He now had another man’s cock and balls in his clutches and Justin
    admitted to himself that he liked it!

    Justin’s eyes widened as the Sarge just backed up, forcing his cock and
    balls to slide from his hands. His eyes focused heavily on the muscular ass
    cheeks of the Sarge as they rippled with each step. John walked over to a
    homemade wooden platform on the other side of the dungeon, which from
    Justin’s angle, looked like the top portion was thickly padded. John
    motioned for Justin to come to him to which he did so being very careful to
    take a step thanks to the heavy chain weighing down his aching balls. Justin
    was standing at Marine Corps attention in front of the Sarge and cautiously
    watched him retrieve some type of hood. John placed the leather hood over
    Justin’s face, leaving the young Marine in total darkness. John tied the
    hood securely leaving only Justin’s mouth free to be seen. The interior of
    the hood was thickly padded and the only avenue for oxygen was the opening
    for the mouth. John was more than impressed that Justin offered no signs of
    reluctance to having a hood be bound over his entire face.

    John reached down and grabbed the chain attached to Justin’s tied nuts and
    used the chain as a leash for Justin to walk blindly. Justin had no choice
    but to follow wherever the chain led him. John brought Justin over to
    another platform and helped him step up onto it. He guided Justin onto his
    knees and positioned padded wooden armrests on either side of him after
    adjusting them to Justin’s desired height level. Once the homemade armrests
    were in place, John bound Justin’s forearms to the top of the padded armrest
    using thick soft leather cuffs. He made Justin stretch his fingers outwards,
    then he used another soft cuff to bound his hands flat on top of the
    armrests. Once he had Justin in place and securely bound, John stepped down
    from the platform and turned the crank clockwise, raising a long slender
    rubber cock upwards from the darkness under the platform. It was exactly
    twelve inches in length and John obtained this one because of its length and
    it being as slender as it was. It was about as thick as your average
    vibrator. Once John had it fully extended, he smeared the strawberry lube
    all over it and then applied several globs to Justin’s tingling ass. The
    cold cream burned up Justin’s hole, soothing him in the process. He had no
    clue what was about to happen, but he enjoyed the fingers of the Sarge
    gliding in and out of his hungry hole.

    John had Justin sit up on his heels and he locked the long fake cock in
    place and used his hands to lower Justin onto the long rubber cock. Justin
    fell back onto his knees as he unintentionally impaled himself on the
    lengthy invader. John could feel the air rushing from the mouth hole as
    Justin sank his ass all the way down on the fuck pole. Within seconds, John
    watched Justin slowly rise up, then fall back, fucking himself onto the fake
    cock. Soft elegant moans flew out of the mouth hole and John figured the
    time was right, so he softly spoke, “Private, my cock is right in front of
    your mouth. All you have to do is open your mouth and enjoy, that is, if you
    want to!” The muffled cries bellowed out of Justin’s mouth hole, “SIR, YES
    SIR!” John felt Justin’s tongue swipe his pre cum oozing piss slit and then
    soft whimpers followed from Justin. Justin opened his mouth wide and managed
    to get the huge mushroom head inside of his stretched mouth. His first cock,
    his first real taste of cock, and he was now hooked. The feeling weltering
    up inside of him had built to a devastating high. To Justin, it felt so
    natural having the Sarge’s cock inside his mouth. He only wished he could
    get more of it inside.

    Justin gagged and choked on the thick one eyed beast, fighting with the
    desire to swallow it all and the necessity to breathe. Justin fought to the
    point the had about three inches of the Sarge’s thick cock stuffed inside
    his mouth while pleasuring himself by picking up the pace by slamming his
    ass up and down on whatever it was giving his ass so much extreme pleasure.
    John had Justin sit flat on his ass while keeping his cock lodged inside his
    mouth. The only thing Justin could do at this point was grip his anal
    muscles hard to get the feeling he now so desperately wanted.

    John let Justin suck on his dick until he felt like he was getting ready to
    cum, so he pulled his cock out of Justin’s hot mouth and smashed his balls
    against the mouth opening where Justin immediately went to work using his
    tongue to worship the Sarge’s sweaty balls. Justin loved the taste and he
    began whimpering and groaning as he slid his tongue up and down the clean
    shaven tight nuggets. John built this device and rigged it to perfection.
    All who has sat where Justin is now sitting loved this beyond belief. John
    grabbed the remote control attached to his left side by a metal pole and
    flipped the switch to slow. The fake cock that was lodged inside Justin’s
    ass began to act like a needle on a sewing machine. Scorching up his anal
    canal a solid eleven inches, then slowly withdrawing eleven inches. Justin
    cried out as the fake cock was now doing all the work and by each slow
    thrust, casually forced his lungs to release his reaming oxygen.

    By the way Justin was now using his tongue and whimpering, john knew that
    his gorgeous young Marine was in heavenly bliss, so he slid the button up to
    medium and watched as Justin slung his head back as the fake cock began to
    pulverize his asshole to a mind boggling perfection. Justin could faintly
    hear the device as it pummeled in and out of his asshole and his mind was
    completely void of any thought process. Never had he felt like this before
    as he saw trillion upon trillions of stars flash inside his spinning head.
    John took turns feeding Justin his cock and balls, preventing himself from
    blowing his overheated load. By the way Justin was acting, John knew all too
    well that he was loving all this anal action, so he pushed the button
    upwards causing the fake pile driving cock to go faster. Grunt after grunt
    evaded the mouth hole as the fake cock raced in and out of Justin’s once
    virgin ass. John had fought back the urge to cum until he could no longer
    fight, so he politely asked, “Private, do you want to taste man seed?” With
    his mouth filled with thick cock, Justin mumbled something to the effect,
    “SIR, YES SIR!”

    John closed his eyes while flipping the switch to the highest level,
    maximum, just as his cock exploded his spewing thick cream into Justin’s
    scorching hot mouth. At this point, Justin didn’t care that he was sucking a
    man’s cock and getting ready to taste sperm for the first time, all he felt
    was the hot spray of thick man juice splatter against the roof of his mouth
    and now he had to fight with keeping the erupting cock inside his mouth
    while resisting the urge to back off of it in order to steal some well
    needed oxygen. The thing blasting off up his ass wasn’t helping matters
    either. Justin was lost in his own peaceful world, not realizing or caring
    that his mouth was rapidly filling up with man juice. John pumped load after
    thick load inside Justin’s mouth while gripping the sides of the hood for
    balance and support. Justin knew he couldn’t contain the thick spewing
    content, so he opened his throat and began swallowing the heavy man cream.
    Shockingly enough, Justin realized it wasn’t bitter, nor was it salty. It
    was just thick, hot, and creamy! He began gulping down the Sarge’s delicious
    nectar as if it were a warm vanilla milkshake. The Sarge used his own right
    hand to squeeze out the remainder of his spunk before yanking his cock out
    of Justin’s vacuum like mouth.

    Looking down, John saw the familiar sight of piss. He already knew from
    prior experiences using this pile driving technique, that all of his willing
    participants always pissed themselves while being rapidly fucked, both men
    and women alike. No human cock could go that fast for a never ending time,
    especially driving the entire length all the way in and all the way out.
    John looked down at Justin who was still silently rasping, lost in the realm
    of complete anal technology. Justin was layered with dripping sweat as John
    back off of the platform and just watched as Justin sat there getting his
    asshole ravished mechanically.

    John walked over and obtained one of his long elk skin floggers and began
    striking Justin on his upper back ever so lightly. The foreign object
    drilling his asshole like a wild hurricane had already took his soul
    somewhere else, now the ever so light stings shocked him somewhere in never,
    never land. After a few soft blows, John increased his strikes, delivering
    them harder and harder as time drew on. With the anal plunger still set on
    maximum speed, John put the flogger down and replaced it with a leather
    whip. Being skilled at striking his target, he swung the whip over his head
    and lashed out, landing where he aimed. As soon as the tail of the whip
    landed on Justin’s back, Justin felt the sharp burning pain course
    throughout his body, stinging every muscle and every nerve as it traveled
    freely about his confused and sweaty body. The sound of the loud crack
    popping by his ears made his body want to reach out and grab the tail in mid
    air with his blistered back. John intentionally struck air numerous times,
    then delivered a ripping blow to Justin’s welted back. With each smack of
    the whip, John could see the young Marine’s flesh welter, leaving a beauty
    mark from where the crack of the whip struck.

    A brief pause in between blows only hastened Justin’s already spinning mind.
    John ordered, “Get on your heels PRIVATE!” Somewhere off in the distance,
    Justin heard the command and struggled to get both souls of his feet firmly
    on the pad. With just enough skin of Justin’s jutted ass poking at him, John
    could easily see the rubber cock darting at a rapid and unbelievable speed
    in and out of the young lad’s asshole. John swung the whip and the crack
    landed flush on the upper right cheek of Justin’s sweat pouring ass. One
    right after the other, John took turns delivering loud stinging strikes to
    both exposed cheeks, mixing things up a bit by striking his upper back. John
    could tell by the way Justin was moving his back that he wanted the whip, as
    well as how he was doing his best to greet every powerful thrust from the
    pistoning rubber cock.

    Nearly twenty or so minutes passed before John retired the whip. He stood
    within a few feet of Justin to admire his skilled handy work. Whelps creased
    Justin’s ass cheeks and back profoundly as Justin was still free from his
    body, lost in his own pleasurable world. Stepping behind him, John began to
    caress Justin’s back with his sweaty hands while rubbing his rock hard man
    meat along his back as well. Justin felt the hands and cock on his back, but
    it was though they were touches from outer space. Then a voice from another
    world shouted out, “Stick out your tongue and taste me, PRIVATE!” What
    Justin couldn’t see was that the Sarge had stepped in front of him, facing
    away, and had bunked his ass up to his mouth opening. Since Justin’s
    nostrils were thickly covered, he had no way of knowing what his tongue was
    in for.

    John was bent over and clutching his ankles while pressing his sweaty ass
    onto Justin’s mouth hole. Justin stuck out his tongue as commanded and John
    immediately felt Justin’s hot snake like tongue strike his spread anus.
    Justin stabbed and licked at the area blinded to him, but soon detected
    exactly where his slithering tongue was at. Unbeknownst to the Sarge, this
    was exactly what Justin had been silently hoping for since he first laid
    eyes on the bubbly muscular ass cheeks of the Sarge. Justin licked and
    stabbed, doing his utmost very best to crawl in between the tight chamber
    and tongue worship the asshole of his darkest desires. John released his
    ankles and stretched his arms behind him and quickly began pinching and
    pulling on both of Justin’s nipples. By doing this to his nipples, only
    forced Justin to drive his tongue into the Sarge’s sweaty asshole that much
    harder. John moaned as the drilling tongue snuck inside his ass and began
    searching his anal walls.

    Justin was whimpering and doing his very best to tear his tongue free from
    its hinges to penetrate the mind twisting taste of the Sarge’s burning hot
    asshole. No longer did Justin care about being gay, or any gay adverse
    thoughts whatsoever. All he wanted to do at this point was shove his entire
    tongue up his beloved Sarge’s musky ass. John felt the young Marine’s tongue
    pound and slither its way up his chute and all he could do was moan ever so
    loud while increasing the pinching pressure on each of Justin’s perky little
    nipples. Justin was groaning and whimpering at his first taste of ass and he
    dined on the Sarge’s asshole as long as he could until the Sarge stepped
    forward, forcing his greedy ass shoveling tongue to slip out from its anal

    John stood on very wobbly legs, stumbled over to a table and retrieved a
    riding crop. He walked back over to Justin and helped the young lad to stand
    on his feet while jutting his ass backwards. John secured a pipe with ankle
    cuffs attached to each end which forced Justin’s legs to spread wider than
    before. John attached each restraint to Justin’s ankles while fastening the
    pipe to the floor with pre made hooks. Justin could easily tell he was in a
    very awkward position, being unable to move forwards, backwards, or to
    either side. John began lightly swatting Justin’s already well beaten ass
    with the riding crop while watching little goose bumps pop up along Justin’s
    sweaty heavy breathing back. As each swat was delivered, Justin could feel
    the stinging as with each strike being perfectly delivered to each cheek,
    with the next swat coming down a little harder with each blow. Soon, John
    was literally pounding the riding crop on Justin’s jutted ass. With each
    forceful strike being delivered, Justin moaned out that much louder.

    Justin’s mind and body was torn with a massive chaos of confusion as the
    pain stricken with pleasure ravished his entire restrained body. John even
    took the time to land a few blows squarely on Justin’s shriveled up nuts. It
    was a sickening feeling for Justin, but as each thud splashed upon his
    weight bearing balls, his still rock hard cock jumped with unbelievable joy.
    John pounded Justin’s ass and balls for a solid twenty minutes before
    placing the riding crop to the side. He leaned down and inhaled the pungent,
    sweaty musky fragrance spewing from Justin’s twitching asshole. The more
    John inhaled the heavenly scent, the more overwhelmed he became over his
    gorgeous young Marine and his awesome complete beauty. John lovingly tongue
    fucked Justin’s asshole while yanking on Justin’s sore cum filled balls.
    Justin wanted desperately to shove his itching asshole onto the thick tongue
    swabbing his anal canal, but thanks to being retrained so securely, he could
    do nothing but moan in ecstasy.

    The Sarge removed his tongue from Justin’s divine asshole and walked around,
    back in front of the bent over Marine. Justin’s hood covered face was forced
    to blindly look at the floor. John lay on his back and scooted his body up
    to the point his mouth was directly over the boy’s mouth hole. The Sarge
    softly ordered, “Force your saliva to roll from your lips, but do not spit,
    just let it fall free!” Justin heard the order and had no problem pushing
    his mouthful of saliva to his lips and felt it as it began pouring towards
    the floor. The first wave of Justin’s hot fresh saliva dripped into John’s
    open mouth, filtering onto his flattened tongue. John began slowly sipping
    on the young boy’s saliva as if it were melted chocolate. Justin continued
    his saliva pouring from his mouth until he had no more to offer without
    hacking up a was from his lungs. John lay there with his eyes tightly sealed
    thankful for the offering he had just received.

    While John was still on his back with his right hand pulling feverishly on
    Justin’s aching balls, he saw a single string of piss shoot out of Justin’s
    cock. Scooting his back further up, John placed his mouth within a fraction
    of an inch over Justin’s soon to be pissing hard cock, the ordered, “Let
    your piss fly, PRIVATE!” Justin felt a little weird pissing without the use
    of a urinal or toilet, but an order is an order so he unleashed his bloated
    bladder and began letting his piss gush out. John drank immediately as the
    hot fresh piss landed directly in his open mouth. Unable to get over the
    fact that even Justin’s piss was just as sweet as the rest of him, he began
    moaning eagerly as his throat stayed open in order to drink the hot jets of
    delicious Marine piss. It was just like drinking a glass of hot water and
    John didn’t spill a drop, with the only exception of a few sprinkle of drops
    splattering all over his face.

    John enclosed his lips around Justin’s precious cock head and began sucking
    the remainder of his hot piss out giving Justin the sensation of not really
    knowing if he was still pissing or just embellished in the feeling of having
    his hard cock sucked once again. As his suctioning mouth professionally
    drained Justin’s cock of his soothing hot piss, John crammed two fingers
    straight up Justin’s muscle gripping asshole. Justin could only moan as the
    fingers danced up and down inside his asshole, sending wave after shockwave
    of pure pleasure slashing throughout his, once virgin to all of this, body.
    With John’s free hand, he began pulling, twisting, and yanking on Justin’s
    securely restraint nuts. John greedily sucked on Justin’s cock until there
    was no more piss being offered, so he reluctantly pulled his mouth off,
    drawing his two ass plunging fingers free in the process.

    Once John was completely free, he stood up before the slouching Marine and
    softly whispered, “Are you sure you never tasted a cock before?” Justin
    screamed out, “SIR, NO SIR!” John asked, “Do you want to continue, BOY?”
    Justin, once again screamed, “SIR, PRIVATE WANTS MORE, SIR!” John began
    loosening up the restraints until Justin was now able to stand on his own
    two feet with the required help of the Sarge. Once John felt like Justin
    could walk, he held onto Justin’s left bicep and guided him to another
    homemade device he was extremely proud of. The hood over Justin’s face
    prevented him from seeing nothing but darkness and somewhere in his young
    mind, he began to love the darkness, as well as the unknown. John held onto
    Justin and walked him all over his dungeon just to keep the young Marine
    disoriented as to the layout. After about two and half walks around the
    dungeon, John had Justin climb up onto a padded table and had him stay in
    the doggy style position. John guided Justin’s left leg into a pre made
    padded hole, then he had him place his right leg in the far opposite hole.
    The holes only allowed Justin to get his legs in just above the kneecap.
    Once his legs were in each hole, John climbed under the table and secured
    each shins to the table legs, preventing his legs from moving at all.

    John got back up and secured each of Justin’s wrists to each side of the
    table. Justin could feel the damp breeze as it struck wildly at his now
    fully exposed asshole. John pushed against Justin’s back, lowering him flat
    on the table with his elbows arched in the air. Only his chest was on the
    table allowing his head to hang over the padded edge. John tied a thick
    leather strap from one side of the table to the other, locking Justin’s back
    in place and preventing him from moving at all. Justin felt something on the
    table move, then he felt the damp air strike his tender nipples. Then he
    felt the table move and the next thing he knew, his cock and balls were
    protruding from another pre made hole in the table. John reached into his
    bag of goodies and brought out another set of metal nipple clamps and began
    placing them on each of Justin’s nipples, causing Justin to groan as the
    pain ricochet through his tightly restrained body. With each nipple clamp in
    place, Justin felt something enclose over his cock and balls. Whatever it
    was, was really tight and he could feel the Sarge tightening it up even

    With Justin’s nipples, balls, and cock in place just where John wanted them,
    he brought out a rather thick (not as thick as his cock) butt plug. John
    poured the lube all over it and offered very little time as he began pushing
    it far and wide into Justin’s dark anal domain. Justin was grunting and
    fighting back the horrid pain as he felt his ass being pried wide open, from
    the inside out. Once John had the butt plug all the way up Justin’s
    quivering asshole, he attached a thin leather strap around Justin’s waist,
    securing the butt plug up his ass. With everything in place, John began the
    tedious task of hooking up the wires to his homemade 9 volt electrocution
    device. Once all the wires were attached to the box, John now had Justin’s
    nipples, cock, balls, and asshole prepared for some serious shock treatment.
    John held the box in his left hand while pulling up a chair directly in
    front of Justin. Since he made every device in his dungeon, he did so
    according to his own height preference.

    His thumb was touching the red button as he spoke, “Justin, do you want to
    taste some man cock?” Justin screamed, “SIR, aghhhhhhhhhhhh!” The Sarge had
    pushed down on the button sending little volts of current racing all over
    Justin’s unprepared body. His asshole pulsed as the steady wave of
    electricity scorched his anal walls. His balls, bound ever so securely,
    jumped as the heat from the current encircled around them. His cock jerked
    and twitched as the volts shot through his cock like an erupting volcano and
    his nipples lit up like the Fourth of July. John would shock Justin, pause
    for a few seconds, then shock him again. To add to his own delight, John
    reached down and grabbed onto the chain that was still weighing Justin’s
    balls down and he pulled hard onto it. Justin grunted just as the Sarge
    shocked him again, and again. John watched as Justin was flinging his head
    from side to side as the volts screamed through his body with the speed of

    The Sarge slid a chair in front of Justin’s swinging head and sat down.
    Holding the base of his massive cock with his left hand, and keeping his
    right thumb on the red button, cleared his throat, then harshly asked,
    “PRIVATE, do you want to taste a man’s cock?” This time, John allowed Justin
    to speak without shocking him. Justin was fighting for oxygen as he
    gaspingly yelled, “SIR, the private wants to suck your cock,
    SIRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” John pressed down on the button and the current tore
    through Justin’s quivering body once more. John scooted the chair up a bit
    more, leaving his cock within inches from the right side of Justin’s hooded
    head. John began slapping Justin’s face with his rock hard cock while
    offering a few more quick zaps of electricity. With his legs spread wide and
    his massive cock sticking straight up, John timed the shocking appeal and
    shoved his thick, angry looking, pre cum spewing, fat mushroom cock head
    right into the mouth opening. The heat that sparkled immediately on the head
    of his cock made John’s balls jump drastically with passion.

    Justin tasted the Sarge’s thick and gooey pre cum as his tongue had no other
    room or choice but to stab at the source of all that pre cum. Between having
    the thick cock head stuffed inside his mouth, Justin fought to breath from
    the sides of his stretched mouth. His real first taste of cock, Justin found
    himself gagging delightfully as he feverishly attempted to get more and more
    into his overly stuffed mouth. Just as Justin began gagging, John hit the
    button while yelling, “Don’t you let me feel your teeth, PRIVATE!” John fed
    Justin his cock until the young Marine was gagging on about three extremely
    thick inches. Justin bobbed his head the best he could and was torn between
    loving the way his mouth felt with the Sarge’s thick cock splitting his
    sides and anticipating when he would get another blast of current. John was
    groaning and Justin was whimpering very loud while slurping up and down on
    the thick monster ripping the corners of his overly stretched mouth.

    Justin’s ass was on fire and thought his nipples had been slowly burned off,
    along with his balls and still rock hard cock. John let Justin suck his cock
    for a short time until he felt the needed urge to blow his load. John almost
    had to force his cock out of Justin’s vacuum like mouth, and once it was
    freed, he applied a steady stream of electricity for a solid ten seconds.
    John watched as Justin tried to free his well restrained body and toss his
    head wildly as the current ripped through his convulsing body. Just as he
    released the button, John softly asked, “PRIVATE, did you like my cock in
    your mouth?” Almost immediately, Justin barked, “SIR, PRIVATE LOVED SUCKING
    YOUR COCK SIR!” John watched as Justin tensed his body with anticipation of
    the electricity, but he didn’t press the button, instead, just watched. John
    scooted himself and the chair backwards and stood on very wobbly legs. Using
    his left hand as a crutch, he caressed Justin’s bright red back, relishing
    the feeling of the sweaty hot flesh and small whelps splattered all over.
    His hand trailed south until it rested on Justin’s widely spread ass cheeks.
    John began slapping each cheek with a thunderous thud while manipulating the
    button to electrify his gorgeous beauty.

    John pulled the anal plug out of Justin’s asshole and Justin felt like his
    guts were being pulled out. John wasted no time by holding the anal plug up
    to Justin’s mouth hole and ordering him to open wide. Justin did as ordered
    and John shoved the plug into Justin’s mouth. Justin immediately tasted the
    flavored lubricant as well as his own ass juices as the Sarge tied the plug
    to the back of his head. Justin found it way easier to breath with this plug
    in his mouth than the Sarge’s thick cock, though he still had to breathe
    from the sides of his mouth. Once John had the plug securely fastened inside
    Justin’s mouth, he walked in behind him. Gazing at the young boy’s
    electrified gaping asshole, which was closing up rapidly, John couldn’t
    resist slamming his face between Justin’s sweaty ass cheeks and driving his
    tongue wildly up his fragrant chute.

    John did unhook the wires to the butt plug prior to shoving it into Justin’s
    mouth, but Justin had no way of knowing this. With each swallow, Justin got
    a mouthful of flavored lube and his own anal juices. What he once thought to
    be the most disgusting thing in the world, he now found he loved and the
    tongue ripping up his tortured chute only added to his pleasure. John
    slurped and sucked on Justin’s asshole while taking the time to zap Justin
    from time to time. He loved the way Justin’s ass clamped down on his
    exploring tongue each time he sent electricity through his body. With Justin
    in the position that he was in, he was perfectly lined up for Sarge to fuck
    him at will without having to bend or get into any awkward position. Pulling
    his tongue free, John poured lube onto his pulsing cock and smeared the
    juice all over while making sure to pour some on Justin’s asshole.

    With his metal like cock jutting straight out and shining brilliantly with
    lube, John stepped right in behind Justin’s jutting ass and placed the huge
    knob directly onto Justin’s glistening asshole. Justin’s biggest fear was
    now his bright reality. Just by the touch, he knew that the object pressing
    against his asshole was the Sarge’s beast like cock. John pressed down on
    the button and Justin’s body immediately began convulsing. One long zap,
    followed by about seven short zaps. Just as John released the button the
    final time, he shoved hard and heavy, forcing his giant one eyed cock head
    to penetrate Justin’s asshole. In one stealth move, John slipped, more like
    shoved, a good six inches straight up Justin’s chute. Justin felt the thick
    cock spread his anal walls farther than ever before and the pain rippled up
    his body forcing him to clamp down on the anal plug lodged inside his mouth.
    John could hear the air being forced out of the sides of Justin’s mouth as
    his cock slid up the boy’s chute another inch or so. Justin’s head was
    flinging wilder than before as the pain intensified with each pressing inch
    of the thick cock traveling up his once virgin anal canal.

    Heavy grunts and forced air was all John’s ears could detect as he pushed
    hard, forcing his thick cock to pound its way all the way up Justin’s ass
    until his heavy clean shaven balls slapped hard against Justin’s tied and
    spread nuggets. Justin’s body was on fire and his ass felt like someone
    poured rocket fuel inside and lit a match. Keeping his thick boner in place,
    John struck the button and almost died as the current forced Justin’s anal
    muscles to converge around his cock. Justin felt even more pain as his ass
    muscles closed on the thick cock up his ass, giving him the unpleasant
    feeling of his ass being ripped open. Within seconds, the Sarge began
    gyrating his hips while slowly fucking his thick pole in and out of Justin’s
    muscle convulsing asshole. John would bring his cock all the way out until
    he saw the very tip of his mushroom head appear, then slowly shove it all
    the way home. Every minute or so, John would zap Justin just to catch the
    awesome feeling of the boy’s ass muscles clamp heavily onto his slowly
    thrusting cock. After about two minute of slow torturous fucking, John
    picked up his pace and began ramming his thick meat in and out of Justin’s
    asshole. John only zapped Justin every so often while doing his best to fuck
    his cock all the way up his anal canal attempting to shove both huge balls
    into the cock filled ass with each violent thrust. It was Justin who was now
    groaning as the thick meat sent chills coursing up and down his spine. The
    pain he once felt, now was replaced with the most spectacular feeling he had
    ever experienced.

    Without the need to be zapped, Justin found himself doing his utmost best to
    squeeze his ass muscles with each heavy plunge of the huge cock up his ass,
    as well as with each withdrawal. John could feel Justin clamp down on his
    cock and saw no reason from this point on to zap his gorgeous Marine
    anymore. He placed the control to his side and latched both hands around
    each of Justin’s spread hips and began pile driving his pleasure pleasing
    hard cock forcefully and violently up Justin’s muscle gripping canal.

    John mixed up his pace and fucked Justin’s mind boggling asshole for nearly
    an hour before he knew he couldn’t take it any longer. Pulling his soon to
    be erupting hard cock out of Justin’s ass left Justin with the most
    sickening empty of feelings. He wanted that big cock up his ass, but thanks
    to the anal plug, he couldn’t do anything but grunt. John had basically had
    enough. He wanted to bust his nut and he knew that Justin needed to blow his
    load too. John began the task of freeing Justin, leaving the hood to last.
    With each nipple clamp being removed, the sudden rush of blood through his
    nipples caused Justin to gasp and force his body to convulse. Justin was
    still on his stomach as John undid the chain attached to his nuts, as well
    as his electrocution devices attached to Justin’s nuts and cock. John
    removed the butt plug from Justin’s mouth and couldn’t resist the urge to
    lick the juicy plug all over before placing it on the floor to his side.
    Even now, John couldn’t get enough of this young Marine. He looked so
    gorgeous and tasted so heavenly divine.

    With the exception of the hood, John helped Justin from his confinement on
    the table and had to literally hold him up until the quivering young Marine
    found the strength to stand on his own. John gently began licking and
    kissing each sore nipple while Justin used the table behind him for support.
    The tongue on his nipples was soothing and caused his cock to jump in
    boundaries, forcing more and more pre cum to string to the floor. John
    licked and kissed all over Justin’s chest and stomach until he got to the
    precious hard missile standing straight up at attention. John secured his
    lips around the torpedo shaped cock head and whimpered as Justin’s sweet pre
    cum awoken his every taste glands. Slowly, John sank his mouth down the
    shaft until his nose was pressing against the sweaty pubic hairs. Justin was
    seeing stars as the mouth on his cock sent shock waves rippling through his
    body. He could almost feel his cum boiling in his nuts, but it seemed like
    it was trapped thanks to the strap securing his nuts from his cock and the
    other strap separating each of his cum filled nuggets.

    John pulled his mouth off and ordered for Justin to stay there. Within a few
    seconds, Justin felt the Sarge’s mouth return onto his aching cock. Justin’s
    mind was filled with pleasure when he felt a burning hot heat strike his
    balls. John had taken the time to look at Justin’s well tied nuts and saw
    them to be a purplish blue color. He knew that the boy was going to give him
    a huge load and it was this load he savored for. The heat that Justin was
    feeling on his balls was John who had a candle flickering just under his
    balls. John was sucking furiously on Justin’s cock while slowly rotating the
    candle under each colored nut. Justin caught himself trying to stand on his
    toes to avoid the heat, but thought better and forced himself to keep both
    shaking feet flat on the floor.

    The Sarge was making powerful slurping sounds as he sucked harder and harder
    on Justin’s delicious cock while mainitaing steady heat to both soon to be
    erupting nuggets. Keeping his mouth on Justin cock and the candle slow
    cooking Justin’s balls, John used his left hand to latch onto one of his
    already used dildos and quickly shot it up Justin’s asshole. Justin cried
    out as the dildo wasted no time in shooting up his canal and begin darting
    in and out. Justin sucked in his breath and cried out as all HELL broke
    felt the first powerful sperm missile strike the roof of his mouth, followed
    by several more forceful spurts. Blast after blast flew from Justin’s
    erupting cock and into the mouth of the Sarge. Justin knew that this was the
    most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced and to his surprise, his cock
    seemed it wasn’t going to slow down, or at least, anytime soon. John had no
    choice but to start swallowing the sweet spunk of his gorgeous Marine. His
    cum was fiery hot, thick and creamy! Pure protein at its best! Just as the
    last of the firing sperm began to slow to spontaneous spurts, John put the
    candle down and quickly began untying the straps that separated Justin’s
    balls. As the strap was removed, the sudden flood of blood forced Justin to
    groan and make his cock spew more of his creamy nectar into the Sarge’s
    gulping mouth.

    John managed to free Justin’s balls and once freed, the cock inside his
    mouth regained its sperm shooting spree and fired off another six to eight
    powerful thick shots. Justin’s cock was deflating rapidly, but his sperm was
    oozing out by the bucket loads. To date, John had never swallowed so much
    sperm from anyone single person, but he sucked harder than ever, wanting
    more of Justin’s fiery hot, creamy sperm. Justin was gasping for air while
    moaning when he felt his cock erupt once again. John felt the fiery hot
    splash strike inside his mouth, so he quickly opened up his throat and began
    swallowing. To Justin, he was having another mind bending orgasim, but John
    knew all too well it was nothing more than piss. He drank down the hot piss
    like a thirsty camel finding a puddle of water. John swallowed and swallowed
    and inwardly laughed while thinking of Justin who was actually feeling like
    he was shooting off another round of his sweet tasting spunk.

    The piss eventaully ended and John struggled to his feet and began removing
    the hood. Once the hood was completely off, all John could do was stare at
    Justin who was blinking his eyes trying to get adjusted to light after being
    blinded for such a long time. After a few seconds, their eyes met and Justin
    was looking up into the Sarge’s eyes. John softly spoke, “So, Justin, how
    was it?” Justin looked down and glanced at the hard thick beast separating
    their bodies, glistening from the lube and his ass juices, looked back into
    the Sarge’s eyes, and whispered, “Sir, the private wants to show you, not
    tell you!” With that being said, Justin dropped to his knees and
    instinctively began sucking on John’s cock. The little fingers which fought
    to take a grip on the shaft felt tremendously great as well as the fingers
    gnawing at his crack.

    Justin moaned while sucking on John’s cock and fought with an evil battle to
    place one of his fingers on John’s asshole. John cried out and his cock
    began firing sperm bullets, one right after the other, into Justin’s mouth.
    Justin gagged as the first wave of thick sperm slid down his throat. No
    matter how hard he tried, Justin couldn’t place a taste on the Sarge’s
    sperm. It was hot and thick, but not salty like his girlfriend’s in the past
    described. Though Justin may have gagged at the first initial sampling of
    man seed, he soon discovered he liked the taste and began slurping and
    sucking away craving for more. Justin sucked hard on the thick cock until
    the only thing left was a few oozing offerings. John’s cock began to grow
    soft inside Justin’s mouth and he had to literally hold Justin’s head for
    support. With then last of John’s sperm sinking down Justin’s thraot, John
    had to force Justin off of his tingling sensitive cock. John was still
    trying to catch his breath when Justin stood up and forced John’s head down
    at which point their lips sealed in a powerful loving embrace. After sucking
    on the others tongue, their kiss ended.

    Justin looked up at the Sarge and angelically whispered, “Sarge, this may
    sound funny, but I really don’t ever want to leave this place.” Justin began
    looking all around the dungeon and before John could say a word, Justin
    whispered, “Sarge, there’s a whole lot more we haven’t done yet.” John
    placed both large hands on top of Justin’s sweaty shoulders and softly
    replied, “Justin, you are right about more things to do, but I thought we
    would take it kind of slow at first and let things happen kind of slow at
    first.” Justin cleared his throat and said, “Sarge, before tonight, my sex
    life was pretty much non existant. Everything I thought I hated, I now know
    I love. I used to hate gay people and all that they stood for. I never
    thought about anything regarding someones asshole. I just figured that to be
    totally disgusting. Now, look at me. You’ve opened my eyes and now my heart
    wants to know all there is to know. Spank me, shock me, fuck me, tie me up,
    whip me, use me, or do anything with me as you please, SIR!”

    Listening to Justin speak forced life back into John’s cock. John whispered,
    “You sound like you want to be my slave!” Justin looked down at the growing
    cock, wrapped his hand onto the hardening flesh, smiled, then yelled, “SIR,
    YES SIR!”

  • Punishing Angel

    Originally written by Anel Viz <escuiruel@Gmail.com>
    The city boasted five gay bathhouses, unprecedented for a town that size. They even outnumbered the exclusively gay clubs. True, the city did not so much boast as tolerate them, and two of the five were at least officially mixed, though you seldom ran into a woman there and when you did she had either been brought there by her boyfriend to show off (to show himself off to the faggots, that is) or else she was soliciting. No one paid them. No one paid attention to them.
    The two were very different. I had tried both and would go back to neither. They were both down by the port, at most four or five blocks from each other. They looked clean enough from the outside, but the larger establishment stank of mildew and on the day I went there the steam room walls oozed a scuzzy slime and the wastepaper baskets in the hallway were filled to overflowing. I didn’t stay long. The smaller place made an effort at cleanliness and did a creditable job of it, considering the filthiness of some of its clientele. It was frequented by older, working-class men, for the most part immigrants or people who must have been migrant workers or drifters in their younger days, and they mostly came there to leer, though there wasn’t much worth leering at. The facilities were nice, however, and the rooms comfortable. I went there a couple of times, spent most of the afternoon in the upstairs bar, where I chatted up one or two decent sorts and kept my distance from the others. I made a quick exit on my last visit when I saw a turd floating in the jacuzzi.
    The three remaining establishments were exclusively gay. The nicest and fanciest of them was nearly always empty, despite the wide open airiness of the premises and its large pool surrounded by lounge chairs, its well-equipped workout room and its torrential showers. Its hard to find location in a residential neighborhood may have mitigated against it. I went back to it several years after the events of this story and found it had closed. The entire facility had been gutted and workmen were busy installing some other kind of business.
    The last two were just around the corner from each other in a nice neighborhood of middle class apartments buildings, playgrounds, small shops and cinemas about three-quarters of a mile inland from the port and close to the commercial center of town. Both were extremely popular and always active and crowded. One seemed larger because it was better lit and took up five levels, but the floor space on each was actually quite limited, and the two levels of the other amounted to nearly the same size. That was where I went most often, because it catered to people of all ages, a respectable and respectful throng that tended to spend a longer time there. The other attracted a younger, louder crowd of guys who would often leave as soon as they got their rocks off. The cruising was prettier, but less reliable. I did have some noteworthy and very enjoyable encounters on the occasions I went there (that’s were I met Theo), but the one I will tell about here does not fall into that category.
    On this day I went there for the simple reason that it opened an hour earlier than my usual haunt. I had finished my errands early, was at loose ends and not in the mood to wait the extra half hour. Though it had only been open for a little while, some fifteen or twenty clients had already shown up and were showering, sweating in the sauna, soaking in the hot tub, or cruising the two uppermost stories. I need to explain the general layout of the place, which, logistically speaking, showed very poor design
    The public area on the ground floor enclosed a very small space indeed, housing only the main desk, a small bar, a couple of vending machines and a laundry basket for used towels. The large entrance vestibule, where you paid and picked up your key and towel, occupied an equal amount of space. Well over twice the space of these two combined lay behind a door marked “Employees Only,” where I suppose they kept the washer-dryers, linen storage, cleaning supplies, equipment for the pumped-in music and video room selections, heating units for the showers, jacuzzi and sauna, etc. The first floor was given over to the locker room, a toilet, one tiny shower, and workout room that was usually closed and no one used anyway. The main showers were located in the basement along with the dry sauna and enormous hot tub, some twenty feet long. There was no steam room. The relaxation cubicles were thus situated three and four flights above the wet rooms. At the top of the stairs a small landing with a couple of benches next to an urn of free condoms and small packets of lube led to each set of tiny cubicles with ceramic tile walls and a bare plastic mattress set into a tiled platform. Every cubicle had a couple of cathedral glass tiles at eye level so you could see a vague outline of what was going on inside each, but nothing in detail. The lower-level cubicles were situated off a double corridor; the upper level contained only a handful of rooms because it also housed the video room (three tiers of carpeted bench-like platform across from a small TV fixed in the wall) and the dark room, the scene of most of the action, and pretty much all the action of this story.
    The dark room was a large square area and very dark because a projection came out from the wall at the end of the corridor to screen the entrance, and you had to make two sharp turns to get in. A huge square wooden platform topped with an equally large foam mattress in a vinyl case took up the center of the room, leaving only a narrow aisle around it, barely wide enough to squeeze by another person even if he pressed up against the wall, except in the three corners, which were large enough for a threesome to stand and a fourth to squeeze by. (The entrance was in the remaining corner, so it couldn’t be used for sex without creating a hopeless traffic jam.)
    I paid and got my key and went up to the locker room to change. I undressed leisurely, carefully folding my clothes so they would fit into the very small locker they had given me and even taking the time to clip my toenails, which I noticed had grown too long when I took off my socks. Unlike most men, I do not bother to wrap my towel around my waist until I am about to leave the changing room, so I was sitting naked on it when a scrawny young skinhead came into the room, undressed, and went to stand in front of the mirror to admire himself. He combined the body of a twink with the swagger of a punk. I was more interested in my toenails.
    There were just the two of us. His body was completely shaven except for his eyebrows, and his large, pulpy, uncut dick and hanging ball sack looked out of place on his passably toned, skin-and-bones frame. He sported several piercings: a ring in one eyebrow, three miniscule rhinestone studs in his right ear, a rod through his lower lip, rings in both nipples and another in his navel, and the bulge in his foreskin showed he had a knobbed rod under the head of his cock. I would later see he also had a ring through his perineum. He had a few not particularly attractive random tattoos which would have looked better on him had they been placed to balance with more symmetry. The single word “Angel” was tattooed over his left breast in gothic lettering.
    He left for the showers and I followed him downstairs, having finished my toenails. I honestly paid him no attention whatever and stood under a showerhead nowhere near his. He finished washing up before I did and left. I went from the shower to the sauna and from there to the hot tub, where I found him soaking along with five or six other men, all of them seated a comfortable distance from one another. He was in one corner of the tub; I headed for another. As I was getting in he said, “Will you quit following me?”
    “I’m not following you. If you don’t believe me, you can get out of the tub and go somewhere else.”
    “Aren’t we all?”
    I made a point of not going for my second sweat till he had gone to the sauna himself and come out again. Fortunately, he didn’t stay in long. I ignored him. Pretty much everyone else ignored him who had heard him rag on me. In bathhouses divas can be as unpopular as trolls.
    From then on he gave me a dirty look every time our paths crossed while cruising. If I knew he was sitting in a cubicle with the door open, I did not look in as I went by, but I could feel his glare. He raised a few eyebrows as he flounced around the corridors, I think because his mannerisms and hardware did not quite match.
    He snubbed others besides me. I was shocked to hear him hiss “Whites only” at a heart-meltingly beautiful black man who had done no more than make eye contact with him. The guy stood there looking like he had been slapped as Angel disappeared down the corridor. I was half afraid he was going to follow him and punch him out, so I said, “Forget about the asshole. You’re not the only one he’s treated that way today, not that it looks like he’s having much luck. He’ll learn when he grows up, if he ever grows up.”
    “Learn what?”
    “That buggers can’t be choosers.”
    He laughed. I had defused the situation.
    I wasn’t having much more luck than the skinhead diva punk. Most of the clientele were looking for a younger sex partner than I, but in the dark room they didn’t turn down any good-sized erection they laid their hands on. Still, I fucked one guy in the dark room platform and another in the video room and shared a suck or two in one of the alcoves off the hall. That was it.
    I had been there some three hours when I went back into the dark room, where some guy was kneeling on all fours with his head at the edge of the platform, sucking someone off who stood on the floor in front of him while a third guy fucked him doggie style. Two lines of men waited their turn by the end they preferred. That is not my scene, so I just stood by and looked on, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. As they did, I noticed the black guy standing next to me and after a couple more minutes could make out that the guy sandwiched on the platform was Angel.
    I signaled my black friend that we should get in line. He shook his head “no,” but I whispered to him: “The kid doesn’t have much of a say. He’s put himself in an ‘I take all comers’ position. Remember, buggers can’t be choosers.” So he fell in line behind me and we waited our turn for the rear end. We four or five people ahead of us. Only one or two were waiting for a chance at a blowjob, but those took longer. The buttfuckers were humping pretty lackadaisically and for the most part made a quick job of it.
    My turn came sooner than I thought it would. I climbed onto the platform behind him, slipped on a condom, grabbed his hips firmly, and penetrated him my full eight inches, hitting bottom with a single thrust. He emitted a loud “Ouf!” and the dick he was sucking on slipped out of his mouth. The guy he was blowing, a big muscled stud, took a step backwards, but Angel craned his neck forward and opened his mouth to let him know he wanted it put back in.
    I always fuck vigorously, but I pay attention to what I’m doing. This time I fucked like a berserk. I was like a wild animal, going at it with brutal vengeance to show the sonofabitch what an older guy’s expertise was worth. Having already accommodated more than half a dozen pricks, his asshole was dilated as wide as a mouth, but I more than filled it inside. I pumped at him furiously, using my grip on his hips to pull him into me and shove him back with all my strength. In no time he had again let go of the prick in his mouth and a thin, sharp, whimpering cry was wheezing out of his throat. In stunned silence the crowd of onlookers watched our shadows going at it in the darkness. One of them gave a low whistle. I showed no sign of letting up, and before long Angel was bellowing like a stag in rut out of pleasure and weakness both, his small frame knocked about by my ruthless, unrelenting battering. For good measure I threw in a resounding smack or two across his cheeks with the flat of my palm, wallops that must have smarted if he felt them over my thrusting inside him. I reached around under his stomach and jerked him suddenly up, making him lose the bracing of his arms below him so that his face came crashing down onto the padding. I grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head up, nodding to the black guy to come around in front of him so he could ram his enormous cock down his throat. He fucked his face as fiercely as I was hammering his ass. The black guy came pretty quickly, spurting a huge load into his mouth before he let his head fall, turned on his heels and walked out. Angel was choking on it, trying to spit it all out, moaning all the time. I continued fucking him without varying my stroke in rhythm, violence or depth, and went on at least five or six times longer than anyone else until I exploded inside him, roaring like a lion. I sat back on my ankles and beat my chest like the silverback gorilla I am. Angel dragged himself up and beat a hasty retreat, gasping for breath and groping his way as he clung to the wall to support his shattered frame.
    I left the dark room and sat down on a bench at the top of the stairs. I was in two minds about what I had just done. I had a bone to pick and had really satisfied nothing but my ego. I had never fucked anyone out of spite before and never have since. On the other hand, I was sure I had done him no permanent physical damage.
    The muscled stud whose blowjob I had interrupted followed me out onto the landing. I recognized him by his silhouette. He was young and extremely handsome. He gave me a slap on the back and sat down next to me. He kept shaking his head in admiration and complimenting my performance, addressing me with an almost exaggerated respect. “How the hell do you keep it up like that?” I couldn’t tell if he meant my erection or my stamina for pumping.
    Tired as I was, I asked, sure that he would turn me down, “Would you like lessons? We could go into one of the cubicles.”
    “No thanks. I’m a top too.”
    “Who’s to know? Not that anyone would care.”
    “No exceptions.”
    “Same for me. Those are the only kind of lessons I give.”
    He shook my hand and went back into the dark room.
    I was pretty worn out, but I wasn’t about to let anyone see that. I tied my towel around my waist, strolled calmly down to the showers. Angel was nowhere to be seen. He has probably locked himself in a cubicle to recover. I rinsed off and sat down in the hot tub next to the black guy. He said, “We showed him, didn’t we?”
    “We showed everyone. Want to go for a drink?”
    He introduced himself as Mack. We went back to our lockers, changed, and left the bathhouse together. From there we went back to my place, where we made love with as much affection and consideration as we had meted out abuse to Angel.
    © 2005 by Anel Viz. All rights reserved.

  • A Busy Day

    Originally written by cs <poim@freeuk.com>

    “Get your legs apart, you bastard !”

    He grabbed hold of my ankles and forced them into stirrups hanging from the ceiling. I was helpless. The leather sling was moving backwards and forwards, and however I twisted and turned – and I promise I did – the movement robbed me of any control at all, and my wrists were already attached above my head.

    In seconds he had attached my balls to the end of the sling somehow, and a bloody great dildo was being prodded at me. The pain was foul. The bastard had done nothing at all to get me ready, and I was screaming. There was nothing I could do.

    I managed to back away somehow from the dildo’s bulbous end, pushing my feet against the chains, but he simply lifted his hand and slapped the chains, and I was plummeting down onto its end.

    It was probably only an inch or two at the most that penetrated, but my upward thrust away from it was a double agony. My balls were stretched so much that the pain made me feel as if I would vomit at any moment.

    ” I think you’d better grease him,” another voice suggested. “Otherwise there will be blood everywhere – not to mention the neighbours knocking on the walls,” he added, as I took a deep breath. He placed a hand over my mouth to suppress the scream that was forcing its way out of my lungs.

    ” “Perhaps you’re right – but you would have thought that the whore would be ready lubed, wouldn’t you ?”

    ” “It’s possible he didn’t think he was going to be lucky.”

    Lucky ! It is true that I had been out on the pull. It is true, as well, that I hadn’t been greased up, as he put it, but then I never am. I am a top, damn it ! No ! I am certainly not a virgin – my cherry disappeared years ago – but I am very fussy indeed as to whom I let in my rectum. Usually only well-established partners are allowed that privilege. What I really like is being sucked, and fucking – and of course – I love sucking. To suck a nice juicy cock, especially if it is a dribbler, till he’s screaming for it – to sixty-nine him until I am nearly flooding him, with my cockhead really lodged in his throat, as deep as I can get it, and then suddenly to pull out of him, lift his legs over my shoulders, expose his gasping arsehole, and in one long penetration rub my pubes onto his balls, as I squash them against his scrotum, and open his guts up to the magic of a good fuck, is just great !

    But here I am, on my back in some raving psycho’s torture room, with red-hot pain filling me, and my body unable to do anything about it !

    I had been in town doing some window shopping, seeing what was in the gay section at the bookshop, and so on. I called in at a coffee bar run by an old friend from school days – inevitably called Julian – and had a read of The Pink Paper generously supplied by the management ! I had just ordered another cappuccino, and wondered which of the adverts I would dream of replying to (I was divided between a XWE gentleman of Jamaican extraction, or an Oriental masseur, also WE !), when these two blokes came in and sat on the stools at the bar beside me. I put down the paper which one of them immediately began to thumb through. Needless to say this led to a general chat-up, and the information that they were staying at a friend’s house locally while he was away. They were looking after the house, and feeding his cats (Can you believe it ?) – and having a holiday.

    The afternoon was nearly over, and I knew that it held little to enchant me for a while. You know, the time when the cottages get filled up with giggling kids having a sly smoke, or trying to eye-up each other’s equipment without anyone thinking they are, whilst they make silly cracks about the graffiti on the walls; and just before the often-dreary office-workers pop-in in their gents-natty-suits on their way home to telemeals and ironed-jeans-with-creases – and often to the equally boring wives and families – looking for a quick thrill, a little danger, and a vaguely-satisfying orgasm – (somehow, anywhere) – before the night closes in on them. Nothing for me there ! So when they asked whether I’d like to go home with them, I thought it would save me the effort of wandering back to my pad, and finding some food before I went off on a more serious cruise up to the woods (which are the other side of town) after dark. They seemed nice enough – just a couple of manly men – the sort that I like. Apart from that, the little I could see in the shadows of the coffee bar showed decent thighs, and one of them in particular had some lovely hairs growing on the back of his knuckles which promised much !

    The house we wandered back to was nothing out of the ordinary. It stood in a cul-de-sac just behind the main part of the town, it was obviously built before the First World War. A thoroughly decent, middle-sized, red-brick, end-of-terrace house with a garage attached at a later date to its side. Inside it was well-decorated and reasonably furnished. Nothing flashy or camp, just good, solid and ordinary. A couple of drinks and we were all together on a large settee, and hands were beginning to find their way up chests and over thighs. My T-shirt was being forced up by my hosts as they leaned forward and lapped exquisitely on each of my nipples. Shit ! I could take lots and lots of this. My arms ran along the back of the sofa, and my hips were beginning to rotate and my cock to really stiffen, and yet to feel horribly trapped in my jeans.

    ” “Let’s go upstairs,” the older one suggested, lifting his mouth for a moment from my stiff tit. He was called Vic and was probably in his early forties. My first feel under his T-shirt had revealed that he was reasonably hairy – as his knuckles had suggested – but what had surprised me was coming across a large metal ring through the nipple I had discovered in the midst of the forest.

    ” “Wait a minute – I want to explore this a bit, first.” With which the other one grabbed my balls through the denim with one hand, and yanked down my zip with the other.

    ” “You always were impatient,” Vic commented as he leaned over and undid the stud at the top of the zip, and lifting me up, forced my jeans and boxers down over my hips and buttocks. Jim, the younger of the two, caught hold of the elastic at the front, and my cock was waving in the breeze.

    ” “Great !” and with that Jim was down on me sucking me for all he was worth. He slipped off the settee, spread my knees, and was licking between my thighs, then straight back to base. His suction never let up, and his tongue forcing its way under my foreskin as he did it. He was a master at this, to be sure. Then, still sucking me, he had my jeans right down to my ankles, and forced my cockhead right over the back of his mouth, and down into his throat. My balls seemed to go into orbit, and my breath rushed out of me over a stretched jaw. “Strewth !” I gasped.

    ” “Come on – let’s get him upstairs – then we can really enjoy ourselves.” I was pulled to my feet, and nearly fell over on my face, my ankles being hobbled by my jeans and underwear. But I wasn’t allowed to do anything about that. I hadn’t time, as Vic lifted me up in a reversed fireman’s lift, and my balls and cock were being squeezed against his shoulder. Jim opened the doors, and turned lights on and off, as I was carried up the steep stairs. Once I did try to get myself down, but was rewarded for my efforts with a sharp slap across the arse from Jim behind, and a stumble that nearly had all three of us falling down the stairs from Vic.

    So here I am ! Thrown down onto this leather sling, my T-shirt pulled up over my head, and my wrists grabbed and attached to padded restraints hanging eventually from rings in the ceiling, before I knew what was happening.

    Now Jim was slowly stroking something onto my exposed and burning arsehole. It was really soothing and the pain caused by that blunt-nosed dildo began to ease a little, and with it my initial panic. And the bloody sling had stopped moving. “That’s better,” he said.

    ” “Nothing better about it ! Come on chaps, let me up !”

    ” “Not likely !” said Vic, “I’ve been wanting to use this ever since we arrived here and found it !”

    ” “Well, why not try it on Jim ?”

    ” “Can’t – he doesn’t want to !” he grumbled.

    ” “Nor do I ! Why me ?”

    ” “Because…..” But before he could give me a reason, three greasy fingers had gone straight up me into my rectum, and were spreading inside me.

    What exactly he was doing, I don’t really know – but his technique was unequalled ! Suddenly it didn’t matter what was happening – I was simply on heat. I wanted him, all of him. Or if not him, I wanted someone ! My cock was iron-hard, my balls longing to spew. I felt I wanted to piss like mad ! I wanted something – someone – up me, in me, filling me !

    ” “Better ?” grinned Vic, “He’s good, isn’t he ?”

    ” “Yes !” I gasped.

    “Not into dildos then ?”

    “No.” I moaned.

    “You like Jim’s fingers though. He’s still got another finger and a really creative thumb outside !”

    ” “Got a fist, too !” added Jim from somewhere beyond my knees and balls.

    ” “No !” I squealed, half way between terror and longing.

    ” “But you like this !” He moved his fingers, and found something very special.

    ” “Oh yes !” I gasped.

    ” “He doesn’t like dildos, but what about the real thing ?”

    I turned to see Vic pulling down his trousers, to reveal a very fat, circumcised cock, all red and angry-ended, and streaming. At least, unlike the dildo, it would have some give in it, I hoped. And the goo that was oozing out of the wide slit at the top was bound to supply some form of lubrication.

    Vic came around the side, and stood in front of me. His shapely, hairy thighs were like tree trunks, but God, that bough that poked out above them was something else ! As were the two enormous balls that seemed to support it. That I was in for some ride, I knew, and just hoped I could cope with it.

    Jim bent over me, and withdrew his fingers from my arse, and immediately replaced them with two from each hand, and began to pull me apart as he worked them further and further in. My arsehole now seemed to me to be enormous. I felt wide, and above all cold. I could feel air on parts that I don’t believe had ever been in the open before. A draught seemed to be entering right into me. Jim crouched down and began to tease my glans with the very edge of his teeth. It was agony – and agony that was sheer ecstasy. I nearly screamed again, but still every movement I made was stretching my balls, and Vic’s enormous cockhead was coming very close to me.

    Jim slowly removed his fingers, and moving to be beside me, held the lips of the hole apart, making room for Vic between my splayed knees.

    The pressure of that huge condom-covered (thank goodness) tennis ball against my wide-held man-cunt caused me to swing in the leather sling, and my balls to be stretched more and to be squashed in their sack. I gasped as a wave of nausea moved from my balls to my stomach, and into my throat.

    ” I think you’d better undo his balls,” advised Jim. “I’ll get some weights for them. That should do the trick.”

    Vic backed off, and bent over, hopefully to release my terribly sore balls. What Jim was up to, I hadn’t a clue. As much as I strained my eyes around, I couldn’t quite get him into focus. Anyway, movement was much restricted, as Vic had replaced the straps that had held my testicles so firmly, with his wide hand, and was pushing my balls right down to their limit, and with his other hand was gently running a sharp nail across the stretched skin, outlining the shape of those so-important jewels. When Jim came back, I still couldn’t see what he was doing, but could feel that something was being tied or strapped where Vic’s fist had been gripping me. The comparative narrowness of the straps was a relief, but not for long. He stood up, and immediately a new sensation was belting itself up through my nervous system, as my poor balls obeyed the laws of gravity and seemed to fall right down to the floor.

    ” “There you are,” said Jim, “I’ll open him up again, and all you have to do is to separate those two thongs as you enter him. There’s a weight on each ball, so they’ll pull on both sides nicely. Should make for an interesting ride for both of you !”

    In seconds he was back beside me, his re-greased fingers back spreading lube into my arsehole, and inserting those fat, long fingers again. Soon I was as open, as wide as ever, and sensation was beginning to back up inside me. Then his teeth were back on my glans, and I was yelling for something – anything !

    Again that monstrous cockhead was against my hole, and Jim was removing his fingers as the pressure from Vic increased. As the fingers disappeared I realised that the weight of Vic’s forward thrust had lifted me up on the swing, and the inevitable downward pressure impaled me on the end of that giant intruder.

    The pain was intense as I was widened more than I ever thought possible, and the weights, or whatever Jim had attached to my balls swung independently out of control. The whole experience made my nerve ends scream. Jim had stopped teasing my cock, and I was pouring pre-cum all over my stomach, matting the hairs, as bit by bit, by thrust and return, my rectum was opened up, stretched and found accommodating.

    I don’t know how long it took. I am not sure really of very much over the next few minutes, except the continual stretching and forcing that was going on inside of me. I vaguely remember Jim kissing me and soothing me, of his attaching clamps to my tits and stretching them. I know that whenever I thought that I could hang out no longer, the pain from the weights on my balls seemed to make all the other sensations retreat. I wondered whether I would lose my balls. I wondered whether I would ever cum again. And again that great monster that was Vic’s cock was in me, pushing me, fielding me as I returned.
    But finish it did. Jim moved around behind Vic, and leaning round he took hold of both those enormous steel nipple rings and gradually twisted them, causing his lover to throw his head back onto his shoulder, and the inevitable cantilever movement lodged him right up into me. It was altogether too much. My senses were far beyond turmoil. I don’t know whether I was in agony or ecstasy, but whichever I could hear myself screaming for him to fuck me deeper and harder ! I know, too, that he did all he could to oblige me, and cum he did. He was stiff from head to foot, and had staggered forward, with my cock nearly against his chest, and with me swung into an almost upright position. I could feel every inch shuddering, and pulsing inside me, and the weight of myself and the sling forcing my muscles around its enormity.

    When he did eventually slacken a little, and gently let me down and withdrew, the resultant great balloon of a condom was poured across my chest, and I could feel his cooling spunk running through my hairs and over my tits, greasing up the clamps, and presumably splattering to the floor.

    No sooner was he out of me than I realised that Jim was stripping off. His cock seemed to be, if anything, larger than Vic’s. In fact, though it was fatter, it was a good inch shorter. He was as smooth as Vic was hairy, and he had shaved all round his cock and balls. His genitalia appeared enormous, but very cute, somehow, and I must admit that the thought of what I was going to get as a second helping was no longer intimidating. I had still not cum, and those bloody weights were still waving in the breeze somewhere below me, stretching my ball-sack down until it nearly covered my arsehole.

    Vic moved away and watched as Jim took his place, and forced that other wonderful great cock right up into me. It might not have gone in as far as Vic’s, but it really stretched me even wider. Well greased now, and very randy, I was soon using all the pressure I could create on that bloody swing to give him a good time – and myself one, at the same time. Try as I did, though, I could not get myself off. My hands were not available, and every time I tried to heave myself up so that I could rub my cock against Jim’s chest, I was pushed down and those bloody weights were made to drag me back to reality. So eventually I realised I could do nothing but lean back and enjoy the thorough pasting my arse and insides were getting, and concentrating on squeezing that amazing cock as much as I could to keep my mind off the stretching my balls were receiving, as Jim began to really pound me.

    All good things must come to an end, I suppose, and eventually I was aware that Jim’s breathing was becoming hectic, and that he was gasping and rasping as he thrust right into me. I didn’t know it, but it must have been about then that Vic lifted the weights off the ball straps. Then with a scream of delight I was suddenly stopped in mid-swing with a pulsing great cock up my arse, and I found that my chest and sides, Jim’s chest and balls were all being flooded with an orgasm such as I didn’t think was possible. There was spunk everywhere, but I wasn’t aware of it for minutes. All I knew was that I was cuming, and cuming, and cuming !

    They slowly removed all the bits and pieces from me. The pins-and-needles in my arms began to get less and less, and my stretched legs and thighs were placed into the horizontal. Then, gently and slowly, Jim pulled away from me, and it was with a certain anguish that I lost that great filling and my arse began the long and pleasing journey back to a more familiar state. Now it felt warm, and moist, and somehow loved.

    The house also boasted an old-fashioned, lion-footed, huge bath, and the three of us got into it, initially under a shower, and then, as the bath began to fill around us, we fell into a writhing, splashing – and strangely lethargic – bath that was both loving, and terribly satisfying. Later we went into one of the bedrooms, and on a double bed this time, snogged and stroked, and eventually completed our winding-down. I stayed there some time, and had a snack meal with them, but though it was suggested that I should remain, and we could make a night of it, I made my excuses and left.

    They are a nice couple, and I think I could really get to like them. But they are lovers and I know that whilst three is sometimes company, it can only lead to problems. Anyway I needed to get away, and establish myself as a top-man again ! I had been the bottom-man to those two studs, and had enjoyed it – but I also knew that that wasn’t my scene. So I went on the search – I needed an arse to fuck, and to fuck really hard ! I had a lot to prove to myself, if nobody else ! So I left my ‘phone number with them, and set off towards the woods.